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I hope tusky never fixes emoji because tbh extra wide goodra is the most authentic me :goodra2:

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Lemme actually advertise my patreon

-makes my income more stable in case of months where no one wants commissions
-i am able to focus on making better art as well as more art
-you get access to perks such as better prices on and access to commissions, and high res versions of all my prettier drawings for use as wallpapers, whatever you want
-you make a goodra/tanuki smile

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last of today's art dump is a ref of my sona! now you know everything about the snail

if you wanna see more of my older art, I have more sites linked in my bio! I'll upload all new art here

tech things I talk about:
sometimes I mention emoji
playing video games is tech right

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my mastodon experience is leaking into twitter and I'm getting more tech furries following me there

That does mean that if you live east of me you'll have to account for time zones but that's okay, whatever you wanted to say or do probably wasn't that important

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I keep not getting enough sleep because people wake me up earlier than I want

I need to tell the entire world to shut up before noon

none of you have liked this post so I have to assume you're all reading it and waiting to favorite it until you have realized that you love it

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now I am going to plug a comic I like since this is the last place I haven't done that

please read blades of furry it's so good

same thing for art
same thing for music

you don't have to be a master to do it! it's okay to do things that are intrinsically fun and rewarding

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it makes me really sad because cooking is so easy and it's fun and can be a creative outlet, but like every other fun thing the average person can do it's been bastardized into this high class thing in the minds of many

you can get by on ready meals and bottled drinks and that's all some people are willing to eat

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I keep meeting people who are straight up avoidant of cooking because they feel like it's this arcane science they'll never understand when it's literally just... you throw some veggies on a hot piece of metal and you get the food

skfas'kffj;ldafjl I got nothing done again today

what is wrong with me

muahaha my evil scheme to make my boyfriend get a good microphone has succeeded

today I learned that cock n bull soda is too much for my delicate snail mouth

This is what buddhists feel like when they reach nirvana

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Fisch is extra wide :goodra2:'s choices:


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