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Pizza Time Explosion is out now on Steam!

It's a fast paced, arcade style game about collecting billions of pizza slices, until they build up and explode!

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character and portrait art commissions by Alayna Butterfly ~

reply to this post if you are interested!~

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Super Climb Up is out now!

Super Climb Up is a cute platformer about climbing mountains! 60 stages await you, can you reach the top of them all?

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If you like me and the art I do and would like to support me, here's where you can do so! Every little bit helps~! ❤


order now and get $0.99 off our crispy crust three chunk pizza

as it turns out, the word 'socks' is just short for sand blocks

so just said I'm "sweeter than a chicken nugget on a tuesday morning"

here's my new Sonic fan games stream with! we played a couple new ones, and continued one we played before

as always, a very interesting experience, hehe >w< hope you have fun with this one!

here's the final part of my playthrough of Horace with! an amazing conclusion to an amazing journey through this game

thanks so much for making this game, it's really a masterpiece

here's my new stream of DOOM Eternal! still enjoying the game a ton, had a lot of fun battles with the demons in this one! the combat is so much fun, hehe! hope you enjoy ~

"girls hair tends to require more care" I think you mean more like, longer hair requires more care, and girls have longer hair more often? cause like. hair is hair

do you ever have dreams about trying to carry too many things at once and having difficulty not dropping everything cause I have that often,

okay everyone lets make sure I get up early and don't sleep in til 1 in the afternoon tomorrow, I got lots of work to do and I'm gonna make sure I do it!!

I got a huge response to the announcement for Super Kiss the Princess!! so I wanna live up to it, I'm gonna put a lot of time and effort into that game

of the two games I have started, I think Quest for the Eye of Newt will likely get done first, but that is only cause Super Kiss the Princess!! is gonna be a bigger project, and I hope you're all still excited for it!

I've decided I'm gonna dedicate my time to gamedev fully again in May >w<

gonna keep working on gamedev here and there when I can through April, and then when its May I'm gonna start on it full time

I wanna finish Pizza Time Explosion update and at least one new game this year

the Switch and the 3DS now share the distinction of being able to play both mainline animal crossing game and minecraft

omigod I know vinesauce stuff too well, I was watching his latest RimWorld stream and he says "what should we name this rooster" and I said out loud "cock injured" and then a moment later he reads that out and I just burst out laughing jhgfddjs

and then he named it Injured x ux

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