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Commissions Trello:

If you're interested in getting into my commission queue or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Telegram, Discord, or DMs on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, or Mastodon.

NSFW furry art: anthro on feral wolf 

Commission for a possum, out exploring the woods and making new friends.

SFW furry art: convenient censorship 

Commission for, enjoying clear skies and open fields.

Commission for  Is this an arboreal kind of snake?  Well, he is a ranger.

I don't like to put out the hat for donations, but if anyone would like to donate to my Ko-Fi, that would also be a tremendous help in getting back on track:

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My work has been moving pretty slowly this last month while I'm getting used to some new medications.  I want to thank all my current clients for their patience as I'm now starting to get back to drawing again.

In the meantime, I am running behind on rent and other expenses.  If anyone would like to commission something with the understanding that it might be some time before I can begin work on it, I'm happy to add new names to my commission queue.

NSFW furry art: male, mouse, foreskin play 

Commission for  Stretch out and relax.

NSFW furry art: gooey white stuff 

Commission for a messy foxface, of a messy foxface.

NSFW furry art: 2 intersex 2 lingerie 

Another commission for  The sheer fabric might not be my only weakness on display in these pictures, admittedly.

NSFW furry art: intersex, lingerie 

Commission for  Sheer fabrics are my weakness.

NSFW furry art: nude, mtf, laundry day 

Commission for Paradim, caught by a sudden breeze.

NSFW furry art: ref sheet, male and female 

Ref sheet commission.  An opossum with not much to hide, a marten with a lot to pack away.

NSFW furry art: nb/m anal sexing 

Commission for  What a sweet face, just wanna smoosh those cheeks.

NSFW furry art: m/m vibe wand 

Commission for PickledFox.  The hat is an important trademark.

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