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Pizza Time Explosion has a big update adding three big new modes to the game, and its on sale on Steam until the 27th for $2.99!! Hope you all enjoy it~!

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Pizza Time Explosion is out now on Steam!

It's a fast paced, arcade style game about collecting billions of pizza slices, until they build up and explode!

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Super Climb Up is out now!

Super Climb Up is a cute platformer about climbing mountains! 60 stages await you, can you reach the top of them all?

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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


if you missed it live, you can now check out my lego sonic stream on youtube~! it was a ton of fun ~

I've taken to just calling banjo kazooie "baba booey" instead,,

thinking about this toad, from the cover of super mario all stars

sadly, it turns out I actually feel like somewhat less than a celebrity

hi I'm live now with, we're continuing playthrough of Rayman~! come hang out with us ~

hey everybody I'm live now with a really fun stream, I'm building the lego ideas sonic set live on camera!! come hang out with me ~

the answer was a word I like to guess often and I didn't expect it to just be the answer @u@;

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I been playing wordle but haven't posted before but I have to post this one because holy shit

Wordle 218 2/6


I love how, to attack anything in ristar, you just have to totally mandhandle things, just, absolutely accost them

this part of the game I'm making is turning out looking so good?? what the heck

hrt is truly remarkable... every day I feel prettier than the last,

god banjo kazooie songs are serious earworms, I have played the game for all of like, an hour, total, and I can't get the music out of my head,,

this is where the song originally comes from
but because of the use of the song in memes lately
this too feels like some kind of shitpost

I kinda wish you could play N64 games on switch online in original resolution, like, at least an option for it... this among other things I wish about that service but. you know,

hey everyone I'm live now with Paper Mario!! come hang out with me ~

I like how the increased resolution betrays the way the background of the pause menu works

I can't believe I've become the big tiddy goth gf I want to see in the world

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