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aaaaaaaaah finally got a ref done! sfw. might post the nsfw one later >.>

y'all ever just wake up feeling soft and wanting to give cuddles? Cuz that's basically been me the last two friggin days and I'm like ?????????

Lordie I'm glad me and my bf picked up ac this year, be dying without it.

Little bit of this, little bit of that | Monster Hunter Rise | LGBTQ+ | V-Tuber

Change of plans for today y'all. No Metroid today, a raging rathalos came though and stole the last metroid, so it's HUNTING SEASON.

Monster Hunter Rise will be live at noon today.

ooooh new update, new mic awe ye | Hardspace Shipbreaker | LGBTQ+ | V-Tuber

Its Hunting Season| Monster Hunter World
Hunting some monsters with friendos

Heads up for todays stream, no vrc as previously planned. I want to work on my bat model a bit more before we return to vrc. Doin some subnautica below zero today instead!

Elliot Page has an interview in Time Magazine. It's nice to read his words, to learn about his experiences directly from him instead of baseless Internet assumption and rumor.

I'm not just a good kobold. I'm an excellent kobold

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