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so far my experience of being an artist is "wow everything sucks" at the beginning of a picture and "holy fuck i can draw??? sort of???" at the end

an experiment in adapting my style to colour

question: what is a "rest" api, and why

is it just a buzzword or is it useful

literally every schizophrenic person we've known has been incredibly cool, super creative, and just generally really pleasant to be around

a beautiful link-following work of horror. ​it's short, but it packs a lot of punch into those five minutes. highly recommended!

question for black people only, particularly those in tech: was github et al changing master to main at all useful / desired / ect. to you

is homestuck public domain now or does hussie / what pumpkin / whoever still own the rights

do people actually like programming ligatures

what if we replaced the favourite star with an ␆

- neutral, allows you to acknowledge bad things without seeming mean / like you're endorsing them
- is how they're actually used [by us, at least]
- further separates the functionality from bookmarking

- very small text
- nobody else knows what ␆ means
- how do you animate it

"why can't we find an image of all the possible 8x8 1bit images? surely the sample space isn't that large"

1 billion years at 60fps

📌 please interact in some manner before requesting to follow. requests from empty accounts will probably not be accepted.

blog post: thoughts on a bandcamp replacement

[please don't poke too hard at the rest of the site, it's a huge mess right now and in sore need of updating in almost every regard]

oh huh

javascript was invented by the homophobic nft shilling ex-mozilla ceo

the state of web tech makes a lot more sense now.

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unknown instructions should be:

so apparently there's a hypothesis that black holes could exist in a form very similar to an electron:

which immediately raises the questions of "how much would they differ, if at all" and "holy shit what if ALL electrons are actually black holes"

from wikipedia: "Teenagers from Outer Space (a.k.a. The Gargon Terror (UK title), [...])" -

🤔 💭 the gargron terror

"[...] we could design a Turing machine with, oh, let’s say 100 rules, that tests each even number to see whether it’s a sum of two primes, and halts when and if it finds a counterexample to the conjecture. Then knowing BB(100), we could in principle run this machine for BB(100) steps, decide whether it halts, and thereby resolve Goldbach’s conjecture. We need not venture far in the sequence to enter the lair of basilisks." - has rightly said nfts are a scam on their twitter [ ] but until they actually do something about the ones being sold through their platform, it's just talk remains unresponded to.

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