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Thanks for explaining the word "many" to me. It means a lot.

Of all of the common subject matters and themes in metal, hair, hard rock, all that stuff, by far the most important one to me is individuality and self-expression.

I wish I was someone who could put my thoughts out freely and easily. Instead I keep like, withholding stuff for a million different reasons, and needing to flesh out and heavily quality my thoughts before I feel comfortable presenting them.

Kinda like this.

Good morning!

"It's 5 PM!"

Don't worry, it's fine! Good morning!

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I had to nap to keep my plans for the day in order, so let's hope this doesn't spiral into me being awake til after dawn.

The main problem is there's a *lot* to get back into the groove of, old reference sheets to pull back up.

Disgaea 5 was my main example of the latter type for a very long time. I kinda started running out of things to do on my primary goal, but i never reached it. So it kind of fell off because repeating the thing I was doing wasn't continuing to bear fruit.

Maybe it's time, months later, to get back in with a fresh mindset and new goals. Because the cozy levels are off the chart there.

When it comes to games, I basically need two kinds of games:
1. Decidedly finite games I can play til I reach a certain level of completion, either short or medium term, things I can intend to beat and move on from.
2. Cozy fallbacks, things I can have a file going for hundreds of not thousands of hours, that I can always feel comfortable hopping in and poking for various intents and purposes.

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This is my "try to parse my brain for things suitable to post on social media because I never think about this and that's why I'm usually very quiet" face.

There are a lot of Mana games that actually push really hard to make the story essentially and heavily tragic, and few that keep it lighthearted like this.

Children of Mana is kind of a diversion from the normal model of the series, but it captures the "cozy, whimsical" feel of the world really well, while still maintaining an exciting 'fun' aura around the action.

It's extremely... comfortable. Fairy tale-like, without being childish, for as often as the two are considered inextricable.

It's also the first time the dark element isn't considered essentially tied to evil and evil characters, so there's that.

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I've actually been looking forward to this.

Finally time to relax and... Spend the next couple hours working on videos.


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