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✨🦈hi i'm galuade🦈✨

🦈 26, enby girl (she/they), queer
🦈 socdem
🦈 dangerously furry
🦈 likes armored core too much
🦈 ps2 enthusiast
🦈 sometimes sadbrains
🦈 nazis, bigots, terfs fuck off

@poss_bot i just had this mental image of using coda as a phone and you hold them up to your face and their fur is super soft

specifically buying only clothes with pockets so that you have a place for your poss bot

FailArmy - Mental Heath Epic FAILs October 2018

It's just a multi-camera live feed from the inside of my home

tired: bachelor party
wired: gay dog marriage
inspired: confirmed bachelor party

nsfw shitpost 

normal cum is salty but kemono cum is uwumami


yes I know the thumbprint is in a Funny Place thank you

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I originally wasn't going to but I think I'm going to indulge my furry trash impulses and get some puro tf

it was unreasonably difficult but I finally got this album on my phone


commissioning tf art can be self care right


@poss_bot hope eating all that garbage data doesn't cause any sort of corruption... >:3

i know people unfollowed this account when i moved to snouts so if someone over there could retweet this so people know i'm ok i would appreciate it

Hey everyone I've moved over to FYI

Hey everyone I've moved over to FYI

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