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since I haven't really been active on these parts until now.

Hey y’all! My name is Sam Blye, and I’m an independent game developer and visual artist. I mainly specialize in crazy realtime VFX work and shader programming for Unity3D games, but that’s just a small part of all the things I do.

I've worked on really cool games like Manifold Garden, Yo! Noid 2, and more!

NSFW (suggestive) sketch 

felt a need to draw imp tf smut last night, i'm so sorry

species euphoria time~
[positively adore the decision to become a sergal, it feels perfect even as i'm still awkwardly learning to be one]

(also gotta try drawing from the front more since i still haven't quite grasped it, sergals are wild!)

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Tomorrow (Saturday the 21st) at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST) I am streaming "Truss" on Twitch. This is a game by Ompuco, who I know from their generative and simulated-analog glitch art on Twitter and Cohost, and all I know about the game is (1) horror (2) abstract (3) emotionally intense. That's all I needed. Watch at:

working on the beginnings of my new favorite viewer redeem effect for my stream

was exploring casual stream concepts that I'd like to host soon, and may have accidentally unlocked for myself a new genre of content

"How many times have I found myself back here before?
How many more times will I find myself here again?
Will I ever find a true comfort like the few I imagine?
I can only hope for the future.
It's all I know I have."

if you couldn’t tell (since I haven’t been posting here too much), i’ve been obnoxiously excited to become a sergal these last several weeks

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i can't believe i finally get to be the one that's cheesed to meet you

Made another grid of more recent personal experiments & game excerpts, all realtime.

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Back to Truss update dev!

Working on gamepad features & UI, then a settings menu (with vector line UI since it needs to fit the game).

Was streaming for a bit but I've decided to postpone until 3PM CST since I was feeling quite drowsy, didn't get too much rest last night so I figured I should get it.

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Still haven't mastered drawing them yet, but wow has it given me a ton of motivation with drawing that I haven't felt in many years, and I also haven't felt this excited about a fursona/identity since making Elliot 9+ years ago.

Positively stoked about becoming a sergal and y'all cannot stop me.

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Last week, after 9 years of bleating, I decided to make the massive change from being a sheep to being a sergal because I've always been a massive fan and secretly wanted to be one for like a decade but kept thinking they were out of my league.

Still figuring out the new sona, but I've been drawing sergals a lot since and that species euphoria has been hitting a ton.

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Oh! I guess I never shared here, but I finished that song I was sharing work on early this year a while back and I still think it's the best thing I've produced.

Been working a whole lot on my new game "Truss", made for the Haunted PS1's Madvent Calendar.

My game was made for day 24, and comes out in 5 days, both as part of the pack and standalone.

I'm very excited for people to play it, I think it's the finest personal work I've done yet.

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