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Commissions Trello:

If you're interested in getting into my commission queue or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Telegram, Discord, or DMs on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, or Mastodon.

Commission for Zuflux ( ). Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young.

NSFW furry art: weasel bulge 

Commission for @FelixArden, trying on some new swimwear.

NSFW furry art: girls and their toys 

Commission for @Tris_the_mouse, enjoying her toy collection.

NSFW furry art: disappearing clothes 

Commission for BatZee3 ( ), showing off his best magic tricks.

NSFW furry art: mtf frotting 

Commission for Nall with a fleecy friend.

NSFW furry art: gay knotting 

I thought I'd tagged @weykent properly, but apparently I did not! Bats are dumb.

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NSFW furry art: gay knotting 

Commission for Weykent ( ) and ShockingsweetAD ( ). Looks like they tired themselves out!

NSFW furry art: vagina spreading 

Commission for Harzipan ( ), hoping you like what you see.

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Ozymandias, All Star 

The following is something I wrote the first verse of on Twitter a few years ago and it has stuck in my mind. With Neil C having just dropped a Mouth album yesterday, John and Hank Green wrapping up a certain folly today, and our civilization and/or emperor collapsing as we speak, I now revisit it here in full.

Somebody once told me he happened to behold the
most colossal wreck in his antique land
It was looking kinda sunk just two legs without a trunk
And a sneer on its face in the bare sand

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
A century of rule can end up as nothing
Did it make sense when the sculptor read
The hand that mocked and the heart that fed
So much for you, so much for me, so much mighty work lost to history
We'll never know what it's all for
We'll never amount to much more

Hey now, Ozymandias, you're the king of all kings
Hey now, Pharaoh Rameses, grow your empire, build things
Nothing else remains there
Look upon my worrrks and despai-air

Someday some hunter will stumble through and wonder
at some giant fragment left of this place
He'll say "Yes, I can only guess, who once dwelt in this wilderness"
about our own unrecorded raaace

(Well the years etc.)

Hey now, Ozymandias, you're the king of all kings
Hey now, Pharaoh Rameses, Younger Memnon, Time sings
Nothing else remains there
Look upon my worrrks and despai-air.

Commission for Shadeba ( ), who wanted to see her doe Devin in some new clothes.

NSFW furry art: naked cuddle 

Commission for RandoChris ( ), a quality cat.

NSFW furry art: snow cat panty butt 

Commission for Seraph ( ), who is roughly 60% tail by volume.

NSFW furry art: toys and cages 

Commission for ColtonBun ( ) with a shiny glass toy.

NSFW furry art: nude fox dude 

Commission for Shadeba ( ). Big fluffy foxes are also very good.

NSFW furry art: gay not-knotting 

Commission for JeremyFox ( ). Big fluffy wolves are the best kind.

Commission to give some specifics to an unspecified rat.

Commission for @NickKnack, who seems to share my habit of waking up and just staring at my phone in bed for a while.

NSFW furry art: naked foxes 

Commission for ShadeBa ( ). Nothing naughty going on here, no sir.

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