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Hello everyone! My name's Mandrake and I'm a horse! I've been on Mastodon for the last three years and recently decided to join this lovely instance. I hope to make lots of new friends! ❤️🐴

You can also find me here, where I mostly post about video games (

All forms of advertising count as psychic damage

Top 3 James Bond Quotes (Real) 

1. "My name is James Bond."
2. "Shagadelic, baby!"
3. "He killed Minister Mishkin!"

Got bored so I pulled an ISO of Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia CD-ROM for Windows 3.11 and next thing I know *this guy* is giving me a guided tour.

:crt_w_prompt: :blobthinkingeyes: 💿

petition to make renamon an honorary pokemon using the leftover pokedex number for jynx, who will be disavowed

this is a weird evening to be doing bouncy retail-y stock music for someone, but i think it turned out okay

And here is Projection Privée II, a fantastic music video as seen on Euro Demo 39 France, featuring Sasha's Xpander as the music.

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