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my ace experience, kink mention, sex mention, thread 

Starting with the clear disclaimer that everyone experiences asexuality differently.

For me, I've always been super open and interested in my kinks. Spoilers, it's mostly TF, and things it's a gateway into, but not exclusively. I just, don't go for sex as an endpoint for engaging them. I'm still attracted to people, and I'm not repulsed by sex at all, I just don't feel any desire to have it. (Also I don't really find genitals appealing.)

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Raccoon Stats (2) 

Tail: Raccoon tails are not actually that big or useful. Thus, having a high tail stat means defiance of natural tendency for the sake of expressiveness. The furryness stat.

Soft: How soft and cuddly you are. Raccoons are actually quite affectionate around those they're comfortable with, so being good and comfy to nuzzle into is paramount.

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Raccoon Stats (1) 

Thievery: One's ability to make off with things, whether by stealth, cuteness, surprise, or the general weirdness of a raccoon encounter.

Washing: One's ability to clean things with one's weird little hands.

Chittering: One's propensity to make cute little animal sounds when happy.

Mask: Mysteriousness. The mask represents the unknowable, the mystical. The allure of the raccoon.

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Hi. My name is Facet, and I'm a raccoon. I'm a little bit of a private person, but always willing to meet new people. I try to promote honest positivity whenever I can; I don't always succeed, but I try.

I'm a kinda-sorta game developer, and a Twitch streamer. I don't stream to make a brand or audience really, I just like fostering a relaxing space and enjoying games with people.

I am agender, asexual, and panromantic. 💜

(Not actually missing an arm.)

Well it would be time to prep to start my evening, but whoops two hours of sleep at what should have been the ideal time plus enough time after being too brain-awake to try to get back to sleep that by the time I could nap to salvage my evening, I had to be up for a video call.

So instead I'm in a half-asleep state waiting for when I actually feel like my body will let me sleep. Excitement!

Thought I'd sleep what should be a standard for me, of somewhere around 3 am to 11 am. Usually landing a bit less, but. Instead I got from like 4 to 6, with an hour of lying half awake on both ends, then gave up and got up because I got hungry in the meantime, and 3 hours later I'm lying back down.

It's wonderful.

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Today's pretty peak "too tired to do anything when up, too awake to sleep when down" heckness.

And I've *got* to be up in a few hours.

Welcome to a considerable part of why I never have the energy or mental awareness to be social.

hot take

pirate any game from a company where sales don't directly affect the actual creators' wages

buy any game that directly impacts whether the artists and coders can afford rent

Twitch Stream 

It's NES shenanigans time! Probably won't be another 7 hour night, but we're going to start things off with Captain Skyhawk, a weird demi-3D shmup from my youth.

And after that, who knows!

Twitch Stream 

Back for more NES shenanigans! I'm gonna start tonight with Faxanadu, and... Well there's a good chance it'll take the whole night. But we'll see what happens! There's still plenty to do if I finish.

Let's have a nice, relaxing evening.

Twitch Stream 

Starting some new stuff tonight! I had fun doing a few streams of NES Sunsoft games, so now I'm broadening the scope and doing some more chill NES stuff.

Feel free to come hang out, or vote on things to come up next.

Also I need to catch up here and be more social again tbh

Social energy and mental bandwidth has been a heck.

You ever say "I'm gonna make a list of all the NES games I want to play, or at least am not afraid to try playing" and then realize you have a list of 353 games?

Definitely no shortage of things to play, once again.

Twitch Stream 

So it's been a while with all the delays and setbacks, but it's finally time for the end of Star ocean: The Last Hope! It's gonna be a lot of exposition, and a lot of laughing at ridiculousness.

So let's have fun with it!

Twitch Stream 

Tonight we've got more Star Ocean: The Last Hope! We're moving on to the pre-final world, and mostly getting a lot of exposition there. But, we're getting ever closer to the end!

Let's make this happen! And laugh at everyone being further dinguses.

Twitch Stream 

I have a sudden sense of foreboding tonight with Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It feel like something's coming. Something... Dark. Terrible. Edgy. And no, not the character literally named Edge.

Prepare for the laughable extreme.

If there's anything I've learned as time goes on, it's that I'm horrible at live conversation. Everyone around me can participate in a conversation, but I end up failing over and over again to get one little point in until the topic has drifted well past its relevance.

This happens *everywhere* and I don't understand what I'm doing so wrong. I'm better off just sitting there and nodding until asked for input, and keeping everything else to myself.

Twitch Stream 

I'm back from spontaneous hiatus! So it's back to Star Ocean: The Last Hope, where I last left off on the way to the Purgatorium. This sounds completely safe. Nothing ominous here, nope.

twitch marathon 

Coming up before long, I'll be playing The Bouncer for the finale of Big Bad Game-a-thon! There's plenty of good content coming up first though, if you're not already tuned in!

Twitch Stream 

Today we're back into Star Ocean: The Last Hope. When we last left off, we destroyed an entire alien race, but it's okay, they were bad.

It sure is easy when you can boil it down to such absolutes, and that surely won't change! Not. At. All!

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