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goodnight friends, see you all again tomorrow, I gotta do that sleeping thing again

I'm going to stream more of that silly game Resident Evil 6 tomorrow, and hopefully also more of Pokemon Crystal Clear! we're gonna have lots of fun, see you there~!

I just hear it's common that people don't like call of duty but keep buying them because "everyone else" does and don't want to be left out TuT

Call of Duty is a series that amazes me that it's still going

it has always seemed like a status symbol thing, I feel like the same people who buy the latest pairs of brand name sneakers are the same kind of people who get the new call of duty games

the environment for the first area in Super Climb Up is based strongly on the area I live in 'u'

So when Vinny was playing Silent Hill 2, he said "not everyone can be like Leon S Kennedy and have nipple lights", and then the character picked up a flashlight and stuck it to his chest pocket and I just,

I kind of like the name "Silent Hill" better with "a" in front of it... so "A Silent Hill"

the music in Luigi's Mansion is so catchy, I've been whistling it and humming it all day xux

seems like to complete this game I have to play it a lot of times, theres a lot of different houses for luigi to end up with in the end, among other things >w<

okay, sounds fun, I like this >w< I bet it will get easier to figure out how to get through the mansion every time too

ohhhhh... you can't go back in and do more, it just saves that you have finished @u@; I guess thats why the game is so short, you're intended to do runs of it it looks like

oh yea one thing on my checklist I forgot: getting all gold frames

that one I think can wait, I can do that later >w<

oh, and there seems to be a New Game + mode too! I will do that after I do that checklist I mentioned >w<

so things I still gotta do:

-figure out how to unlock that one door on the second floor thats still locked
-get more money
-find a few more Boos

so I beat Luigi's Mansion... I got an E rank so Luigi only got a small house at the end TwT I had 45,550,000 G

the only thing that seems to make any sense is that theres these spike balls that get sent out, and it seems like I should be able to suck them up with the poltergust, but all they do is wiggle TwT they never get sucked up, and then I get attacked cause I stand still too long

I don't want to look up how to fight the final boss in Luigi's Mansion, but I think I have to, I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm utterly stumped TuT

that said, there is one door on the second floor I can't figure out how to unlock, and I also can't figure out how to fight the final boss TwT

Luigi's Mansion is surprisingly a very short game... I guess I was expecting it to be as long as Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon at least, that was a pretty long game >w<

I think the even worse part about the console tho is that it includes four player games but only includes two controllers,

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