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so far my experience of being an artist is "wow everything sucks" at the beginning of a picture and "holy fuck i can draw??? sort of???" at the end

an experiment in adapting my style to colour

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may thy patterns persist to the end of the stars. 💞

Here in Chile we used to call fascists «chupa picos» (“cock suckers”), until people realised that’s there’s nothing wrong with sucking dick, so people started calling them «chupa lumas» (“baton suckers”), which is more hilarious in my opinion.

If you ever need to insult a fascist, call them «fasho culiao chupa lumas!» (“you fucking baton sucking fash!”) :3

uk police death stats 

@stolas You can help to expand this list.

uk police death stats 

Just stumbled over this and it's worth knowing. Interesting how the header makes it sound far worse than the 4.705 deaths per year it actually is.

You look at the header and it implies that that the 1600 police deaths are recent, but it's really the total number of all police officers who have ever died on duty since we literally had a police force in 1680.

Not only that, but if you go to the website itself and stick a random year in most of the deaths aren't even vaguely related to policing at all, it's all traffic accidents and heart attacks while commuting.

Yall should be commissioning @ljames if you want good Telegram stickers. They can take them from idea to finished product so fast, and adorably!

Happy birthday (for yesterday cos didnt quite finish it then) to @Violet !!!!!!!

friendly reminder that kitcaliber's Halcyondaze is absolutely incredible and whips ass

fibro [-] 

I dreamt my legs were eaten by a shark. still in pain

xmpp, promoting my service 

Alright, I've got a registration system up and running again for my XMPP instance! If you've been wanting to join the Raccoon Army, or just want to see what XMPP is all about, feel free to request an invite!

ukpol, food, dream 

good morning heres the fucking buckwild dream i had last night

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR JOINING!! 😍 I had a fantastic time tonight and that was a really lovely way to spend the evening. Also special thanks to for the raid, too! That surprise really made me smile.


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Discussion of police violence 

Cops treat life like a game of Among Us. They see criminals as impostors, fundamentally malevolent enemies who only want to sabotage and kill. And if the cops kill off an innocent crewmate, it's not a problem, since they'll get the impostor eventually.

And to them, black and brown are always sus.

Going live now!! Come join me for an evening of birthday raccoon & chill, playing Jackbox games!!!

extremely cursed error message i'm actually getting line 85: printf: No: invalid number line 85: printf: such: invalid number line 85: printf: file: invalid number line 85: printf: or: invalid number line 85: printf: directory: invalid number

“multithreading?” uh, pretty sure it’s called “embroidery” but ok

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