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that being said im sure theres lots of authoritarian communists on here who defend stalin/mao/kim jong un and i would like to say kindly fuck off and do not follow me

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looking for housing, still. boosts good Show more

how fuckin tall is chris hansen he looks massive

remember when someone made the Hollywood sign say hollyweed

all the farms people make in Minecraft are based on like efficiency but I wanna make it look pretty :c

ok i keep posting about hyenas i gotta go brush my teeth

i remember finding an article that was like the top 30 most liked mastodon posts of 2018 or something and i had a post that was like so close to being on that list it aint even funny

(i found it cuz i was trying to find that post cuz it was really old and i wanted to see how big it actually god)

aardwolves are just stripe yeens who got shrunk

takes one tiny, littel itty bitty sippy, one puny litle slorpe

hyenas are really just dogs with elongated necks

or possibly you're different from all of them, and would like an aardwolf

this is an early bedtime for me but i woke up at 9 for some reason so i go brush toofs and then zzzzzz

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