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Hello everyone! My name's Mandrake and I'm a horse! I've been on Mastodon since November 2017 and have been a member of this lovely instance since December 2020. I hope we can become friends! ❤️🐴

I enjoy playing indie games in my spare time and I have a collection of my favourites that you can find on Itch, with a short review for each one. There's also links to additional collections for every game I've played on Itch by year:

The existence of Vargskelethor implies the existence of Vargskeleodin, Vargskelemagni, and Vargskelemóði

ranting about The Game Awards (-) 

Zero interest in watching the self-absorbed, exploitative and morally objectionable AAA games industry slapping themselves on the back and gloating about the amount of money they've spunked up the wall this year in the creation of bland, overhyped rubbish to desperately prove that their medium deserves to be taken Very Seriously Indeed. Thankfully I'll be asleep for most of it.

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Somehow, I doubt tonight's will mention Wordle, The Objective Game of the Year 2022

I feel a bit down those days and don't feel like posting much

In the meantime, here are pics of my little buddy Miel, helping me in Minecraft 🥺

It's December, so I've updated my Spotify playlist of Christmas music. This year's additions include downbeat songs by Marvin Gaye, John Prine, Low, Dolly Parton, and Sufjan Stevens. Please enjoy!

I was at a wedding in the weekend, crashed by a dog with a stick it really wanted somebody to throw. It dropped the stick closer and closer to the couple being wed, in the hopes the ceremony might be temporarily adjourned for more-important matters like stick-throwing. Nobody knew whose dog it was.

horses are sensitive to your disgust, and will adjust their behaviour accordingly :fluttercry: #horse #science

Nobody tell all the journalists who just joined the Fediverse that all their self-promotion will result in 0% referral traffic from Mastodon because everything puts offsite links in rel noreferrer.

Obviously, the recurring mentions of horses connects the town of Possum Springs to its bygone past when mules/pit ponys were used in the coal mines, both of which have since been made redundant by technological and social-economic changes. (Notably, no equines actually appear in this game, anthropomorphic or otherwise). Either that or Scott Benson just thinks horses are really weird.

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Looking at the community rules and corporate structures of even more Twitter alternatives! 

✅ Cohost (Worker-owned coop, decent communityrules)

❌ CounterSocial - (it's just a Mastodon instance with some weird jingoistic shit going on, like blanket banning accounts from 'hostile nations' [to the US].

❌ Hive (Got angel investment in a 'pre-seed' round, it seems like they are intent on getting more investment in the future. Seem like a traditional startup)

⚠️ Itaku (Raises funds through public donations, probably private, no rules against bigotry and rules against politics)

❓ Mastodon (It depends on what server you join)

✅ Pillowfort (Private ownership, rules seem fine)

❌ (I dont see any venture capital yet, but the CEO is from Waze, he seems to be a typical Silicon Valley dude and I wouldn't trust them. They also said they weren't gonna give a shit about accessibility in the near future.)

❌ Tumblr (Owned by Automattic, a heavily VC-funded private company)

Return of the Christmas dragon, who is named Chris and is nonbinary.

If you know someone who's interested in joining Mastodon but couldn't decide which instance to join, send them a shortlist of instances you recommend. The decision becomes easier if you can narrow down the choices to a trusted selection.

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Never quite felt "It's like email" was a particularly good way to explain the decentralised nature of Mastodon considering how nearly everyone just uses Gmail nowadays. I usually describe it as "a bunch of independently-run Twitters but everyone can follow and send replies to people living on different servers"

so my birthday's coming up, which means...

ABOUT 8PM GMT GIVE OR TAKE using the comfy tv server for vc - comfy tv will come back soon, i'm working on it slowly amidst life and retail hell
cytube will be posted on the day!

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