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Pizza Time Explosion has a big update adding three big new modes to the game, and its on sale on Steam until the 27th for $2.99!! Hope you all enjoy it~!

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Pizza Time Explosion is out now on Steam!

It's a fast paced, arcade style game about collecting billions of pizza slices, until they build up and explode!

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Super Climb Up is out now!

Super Climb Up is a cute platformer about climbing mountains! 60 stages await you, can you reach the top of them all?

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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


I'm live now with (and, we are continuing playthrough of Rayman 3~! come hang out with us ~

I'm live now with my lovely partners and ~! we're checking out Toree 2, and the update to Toree 3D, too! come hang out with us ~

I'm going live now with more Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition! it's been a ton of fun so far, come hang out with me~!

I just played Kid Dracula for the first time and I loved these cute witches so I drew my version ~

dressed up for halloween with my girlfriend ~

I like how even as memes and pop culture and everything change and shift over time, rick rolling remains constant

uhhh what

my package is travelling back in time now apparently

I was having that same problem *months* ago now I don't understand why its still borked

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my girlfriend was interested in playing in my realm on minecraft but it turns out you *still* can't upload worlds into a realm from the nintendo switch... I thought they would have fixed that by now for sure but apparently not... thanks minecraft

happy home designer is so cute... very looking forward to the new one,

like I thought it was just a meme but I have seen a ton of people get legitimately really excited for it and I just have no idea why its so beloved hehe,,

like.. its cute... I want one myself but... I dunno it seems way more exciting to people than I'd think it would be @u@

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I have no idea why the froggy chair is so popular, it's kind of incredible

I played nickelodeon all-star brawl with,,, and ~! we had a great time, hope you all enjoy the video!

dressed up for halloween with my girlfriend ~

I'm really hard to scare through art or media tbh... my fears are not of monsters or the dark or things like that, I think

horror games often have gameplay that will stress me out, but, thats about as far as they will go, I don't usually get scared at all

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I often hear about how terrifying SOMA is, but, I'm about five hours in and still waiting for it to be scary.. I find it more fascinating/interesting than anything, hehe,

I did also play through all of the amnesia series (aside from the newest one) and not find them scary either

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