I am a nocturnal gremlin who skitters to the fridge to get a snack and water and then goes back to my burrow (bed)

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It is "why are the other people in the house not asleep yet I need to go downstairs to get some food and water" o'clock

watching this explosions&fire guy finally, hey a litol trans flag

give trans people 90% hydrogen peroxide

followed closely by weirdos who get to know you a tiny bit and think that means its cool for them to joke about physical violence towards your fursona

source: have known at least 3 people like this

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like never talks about anything or joins in conversations, just like posts a meme they found/made and thats it

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I think the worst type of person is the people who's entire personality is just posting memes

i think the little among us guys are cute still fuck u

I think all websites need a "verify password" box on signup solely so I don't accidentally type my password wrong and then on sign-in get really confused why it isnt working

A game immediately gets +1 letter grade if it describes something as a "pip"

i just want a nice big comfy parka but those are like $300

tbh this is the main reason I tried endless space 2 out in the first place

I have a weak spot for hot alien women

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Kinda wanna give endless space 2 another go but like

that game hurts my head

I have like 12 games installed on my pc that I downloaded to play with friends but they stopped playing and the games arent on steam so I just never think to uninstall them when looking to make space on my hard drive

I finally figured out why my stomach was hurting so bad yesterday

I ate like 5 or 6 of these sugar free chocolates without even thinking about it

I found my GW2 screenshot folder and it's 90% just me taking pictures of the animals, and then like 5 pictures of the cute girl I made


a very very good idea @Draekos has now got me constantly pondering

Like every month there's at least 2 of these about an asteroid that's barely even within the moons orbit but the headlines like "ASTEROID SET FOR EXTREMELY CLOSE CALL WITH EARTH"

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The thing I hate the absolute most about the internet is these "science" ""journalism"" websites that every month blow up some discovery that's insignificant to anyone's daily life into a headline that makes it seem like the world's ending tomorrow

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