I was having a really good day and now my brain is just a bunch of sad slush

someone posted these pictures of jerma edited to look like a girl and uhh

shit shit shit help I'm gay

making a like 2000s emo music playlist cuz I'm sad

is the ffx remaster like, worth it compared to the original

@kat I spent like all last night and half of today grinding for this and like 90% of the reason was just to make this post

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Like if you were gonna play a racing sim, you wouldn't go for gran turismo, there's so many better racing sims that look just as good

GT always just felt like a weird watered down racing sim that they just use to show off graphics and advertise cars

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Gran Turismo is a weird spot for racing games because it advertises itself as an actual racing simulator, which it sooort of does okay? but it's only on PlayStation so like...

Xbox has Forza which, you've got Horizon and the base games, horizon for the more casual car enjoyment and motorsport for like a casual racing game


maybe if theres a wasp in my room I'll kill it because... well, catching a wasp is a lot more dangerous

but usually I'll try and just open a window and wait until it flies out by itself, cuz they're usually trying that anyway but just dont know glass exists

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honestly the only bugs i will intentionally kill are flies and mosquitos

every other bug I'll do my best to pick up n put them outside

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took the window ac unit out today and I've had to pick up like 12 ladybugs and put them outside

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lewd, top/bottom stuff 

honestly I just get off on calling someone a good girl and making them make cute noises

suck my dick if you want but the real fun is just seeing you thrive in a horny environment, live ur bottom binch life to it's fullest

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lewd, top/bottom stuff 

My version of topping is the lazy kind where I just find a bottom who's whole thing is just being told what to do

You might be bottoming but I'm going to treat the fuck out of you

asking for money 

so I haven't been to my current retail job in about a month because of mental illness. I'll be back eventually but I could use some assistance with current debts

my checking is overdrafted (again) and I have bills not yet paid. To take care of the most immediate stuff would take about $375 usd

I know a lot of folks are doing hard, but if you have a few dollars to spare, anything helps

cashapp: $Kayparwastaken

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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