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Commission for Jellyfang. Tired of restless leg syndrome? Doctors don't want you to know this one weird trick.

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We put Iglett in a coop across the road when he started waking Van up with crowing. He seems much happier and much less skittish there in the company of other chickens. He also has really pretty feathers now.

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Does anyone know why the USB cable we bought on Amazon came in a resealable bag? My first thought was "well, to keep it fresh, obviously" but there is also a hole in the bag.

‪Out shopping and I saw someone with a tattoo on his leg of a skeleton surfing on a slice of pepperoni pizza. I didn’t notice if the skeleton had sunglasses, but I can’t really picture it without them.‬

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Commission for Zarmir (furaffinity.net/user/Zarmir).  Zeya is sometimes a bad girl, but always a good girl.

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And while I'm posting old doodles, here's some character concepts I haven't gotten to poke at in a while: an angelic Dominion I cooked up as a counterpart to my incubus, and a shy, reserved nerd alongside her oversexed MMO avatar.

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Some experiments today, trying to shake off drawing doldrums.

1: Chibi version of my chainmail bikini cat. Is it weird to draw defined musculature on SD/chibi figures? I know there are JJBA Nendoroids, so I cite those as precedent.

2: My first real foray into pixel art/sprite work. 40x40 pixels, 8 colors. I didn't really accomplish what I was hoping to with this experiment, but I think it looks okay for a first attempt at least.

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