‪It was a tight squeeze, and the cooler I wanted to use just about didn’t fit, but Emrakul is up and running as of last night 💝‬

‪Currently installing Windows‬ chitter.xyz/media/koxi1pjURrWK

Not sure what I'm doing long term yet, but for now gonna set this account to forward on to @megaRammy@yiff.life whilst I try it out <3

Love Chitter, but also snouts.online and yiff.life seem cool as heck, but also I wanna host my own single-user instance


Overwatch is very fun and I realllly should play more of it

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I opened up a new github account under the name of my fursona because
1. Now nobody will see my history of awful, awful code
2. If SonicFox has taught me anything, there is something deeply powerful about being the one furry in a room of self-serious dudes
3. My bio says “this fox dispenses the c o d e s” which makes it all worth it honestly

So far had a very wholesome moment in spawn where everyone crowded round D.va to watch her play her game

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Kinda completely forgot about the D.va Nano Cola rewards thing so tonight is me grinding out them 9 wins \o/

Having grown up in an all-cat household, I don't exactly have much experience with IRL dogs, which always comes out as "oh god this dog is really extra and slightly overwhelming" when I'm with them IRL

Dogs are wonderful but also personally I get on better with the chill of cats

Saw Antman and the Wasp, pretty good!! I should watch the original

Bought Magic cards (Commander 18 deck) and friend and had good food with friends and aaaa

It’s been really chill just watching and helping with Into the Breach and stuff and just not worrying about life stuff outside of like, making food, light chores, etc

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Also Alice is systematically proving she’s better at games than me, got to the second island in Into The Breach on her first try, and beat it in 10 tries where I haven’t got off the first island yet uwu

And got to the second floor in Dead Cells on her second run which is just like, wah

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Hope y’all doing well! Not been around much, have been spending time visiting my gf for her birthday, lot of mooching round playing the dreaded video games for once, meeting up with friends etc!

Bristol is really nice

body horror, kinda gruesome but not in a gruesome way 

sub-zero tear out my spine and straighten it, then put it back in

A new version to Toot! is out! New in this version:

* Federated timeline now available (click the title).
* You can set up which notifications are shown on the notification tab (click the title again!).
* Twitter keyboard when posting new toots.

As usual, use toot-beta-signup.herokuapp.com to sign up for the beta test!

Bartering cultures seem so fucking stressful, I can barely handle Ebay q.qc

nsfl video warning, death, gun violence 

Avoid any Twitch clips for now, or videos with this thumbnail. Active shooter incident at a Madden tournament occurred, with video from the livestream floating around now.

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