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character and portrait art commissions by Alayna Butterfly ~

reply to this post if you are interested!~

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Super Climb Up is out now!

Super Climb Up is a cute platformer about climbing mountains! 60 stages await you, can you reach the top of them all?

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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


gosh I love this, it's so satisfying,,

forget the rest of the game, I just wanna play in here,,,

I love how many new pokemon there are in sword and shield!! and I love that I kept myself from seeing any of them beforehand, I love this game so much cause I get to relive the experience of finding new pokemon for the first time hehe ^-^

I think they should uhm, put all of the Pokemon in Super Smash Bros., or else we should boycott the game,

"what if you got married in a toilet"


I picked Scorbunny as my starter as, if you know me, you know I have a pet bunny, and I love bunnies, so I just couldn't not pick the bunny,

imagine luigi's mansion but instead of ghosts its goats

new game is here~ really wanted me to get this, so now I did, hehe~

I just woke up from a dream in which became a tiny mermaid

the abstract nature of a game like this leads to some pretty silly moments when you bring the fidelity up this high,

this may have been in previous games and I forgot it, but I only just noticed it here and appreciated it hehe >w<

small detail I like in Pokemon sword and shield: it doesn't go through each level up individually, when you get a whole bunch, but does them all rly fast and then says the overall stat changes

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