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Hello everyone! My name's Mandrake and I'm a horse! I've been on Mastodon since November 2017 and have been a member of this lovely instance since December 2020. I hope we can become friends! ❤️🐴

I enjoy playing indie games in my spare time and I have a collection of my favourites that you can find on Itch, with a short review for each one. There's also links to additional collections for every game I've played on Itch by year:

The English (-) 

The "Stop being disruptive and shut up" mentality explains a lot about where this country's heading towards, I feel

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The English (-) 

Most English people will seem nice and approachable at first, and then you'll casually mention the train strikes or climate protests and realise that Strong Bad was right about them all along :blobfoxnotamused:

summer heat, nudity 

You know what's nice? Removing all your clothes and just standing right in front of an electric fan

Many Animaniacs episodes end with an absurdist "Wheel of Morality" section. Pinky and the Brain mocked the network's demands for another main character by making an entire episode which inexplicably had a third mouse called Larry. Taz-Mania has a character who sucks so much, he later gets promoted in-universe and becomes the show's producer.

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If you think Warner Bros is being run by incompetent executives who don't understand or care about the stuff they're making, you should watch some of their 90s cartoons (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Taz-Mania), which had countless jokes, if not entire episodes, mocking the clueless suits who kept interfering with their production

Eye contact // THREAD: How to recognize AI-generated faces? 

A few years ago, a site called "This Person Does Not Exist" ( has popped up, using a neural network called StyleGAN to serve a new image of an AI-generated picture of a person’s face after every refresh.

People online have started taking pictures from this site with malicious intent in order to look more legit to perform scams, harassment or other type of deception.

However the generated pictures are not perfect, in this thread I will show a few telling signs with illustrations that might indicate a picture has been lifted straight from TPDNE. Keep in mind that people doing this might not be taking the most egregious examples and that these are only pointers, not an exact science!

I completely forgot to post to Mastodon that my game's demo date is September 2nd as part of SAGE!! So now I'm posting it!! There's gonna be lots to explore and tons of collectibles so I hope you check it out!!

Store page:

(This post is partially a critique of how "beating" Vanilla Minecraft consists of killing a random dragon that lives in a different plane of existence for no apparent reason, and partially me wanting to smooch the ender dragon)

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Reactivating a portal to The End so that I can smooch the ender dragon (in Minecraft)

Money request, for flight booking + demoparty 

Heya! I'm currently trying to organise travel to get to Nordlicht demoparty in September. If anyone has £35 spare they can throw over my way thatd be lovely!

This is a very informative 50 minute video essay on TikTok (which largely validated my suspicions that it's a terrifying nightmare app that represents everything I hate about social media and thus will never use):

I say we should just put all the horses in charge and let them run everything, who's with me?

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