When you're a kid and you hear adults yelling at each other.

On Tuesday, I wrote about the humanity of Eden Knight's twitter account, and how JK Rowling's distorted, bigoted picture of trans people as an undifferentiated Twitter mob pbscures the humanity of individual trans people online.

Today, I updated the post with links to stories which have confirmed many of the details of Eden's life.

While I never knew Eden, her story always had the ring of truth. I am so grateul to the reporters who did the work to confirm.


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Super Mario Kart - Reverse Mode by SandyMc and R4M0N been released! Go check it out!

Ever wanted to drive around the circuits in Super Mario Kart in the other direction? Well now you can with Super Mario Kart - Reverse Mode hack! All 20 tracks are available and have been tuned for playability. Turbos, item boxes and jumps have been moved and AI paths have been updated. 150cc and Special Cup are opened from the start, and as a bonus, the hack for Reverse Mirror Mode is also available.

Download here: romhacking.net/hacks/7616/

🔵 This week's Tom the Dancing Bug comic
Tucker Carlson, in
Brought to you by the Inner Hive, including longtime member Jim Mc and new member Pat Brennick.

Me: I worked in a film photo lab in high school. It wasn't a golden age. It wasn't a great medium to use. It was expensive, bad for the environment and your health. The quality of the photos were limited by your budget. And no, film doesn't have "infinite resolution" because it's analog—the quality of the photo emulsion limits the clarity of the photo, so there's no reason to—

Phone makers: We put AI in your camera so it fills in the details with guesses!

Me: So to set up a dark room you need—

Metroid Prime full screen static effect texture would require too much memory and GameCube only had 24MB. solution?
texture is generated using the current RAM data which is the game running itself, and it looks like noise. #gamedev

Journey has no automatic shadows. All shadows were painted by hand in a low res texture. To get the iconic sunset columns to cast sharp shadows, they aligned the pixel grid of the texture (3rd picture). #gamedev source: twitter.com/matt_nava/status/1

Paper Mario uses a transparent mesh to simulate door shadows instead of relying on heavy shadow calculations. #gamedev

Sega Saturn used Quads instead of triangles (the industry norm) for rendering, which is good for 2D but not as practical for 3D, devs had to work around that, so games like Tomb Raider had to be built to support quads on Saturn and triangles on PlayStation #gamedev

In Kirby's Dream Land for GameBoy, to save memory some enemies have the same "back" part of the sprite and only change the face. #GameDev

Skyrim small tables are actually shelves buried. If you can't see it ...
(Recreating my list of #gamedev tricks thread)

who even owns MDK rights these days? We need a new game and it's time for them to allow some indie studio to make a new entry. AAA companies are sitting on tons of dormant good IP.

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