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Hello everyone! My name's Mandrake and I'm a horse! I've been on Mastodon for the last three years and recently decided to join this lovely instance. I hope to make lots of new friends! โค๏ธ๐Ÿด

You can also find me here, where I mostly post about video games (

your periodic reminder that you can do anything at zombocom, anything at all

I like how even in the earliest sam and max drawing you already have the essense down

"Whenever Maru is dozing off, a few comfy petting on the head would make him transform into a bunny loaf right away ^u^"

Suddenly remembered the time at school when we were doing improvisational exercises and the prompt I picked was "a monster attends school in disguise". I had a friend stick his arms below mine and gave my name as "James P. Sullivan"

I have a similar problem distinguishing between Orson Welles and Oscar Wilde, even though neither of them were alive at the same time or worked in the same creative field

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Today I discovered that I've spent the last decade assuming that Wil Wheaton and Josh Wheadon were the exact same bloke

Me, in the 1990s: Wouldn't it be silly if real-life animals shouted their own names like Pokรฉmon?

Me, in the 2020s: i'm horse!

Learn password safety from the Dwarves of Moria:

1) Don't choose a common word, not even from another language.
2) Choose a long password. 6 characters is too short.
3) Do not, I repeat do not, write the password (or a "hint") in the front door.

Follow these tips to avoid situations of the "We cannot get out. The end comes soon" kind.

replace the Christmas elves with Christmas kobolds and the holiday immediately becomes 500% better

bunny: sock! :D
hooman: *take away sock*
bunny: >:( give back!

Brave (2012), TF posting 

Brave is on the telly again. I remember being very disappointed with how the transformation scenes happen off-screen. This is supposed to be a Disney film!

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