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I hope tusky never fixes emoji because tbh extra wide goodra is the most authentic me :goodra2:

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Lemme actually advertise my patreon

-makes my income more stable in case of months where no one wants commissions
-i am able to focus on making better art as well as more art
-you get access to perks such as better prices on and access to commissions, and high res versions of all my prettier drawings for use as wallpapers, whatever you want
-you make a goodra/tanuki smile

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last of today's art dump is a ref of my sona! now you know everything about the snail

if you wanna see more of my older art, I have more sites linked in my bio! I'll upload all new art here

it's been really cold lately! please remember to dress warm

if you wanna pick what I draw during my art streams, consider supporting me on patreon! You can also get some other perks, too

thinking about these guys I drew a while ago

some day I'll draw them cuddling

I drew clothes so fuckin good today y'all I can't wait to show you

if any of you ever start an ecommerce webbed site or something and you need a cute mascot hmu, I can make you the cutest little critter and you'll sell a billion things

the moon is extremely bright tonight holy shit

it looks like it's made of the reflective material on street signs

poor drawings incoming

i did the call for this on twitter since the last one i only posted here. so that's why it might be the first you're hearing of this

I did a draw the mutuals meme on the twitter

you can see a niss and a violet here

it never occurred to me until now how good the chord stabs in wii shop channel would be as error sounds

*opens maw and emits*

🎼 🎮 🎶 🛍️ 🎵 :dragonpog:

This is why I only play indie games, they undercharge so bad that I can afford it

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Gen iv is my favorite so I'm super hype

Less hype that I'll probably have to spend $120 for both games but I'll live

I hate to tell you this gamers, but the levels in super mario 3d world where the panels flash and then swap from red to blue are not rhythm games

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Friend: hey have you heard of this new rhythm game
Me: oh wow a rhythm game I haven't heard of? That's exciting news
*Plays it*
This Isn't A Rhythm Game

okay things dealt with for the most part
who would watch me stream for a little, was gonna do some spin rhythm xd

I'm so hungry a;klsdfjsal
I need to stop being so lazy and just make some dang bread

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Fisch is extra wide :goodra2:'s choices:


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