cuz I don't really actively use spotify anymore I just occasionally like throw on a playlist of like old 2000s pop songs, put a random song i liked on repeat, listen to something i think is just funny

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if i posted my top songs on spotify this year you would think I'm literally insane

when the entire presence of black metal is based on a random ass nazi white dude who murdered his fellow bandmate its hard to navigate the genre but uh
panopticon good


I bought this thing when I was drunk like 4 years ago and I regretted it at first but nah I am in love with fucking this thing lmao

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istg I've came inside my bad dragon toy like 9 times today I might be a little addicted i made one of these btw

I'm still not allowed to post yet but, it's there

i had to work 9 hours but

i have 1 weed gummy i will eat it tonight

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I'm not like a very spiritual person or anything but just staring at the moon at night for a bit is always something that just kinda grounds me and makes me feel calm.

Like, just knowing hey, that's another planet, basically. There's this huge rock way up there. Makes me feel small, in a good way. I'm not really sure how to describe it but it's nice.

Birthday tomorrow and I gotta work 9 hours oogh

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