technology is hard, pls help 

i can't get my nintendo switch's nat type better than "F" and it's preventing me from playing online and i swear i have tried everything

i use a wired connection, i port forwarded, i placed the switch in the DMZ, i reset the router. nothing changed the nat type. and everything else on my network works just fine?? my ps4 uses the exact same connection and it has nat type 2 (which i guess is like, nat type B in nintendo terms???? What)

kh3 music spoilers i think about this dark souls shit a lot

current mood: RPG maker horror game where you still have HP and MP even though you play as a japanese high schooler who doesn't fight

kh3's comin out soon so i feel i should share this art i commissioned from @Lumi last year

mgs2 camera is bad 

god the guards have so much more visibility than me it's just impossible for me to get through an area without stumbling right into someone Why Am I Playing This

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mgs2 controls are bad 

playing the 360 version of MGS2 and i'm like

how to fire gun in first person:
-hold RT
-select gun
-let go of RT
-hold RB
-hold X
-use left stick to aim
-let go of X

how to not fire gun after holding X:
-let go of RB
-press RT
-let go of X

as someone who's only played this game for the first time like 4-5 years ago i still think it holds up super well. i love the simplicity of the gameplay, the attention to detail, and the sincerity of the voice acting. it's such a charming experience

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i finished replaying metal gear solid today and the ending credits with the stock footage of alaska accompanied by irish singing is such a mood

just discovered that my phone has a screen protector on it, and that i need to get a new one

i just remembered i commissioned this from Citrinelle on twitter and dear god it makes me so happy :chaohappy:

i played mgs1 for like 2 hours on one of the PS1s they had at magfest so i bought mgs1

i thought this was bad when i drew it the other day so i didnt post it but turns out its actually good

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sonicfox, blood 

some fanart i drew of sonicfox last month

magfest pics 

i went to magfest last weekend and it was alright! i got pics with some of my favorite GAMERS

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