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Commissions Trello:

If you're interested in getting into my commission queue or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Telegram, Discord, or DMs on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, or Mastodon.

I almost never do personal art anymore.  Here's a drawing of my D&D character that I did during a session.

Mature furry art: wyvern panties 

Commission for of an easy nostalgia trip.

NSFW furry art: nonanthro bird 

Commission for @nytpu of their bird getting buzzed.

Commission for Kefen of their DnD character and faithful companion.

NSFW furry art: standing straight sex 

Commission for, moments before these two find a less precarious position.

NSFW furry art: elderly lady 

Commission for  This post is rated mature.

NSFW furry art: cum on a butt 

Commission for Riloh, seen here after getting some help in the kitchen.

NSFW furry art: m/f sauna boners 

Commission for, who's not hiding things very well.

I'm nearly through with my current commission queue, which means I'm ready to open up for more work.  If anyone is interested, feel free to get in touch by Telegram (@GavUnimpressive), Discord (Gavin#1368), or DMs to discuss.  Thank you for your interest in my work!

NSFW furry art: m/f, paws on bits and bits on faces 

Commission for PickleFox, getting teased up and down.

NSFW furry art: penises 

Commission for  Foreskins are pretty nice to look at.

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