also f***k it I'm shopping around for instances

*cooks rice with my roomies* nice I improved my proficiency, boosted my social link and took a few points off my depression meter

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tweeters going to mastodon has opened my mind to new possibilities such as police going to fucking jail

I'm getting drawn the back the fuck into Persona 5 (finally) and it's putting me in a really good positive mindset of gamifying mundane self-care acts and it's really good

My fucking printer...downloaded a firmware update automatically and then PRINTED A PAGE saying it downloaded a firmware update,

it's too hot im taking a dang ol ronpa nap

ffs = Final Fantasy Spirits (Within)

we need a "likes are florps, timeline goes sideways" mode

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are you brushed up on your gamer lingo?

this whole instance of mastodon smacks of gender

just gonna blast the AC and play video games for a while

“Yeah the admin of [instance] is changing Boost to ‘Uppies’” @fuzzyproxy

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From twitter 

I’m at spice world (@ Penzey's Spices in Arlington, MA)

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