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Geez. Timespinner ended up being such a fantastic game.

I'm speechless.

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Now that I have a red, a green, and a blue shirt, I can wear a combination of shirts to wear any potential color of shirt I want, right?

Remember, kids

You can't spell decentralized without decent

You can't spell centralized without lize

And you can't spell fediverse without I've

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Dear every program ever:

If you are going to use a fixed color for the background of the window, please also use a fixed color for the text, and not the system color.

You are very much liable to make your program unreadable for some people, until they go out of their way to change their theme.

And that is crap.

Also, I think it's silly when "seriously, don't do this for your first playthrough or you're going to have an actually-not-fun time" difficulty settings are available before you've cleared the game, or at least made it a bit in, because there's no way to word that in a way that will stop a lot of people from flocking to it and not enjoying themselves.

I think "this wasn't hard, but I really enjoyed it anyway" is the kind of thing I'd want people to say about a game I make.

Well that was easy.

People say that place is bad?

Okay, here we go... To the DMV...!

If you never see me again, remember to tell yourself that you're a good person. If you do see me again, still remember that.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about today.

It's always a good day when I find people I don't see much any more appear here, since I stepped away from Twitter fulltime.

Y'know what's really good? A mixture of lemon lime soda and mixed berry juice.

The carbonation is light, the flavors are mellow. But nothing's really covered up by anything else.

It's just kind of, pleasant.

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