Should I make an otter character who's a Mexican wrestler?

... a lutradore?

NSFW furry art: male, revealing Halloween costume 

NSFW furry art: male, naked cooking 

NSFW furry art: male, hypno 

Furry art, panty shot 

I was asked to design some kind of laser drill and I gave it a hand crank because I don't know how power tools work.

NSFW furry art: incubus pinup 

NSFW furry art: gay marten boy 

NSFW furry art: m/f shower shenanigans 

NSFW: big wolf, small fox 

Suggestive furry art: girls and paws 

Vague political grousing 

NSFW furry art: naked hiking 

NSFW furry art: doe pinup 

Igloo has a new chick! It looks nothing like her because we took fertile eggs out of the coop and snuck them into her nest.

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