Having one post get a lot of boosts and likes really makes me wish Mastodon compressed its notifications the way birdsite does.

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Has anyone made a game where five players control different parts of a giant robot yet? That seems like a ripe concept for the "watch YouTubers be dumbasses with physics" genre.

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When my friends try to get me to stop playing stupid old games.

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Commission for @demoweasel.  I can't remember the last time I drew a landline telephone.

We’re back on the freshly-erupted side of the island this week. Here’s a steaming fissure we have to drive over to get to the store.

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And let's not forget the real reason for the season: commemorating the birth and life of our lord and savior Robert Garcia.

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I just realized FurAffinity still has this. What a weird throwback to the LiveJournal days.

Commission for @FlitChee. I also have trouble sleeping like a normal person.

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