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gun mention 

does anyone else see double barreled shotguns and think.... snout goals

You can tell it's a raid of all furries because there's not a single hyur, elezen or lala in the party

ffxiv 6.0 spoilers 

connie accusing hydaelyn of being sus makes me so sad. she can't spoil the story or it'll fuck up the timeline so she just has to respond with "πŸ™‚" whenever you ask her what's going on. RELATABLE

ffxiv 6.0 spoilers 

also hearing Close in the Distance made me wanna listen to this again and i'm tearing up a little :blobfoxmeltsob:

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ffxiv 6.25 tribal questline 

god the omicron questline is so fucking cute and wholesome and their theme is such a pretty version of Close in the Distance wehhhh

i've been in the mood to play Phasmophobia lately.... do any of u play phasmo... :blobfoxpleading:

silent hill 2 remake 

listen. i know it's bloober team. i know it's konami. i still want to play it. i Have to know.

i can't be a real gay furry until i play outer wilds

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