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my ace experience, kink mention, sex mention, thread 

Starting with the clear disclaimer that everyone experiences asexuality differently.

For me, I've always been super open and interested in my kinks. Spoilers, it's mostly TF, and things it's a gateway into, but not exclusively. I just, don't go for sex as an endpoint for engaging them. I'm still attracted to people, and I'm not repulsed by sex at all, I just don't feel any desire to have it. (Also I don't really find genitals appealing.)

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Raccoon Stats (2) 

Tail: Raccoon tails are not actually that big or useful. Thus, having a high tail stat means defiance of natural tendency for the sake of expressiveness. The furryness stat.

Soft: How soft and cuddly you are. Raccoons are actually quite affectionate around those they're comfortable with, so being good and comfy to nuzzle into is paramount.

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Raccoon Stats (1) 

Thievery: One's ability to make off with things, whether by stealth, cuteness, surprise, or the general weirdness of a raccoon encounter.

Washing: One's ability to clean things with one's weird little hands.

Chittering: One's propensity to make cute little animal sounds when happy.

Mask: Mysteriousness. The mask represents the unknowable, the mystical. The allure of the raccoon.

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Hi. My name is Facet, and I'm a raccoon. I'm a little bit of a private person, but always willing to meet new people. I try to promote honest positivity whenever I can; I don't always succeed, but I try.

I'm a kinda-sorta game developer, and a Twitch streamer. I don't stream to make a brand or audience really, I just like fostering a relaxing space and enjoying games with people.

I am agender, asexual, and panromantic. 💜

(Not actually missing an arm.)

Twitch Stream 

What was I doing again? Oh right! Ys: Memories of Celceta! We've completed the two starting objectives of the game, so now let's head back to town and see what happens after our report.

Hopefully good tidings! (It's probably not good tidings.)

Twitch Stream 

Tonight we're getting back on the trail in Ys: Memories of Celceta! We've got a good foothold on exploration, but before we continue we have a poisoned river mystery on our hands!

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this without too much worry.

mh, general 

I guess one thing I've been trying to properly come to terms with is, I do have significant needs, but I don't know how to process them, or understand them, or seek them, make them known, open up about them, communicate them properly, meet them.

It's especially hard to just, accept them and talk about them at all. That's a lot of where my general difficulties start from.

Twitch Stream 

With Ys Seven over, it's time to move on to Memories of Celceta, the second to last on my list of "modern Ys" games.

I don't really know what to expect from this installment, but hopefully it'll be neat!

I'm looking forward to it.


Wanna do the good think, but all the think is bad.

Looking at something I kindasorta started coding and how I prefixed all the variables relating to buttons with "butt" and I regret nothing.

Steel type Eevee should be called Falcheon, change my mind

Arbitrarily hoping you have as good a morning/day/evening/night as you can hope for without straining your current means.

on self, alt forms, also it cat, photos, cat eye contact 

Maybe a bit like these.

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on self, alt forms, also it cat 

I've been thinking about a cat version of myself, to try on sometimes. A sort with long, soft fur, still mostly my same shape, a sort of gray-brown stripey color with white paws, belly, chin, big fluffy neck fur, heavy but not useless paw fingers.

Just to laser focus on keeping people close and cozy on my lap, petting over them and purring and being lazy and soft. Tons and tons of mom enby energy.

on opinions 

Like, there are *so many reasons* to like or not like something, so many contexts and subjective experiences and preferences that can lead to something positive coming out of something poorly made, or something negative coming out of something well made.

Socially, some level of consciousness of how our asserted opinions can impact others is real important.

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on opinions 

(I also admit I'm super not above this whole thing. I struggle with it a lot, and reciting it is as much a personal reminder as it is an open one.)

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on opinions 

Remember: there is a big difference between "I don't like this thing" and "this thing is bad," and using the latter when you mean the former is potentially harmful.

And many similar things, including: "I like this thing, but that doesn't mean it is essentially good."
"I recognize the qualities of this, but I do not enjoy it."
"Someone talking about a thing I don't like in a positive light is not an excuse for me to tell them they're wrong."
And so on.

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Someone in a chat: Hey, have you ever heard of <game I really like>?
Me: *perks up but isn't in a position to say anything at the moment*
Second person: I've never heard of it! What's it like?
First person: It's a really terrible game. You should check it out so you can laugh at how bad it is with me.
Me: *slinks back into the bad opinions zone*

I think today I'm going to...

Wonder what I'm going to do today.

I'm awake.

It's morning here for some reason.

I'm not sure how this happened.

Twitch Stream 

So last time was not, in fact, the end of Ys Seven, but tonight I have nothing left to do but fight the final boss. So let's do that, and maybe poke at whatever unlocks from a game clear a bit.

Probably short stream, but it'll be neat enough.

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