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my ace experience, kink mention, sex mention, thread 

Starting with the clear disclaimer that everyone experiences asexuality differently.

For me, I've always been super open and interested in my kinks. Spoilers, it's mostly TF, and things it's a gateway into, but not exclusively. I just, don't go for sex as an endpoint for engaging them. I'm still attracted to people, and I'm not repulsed by sex at all, I just don't feel any desire to have it. (Also I don't really find genitals appealing.)

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Raccoon Stats (2) 

Tail: Raccoon tails are not actually that big or useful. Thus, having a high tail stat means defiance of natural tendency for the sake of expressiveness. The furryness stat.

Soft: How soft and cuddly you are. Raccoons are actually quite affectionate around those they're comfortable with, so being good and comfy to nuzzle into is paramount.

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Raccoon Stats (1) 

Thievery: One's ability to make off with things, whether by stealth, cuteness, surprise, or the general weirdness of a raccoon encounter.

Washing: One's ability to clean things with one's weird little hands.

Chittering: One's propensity to make cute little animal sounds when happy.

Mask: Mysteriousness. The mask represents the unknowable, the mystical. The allure of the raccoon.

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Hi. My name is Facet, and I'm a raccoon. I'm a little bit of a private person, but always willing to meet new people. I try to promote honest positivity whenever I can; I don't always succeed, but I try.

I'm a kinda-sorta game developer, and a Twitch streamer. I don't stream to make a brand or audience really, I just like fostering a relaxing space and enjoying games with people.

I am agender, asexual, and panromantic. 💜

(Not actually missing an arm.)

ADHD, meds, mixed 

So I just got prescribed Adderall and had the first doses today. And I have had an absolute emotional rollercoaster including happiness, pride in the things I managed to do, being upset at how everything still feels "normal" except I can accomplish more, feelings of the last couple decades being a waste of potential for how long it took to get to this point.

But overall, I'm just glad things are getting better. I can be more, do more, feel more. And that makes me happy.

Twitch Stream 

Night 4 for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, and we're just about in reach of the end of Episode 1! I just need to watch out for this whole "way underleveled" thing. It's probably fine!


Twitch Stream 

It's Phantasy Star time, with more Portable 2 Infinity! Yeah, breaking it up certainly makes it less of a mouthful. Anyway, we're somewhere around the halfway mark for Episode 1, so let's keep the progress coming nice and smooth!

Twitch Stream 

It's time to get back into Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity! That's a mouthful. Anyway, things are going great so far, so let's keep the momentum going as we move into chapter 4.

I'm just so happy to be playing this again.

Twitch Stream 

Tonight I'm starting a project I'm super excited for: Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity! Probably my favorite modern Phantasy Star, now with its expansion fan translated!

Come and join me, this will be a lot of fun!

There's so much iconography, so many letters and symbols and numbers they could have used, that going for "the exact same four as Nintendo but in america order" can only possibly be interpreted as malicious.

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These days I just always refer to controller buttons by Playstation scheme thanks to Microsoft going out of its way to make A/B/X/Y ambiguous. I still don't understand why.

If you've already played a game into the ground and done an incredible amount of grinding in it, and a new port of it comes out with no way to import your data, is it fair to cheat to get that work ported over?


I've had a lot of fun watching this SGDQ. It's good that MSF has provided a breakdown of what exactly their work is going to too, so you can see the impact of the good it's doing firsthand.

talking about E.V.O.: Search For Eden 

It's not the only problem the game has, but like, this one thing would change the game from like a 2/10 to at least a 7, for me.

What would be a super fun romp turns into "what hilariously backwards frame interaction will get me killed out of nowhere now?"

Boss fights particularly just, take dozens of attempts of "if anything goes wrong it's over" before you figure out some AI abuse that lets you win for free.

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talking about E.V.O.: Search For Eden 

Finally beat E.V.O.: Search For Eden for the first time. Really creative, lot of cool ideas, but uh. Hoo boy did they heck the design up by giving no i-frames on anything. The game is just loaded with 100-0 deaths by complete accident on the part of the enemies. Boss fights that can end in literally a second just because they invaded your hitbox accidentally, or have a cooldown on their attacks that matches or beats your hitstun.

Twitch Stream 

It's time for more E.V.O.: Search For Eden! Maybe the rest of the game? Look, I don't actually know how long this is. It felt longer in my recollections!

But anyway, let's see what we can do, yeah?

Remember: the labels you give yourself aren't what define you. They don't limit you. They mean only what you say they mean, and they're applicable only so far as they serve you. And if they don't serve you, you don't have to keep them.

Twitch Stream 

Tonight I'm starting E.V.O.: Search for Eden! It's a bit of a tough time with the passing of Near, but I'm going to keep going with respects in mind.

They're the reason I can emulate and stream with the console accuracy I've been given.


I play games on emulator. I do so with complete cycle accuracy, and I owe that to the painstaking work and sacrifice of someone who was lost to us last night.

RIP Near. Long live your work.

No amount of hate can ever erase you.

Twitch Stream 

Getting back into my Four Job Fiesta run, and tonight is probably going to be the end! Barring any major disasters, we're set for a straight shot through some world 3 content, and right on into the void.

So let's get it going!

Legend of Mana related, "spoiler-free" resource 

Here it is. The column titles have noted explanations of things, and if you want to track your own playthrough, you can make a copy you can edit, or save it locally.

Apologies for google doc, but, it is what it is.

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