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I hope tusky never fixes emoji because tbh extra wide goodra is the most authentic me :goodra2:

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Lemme actually advertise my patreon

-makes my income more stable in case of months where no one wants commissions
-i am able to focus on making better art as well as more art
-you get access to perks such as better prices on and access to commissions, and high res versions of all my prettier drawings for use as wallpapers, whatever you want
-you make a goodra/tanuki smile

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last of today's art dump is a ref of my sona! now you know everything about the snail

if you wanna see more of my older art, I have more sites linked in my bio! I'll upload all new art here

I sadly do not have 50 dollars to import a physical cd

but some day

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No one has complemented me on how bouba I am lately and tbh that's very typical kiki of you

ah the trouble of running MAME
the chd that's floating around the internet is never the most up to date one

snipping tool doesn't do video or gif but just imagine it wiggling and shining

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wowroms has the most obtrusive "please click this chatbox at the bottom right" thing that I've ever seen

wg drive p3! thanks a bunch to @g for the funds this time around

for the final, all rates are doubled! boost and fav, and donate here if you can:

I think every dating sim should have a cute chubby guy you can date

Even the ones for straight boys, just put him in there

If Chinese movie studios are gonna try to be successful in the west I think they need to learn from the anime dubbing community and ditch "westernizing" the names

No, the average American probably doesn't know how to pronounce xin hua, but they're never gonna learn if you don't teach them and tbh your westernized names kinda suck

fats; growth drive p2 

wg drive p2! nearly double the starting weight. thanks very much to Sock Puppet for the contribution!

same rates as before! like before, goย here to donate:

an getting in some reading, nice and cozy under the kotatsu

I've never used one but they look so cozy! maybe some day I'll get one

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