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Commissions Trello:

If you're interested in getting into my commission queue or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Telegram, Discord, or DMs on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, or Mastodon.

NSFW furry art: anatomically accurate female hyena 

Commission for Jessie Haskell and Kit Kat.  It feels real enough.

NSFW furry art: naked skunk lady 

Commission for Myrene.  I was told to "have fun drawing a pretty lady", so I did.

NSFW furry art: female jackal reference sheet 

Commission for Kat.  Isn't she pretty?

NSFW furry art: crossdressing cat barbs 

Commission for Nixuelle, ten minutes before opening.

NSFW furry art: anthro and feral kissing 

Anonymous commission.  Smooch smooch, lick lick.

NSFW furry art: trans girls with prehensile tails 

Commission for Janie and an easily-restrained girlfriend.

NSFW furry art: feral wolf on gnoll 

Commission for Zahra with a good girl.

NSFW furry art: thongs and dongs 

Commission for Varuna.  What a chill dude.

NSFW furry art: male nyotaimori 

Commission for Varuna with an abundance of strawberry syrup.

SFW furry art, mild sexual reference 

Commission for Jasper.  This is a meme, I think?

NSFW furry art: gay rimming, Halloween costumes 

Commission for Jeremy, a feat of strength for Halloween.

NSFW furry art: gay, anal, paws 

Commission for Shane and Mousepaws.  Let that sink in.

NSFW furry art: gay, anal, fluffy 

Commission for KitsuneLegend and Riloh.  Sweethearts, both of them.

I'm about caught up on my commission queue, so it's time to open up more slots. If anyone is interested, feel free to get in touch by Telegram (@GavUnimpressive), Discord (Gavin#1368), or notes to discuss. If you'd like to support my art, I also have a tip jar at . Thank you for your interest in my work!

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