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Switch FC is SW-6717-4288-9682

let's play mario kart or rivals of aether or smash bros

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oh one last thing to clear up

Fisch is my name, derFisch is the Brand

I'm okay with either but just saying, I'm not der!!! that isn't me

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last of today's art dump is a ref of my sona! now you know everything about the snail

if you wanna see more of my older art, I have more sites linked in my bio! I'll upload all new art here

the only problem so far is that I'm not used to playing the little guy with boyfriend and when I'm this small I don't get to bully him with my belly

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it's only been a little but I am extremely vibing with tanuki sona and that makes me happy

Just like, fuuuuck dude
I hope the music industry over there improves a little soon

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What's even more disappointing about it is most idols train for years (imagine putting as much time in as you might marching band practice, if you did that for all 4 years of high school (and sometimes even longer)) to be able to perform at the level they need to, and most of them are teenage girls from poor families who are hoping to make a living to help contribute, and then your studio just faffs about for a couple years and drops you

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I'm sorry to spam you with weeb shit but really it's just both endlessly fascinating and relentlessly disappointing

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Sea*a is a great example of this because a few of their songs got released in like 5 languages and it was this huge international effort between Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore

Their first album was released in 2013 and they disbanded just months later

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Man learning about small-time idol groups is always so weird

Imagine getting really hype about some new one that's been advertised around, and they release their first album and it's everything you hoped it'd be, and they do like 5 anime openings because the studio has lots of pull in the industry, and you're really looking forward to when they hold a concert in your prefecture

But the first album didn't do well enough and they're disbanded

if you haven't watched cardcaptor sakura btw, please do

it's got some problematic stuff in it but it has some of the most gorgeous animation of any anime I've seen in it

this is literally just a tanuki version of yukito and I'm just gonna roll with it

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"hm why did I give my tanuki dad glasses anyway"

*looks up a picture of yukito tsukishiro*

"ah yes I understand"

every dog furry is like
german shepherd

where are my chihuahua bois
where are my pomeranians

So if I'm tanuki now does that mean I have become a dog furry


My legs are always at least a little sore no matter how gentle I am with them and idk what to do about it

The answer is probably exercise more so they're stronger and have more stamina but I'm fat and lazy so I need a plan b

I have no plans to stop being Snail but I was just in a tanuki mood recently so I thought it'd be fun to have one

I'm also probably gonna make a crow sona later if the energy stays with me

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was thinking of potential alt sonas! here is tanuki fisch idea #1

not a lot going on with the design here but I might think of something to iterate on it

as of now I like it tho

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:goodra: Fisch, but tanuki πŸƒ's choices:


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