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Pizza Time Explosion is out now on Steam!

It's a fast paced, arcade style game about collecting billions of pizza slices, until they build up and explode!

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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


I can make sleep on command

they should add a new day of the week called gasterday and then when toby fox finally reveals everything about gaster it can be done on gasterday

I love telling jokes and immediately saying "get it?" before anyone even has a chance to react at all

hello humans and other wiggly creatures, I'm live now with Cuphead! I am continuing the DLC once more! come hang out with me ~

heyyyy everyone I'm live with, we're playing more PREY! a game that is really kicking my ass, lol

come hang out !

the steam deck seems more powerful than a PS4, in fact, it seems to do better than my PS4 Pro in a lot of ways, so that's perfect, because I was also, similarly, using my PS4 to offload games onto to save my PC the trouble hehe

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I thought the steam deck was gonna end up being my primary gaming device but I've ended up mostly using the switch still, the main thing I've been doing with the steam deck is using it to stream a couple PC games to offload them from my computer

I don't know if I've ever felt euphoria towards my body looking how I wanted, but I do certainly feel like... content, relaxed... at peace, about it, you know? I'm not worried about my appearance or my body anymore, its exactly where I want it

changing my name from alayna butterfly to alayna banana, for halloween

I don't need to do a halloween theme for my page this year cause I'm halloween themed all year round baybeee

this year's halloween streams will include:

- CarnEvil
- Splatterhouse
- Castlevania 3
- Little Nightmares II
- an undecided Resident Evil game

(and if you have any short spooky/horror/creepy games you know of that I could throw in, please let me know!)

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