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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


Super Climb Up already nearly has as many stages as Marshmallow in Fruit Land has hehe >w<

big fan of cis girls being loudly and enthusiastically Extra Gay for trans girls tbh

thanks babes

which is funny to me because of those three things, game development takes the longest of them, I spend all day every day working on games for months before I finish them, writing something wouldn't take me that long if I was able to actually commit to it TwT

I would like to be a writer, I am good at writing... but I always get bored of it before I finish anything hehe TwT

so thats why I chose drawing and game design instead of writing, because at least I don't get bored of those before I can finish projects TwT

and then in more recent times what further has helped my art is just, studying other pieces of artwork, and developing my own style from there... my style I keep kind of loose as well, I let it be influenced by other pieces I find and by my own whims about color and design

most of my art I do is figure drawings and honestly the main thing that helped me get good at it was taking an actual anatomy class and also like, studying human anatomy on my own time... that combined with learning about proportions in art class rly helped a lot

my bunny is so funny... he lets me feed individual pieces of hay directly to him TwT I put it in front of his face and he eats it

my kindergarten teacher was named mrs. cakebread... I don't think theres honestly a better name for a kindergarten teacher

the New 2DS XL is nice looking too but I think I still prefer the design aesthetic of the New 3DS XL more... just the curved edges n everything its got are rly appealing >w<

the New 3DS XL is still such a nice looking game system... especially the New Galaxy Style one like I have... I think the New 3DS XL is Nintendo's prettiest looking system hehe 'u'

I'm glad we don't need batteries to keep save data in games anymore because dead batteries in old games can be heartbreaking TwT

the thing is that I have my games on itch io because its the one thats accessible, its the one I can actually put my games on, and if thats not good enough then like... I dunno what to tell you I guess hehe

the thing about itch io is that people don't seem to often consider it as like a real game store... when I released my game on there I did get some people asking "when will it be on steam" n such, which sounds like "when will it be on a *real* store"

okay lunch time and then back to game dev 'u' I got stage 18 of Super Climb Up done today ~

on mastodon there is a focus on not spending effort to build up a following and even so I somehow ended up so far with over 550 of them TwT I just kind of draw people to me and it still surprises me... other people seem to think it makes sense that that happens with me but for me I'm still like... I don't get it hehe xux;

I've gone over game maker's weird fps calculations in the past several times and they still greatly amuse me and still seem to manage to get more ridiculous over time xux;

the maximum btw was 1288 fps, for an average, according to game maker, of -2844 fps,

the latest time testing my game, game maker tells me the minimum fps I had was -125000 fps... negative one hundred and twenty five thousand frames per second.. what

another equivalent would be like, if in Super Smash Bros., suddenly they add a game breaking item that you cannot turn off, so now competitive players have to deal with it whether they want to or not

the way they've done the infinity blade in fortnite is interesting to me tho because from what I've read, its basically them flying directly in the face of people trying to play the game competitively professionally, which I find very interesting

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