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hey if u havent yet go follow @cozykaffe its basically my main account now sorta i just kinda check back here now n then for dm's about art and stuff

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it would take a lot of work to clean up my timeline here wow.

so far I've seen 3 accounts I follow that left masto but their twitter crosspost bot is still goin

keep hearing birds tippy tapping around on the roof and stuff...

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wtf i have like 50 follow requests on chitter

tl rn: "im panda"
"im sluppy"
"im nido"

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i only actually ever use like 4 as warlock so far

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tbh majority of abilities every class gets in wow are useless

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the 2 abilities warlocks get at lvl 24 are like 100% useless

worms in garden

pick them up

give them kiss

send them on they way 2 eat dirt

alco hol 

i like bein a lil tipsy bug not drnuk

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