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Commissions Trello:

If you're interested in getting into my commission queue or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Telegram, Discord, or DMs on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, or Mastodon.

NSFW furry art: rough sex with horse dicks 

NSFW furry art: straight mice 

NSFW furry art: intersex, vaginal 

NSFW furry art: squirrel guy 

NSFW furry art: ref sheet bits 

Nepenthe Chocolate is open for business! ( nepenthechocolate.squarespace. )

I drew this for an ad that you might have seen running on FA by now! Nepenthe Chocolate is my partner Vandringar ( )'s business, and we're selling homemade dark chocolate with a range of unique flavors like cardamom, smoked paprika, or golden coconut milk. As the most readily available taste-tester, I can vouch that they are all delicious.

Commission for JarviFerret ( ), who has the deep end all to himself today.

NSFW furry art: micro sheath play 

Commission for DDRTrekkie ( ). I've drawn this bat a few times, and I'm always happy to do so again.

NSFW furry art: trans ladies in swimsuits 

NSFW furry art: male Burmecian ref sheet 

NSFW furry art: quail cloaca 

NSFW furry art: bat butt 

NSFW furry art: feral-on-anthro 

Commission for GavinTheFoxMunk ( ), drafting a new species of cybersquirrel. I imagine they've been running around my home network stealing my packets and hoarding them for the winter.

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