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my ace experience, kink mention, sex mention, thread 

Starting with the clear disclaimer that everyone experiences asexuality differently.

For me, I've always been super open and interested in my kinks. Spoilers, it's mostly TF, and things it's a gateway into, but not exclusively. I just, don't go for sex as an endpoint for engaging them. I'm still attracted to people, and I'm not repulsed by sex at all, I just don't feel any desire to have it. (Also I don't really find genitals appealing.)

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Raccoon Stats (2) 

Tail: Raccoon tails are not actually that big or useful. Thus, having a high tail stat means defiance of natural tendency for the sake of expressiveness. The furryness stat.

Soft: How soft and cuddly you are. Raccoons are actually quite affectionate around those they're comfortable with, so being good and comfy to nuzzle into is paramount.

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Raccoon Stats (1) 

Thievery: One's ability to make off with things, whether by stealth, cuteness, surprise, or the general weirdness of a raccoon encounter.

Washing: One's ability to clean things with one's weird little hands.

Chittering: One's propensity to make cute little animal sounds when happy.

Mask: Mysteriousness. The mask represents the unknowable, the mystical. The allure of the raccoon.

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Hi. My name is Facet, and I'm a raccoon. I'm a little bit of a private person, but always willing to meet new people. I try to promote honest positivity whenever I can; I don't always succeed, but I try.

I'm a kinda-sorta game developer, and a Twitch streamer. I don't stream to make a brand or audience really, I just like fostering a relaxing space and enjoying games with people.

I am agender, asexual, and panromantic. 💜

(Not actually missing an arm.)

IMO PS2 was still one of the best consoles. Just in terms of "general quantity of good memories" for me.

An example of proper usage:
"Wow, that's a cute image."
"You're very!"
"Very very!"
"The veryest!"

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Video game music 

Done right with a lot of consistent bass noise and the right percussion, you don't even really need actual engine sounds to get the same feeling.

It's how I feel about this track, for instance. Somehow it gives me a distinct feeling of traveling in a vehicle.

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Video game music 

One thing I've learned about good vehicle-centric music is that you get the best results playing around the engine sounds themselves. Which means a lot of repetitive sections, specific louder instruments and parts designed to rise above the engine, and specific softer instruments and parts designed to mesh with it. But most important is a consistent sense of motion and energy, to match with the feeling of operating at a high momentum.

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Video game music 

Final boss tracks are always ripe for bangerville, but like. It's not often I get taken off guard as hard as this one did, the other day.

It helps a lot that this was like, basically the first and last actually-serious race in an entire driving game, but it was just, *incredibly* energizing and great at keeping me on point as I was learning to actually race for real.

It's a really well tuned top-end matchup, too.

FFXIV high end community, ableism 

Sure am glad to be going into another savage fight with ableist garbage community strategy names. Sure do feel welcome.

Please keep talking about how the wisest play you came up with is equivocal to lacking cognition. I love being a walking joke in the crossfire of your collective immaturity.

Twitch Stream 

Ready to hop back into Axiom Verge 2! I feel at once like I'm nearing the end, and also like I have a million things to do now.

Maybe I'll just run til 100% tonight! We'll see.

Twitch Stream 

Time for more Axiom Verge 2! It's been super neat so far, so I'm hoping it keeps up.

Follow-up text.

Tired of fantasy settings where it's just "the same miserable medieval life as the real world, but all the things we thought were real are, exactly as folk tales present them, and no repercussions of living in a world of magic make life any better."

No follow up, that's the extent of the thought.

Twitch Stream 

Did you know Axiom Verge 2 hit Steam? I didn't! But now I'm super hype, so let's cut to the chase!

Twitch Stream 

Today I'm going to be starting High Strangeness, a game I learned about from a good friend, which I finally got around to picking up to try for myself!

And there are certainly few stranger than I.

Twitch Stream 

Getting back into B.I.O.T.A.! I already have a fair bit of the map covered already, so we may just finish tonight? We'll see how I do, because whether or not that happens is all on me! :P

Twitch Stream 

Now that my sleep has stopped being as backwards as possible, it's time to try this new stream schedule thing.

I'm gonna start strong with some of the indie games I got with my birthday money, tonight's game being Chico and the Magic Orchards!

Why do they call it an autobiography if you have to do it yourself?

TIL Axiom Verge 2 hit Steam last week and I am instantly excited.

Twitch Stream 

I'm playing Kirby's Adventure! It's my birthday! I'm streaming early, and probably long! Exclamation point!

Video games.

Twitch Stream 

Today I'm gonna try to finish Arcana. Given I've gotten a bit in the door of the final dungeon already and I'm out of stuff to spend money on, I think we'll be okay.

Tomorrow's gonna be a nice, long, chill birthday stream.

overthinking FF1 

So the main plot of FF1 is "Garland gets mad about getting wrecked so he goes back in time to create a time loop of infinite doom," but in order for the event that started the time loop to happen, the pieces must already be in place for the time loop to be breakable, i.e. you out there doing the thing. So is it even possible for there to be a time loop to begin with?

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