People on Twitter wished for an edit button. One of Hive's security vulnerabilities allows even more: You can edit posts of other accounts.

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I should replay Control since Alan Wake 2 is next year

Please only respond if you identify as trans, thank you (boosts welcome)

"I am trans and..."

Mass Effect lore, spoilers 

The funny thing about Mass Effect is that the whole reaper threat thing is a "Our creators created a super AI designed to find a common ground for synthetic and organic life to co-exist" and the answer is never "Hey maybe we shouldn't treat AI or synthetic life as slaves and tools"

Which is the point of the original "Robots v Human" conflict story and a major concern for actual real AI rights groups trying to stop synthetic/robot slavery from being a real thing.


it’s SUPER chilly here today so the Void Trio are keeping warm with cuddles. they hope you stay warm today too

The only reason Brave and any of its products exist is as a shady cash grab after CEO Brendan Eich got fired from an executive position at the Mozilla Corporation for repeated instances of sexual harassment and coming out as a massive homophobe who was donating large amounts of money to lobby for gay marriage to be illegalized

The privacy marketing is a scam

They operate and monetize in all the same ways as Google: They are spying on you

They do cryptocurrency BS on top of that

Don’t buy in

I drew Kindred, from LoL, earlier this year, as voted for on my Patreon.

Enjoy! ||

Remembering about the Ever Given, I hope another ship blocks the suez canal one day

Tempted to install Morrowind and do a redoran playthrough

Currently watching my friends talk about smurfs, twinks, non-smurf twinks, smurf twinks

I hope elder scrolls 6 has the fallout 4/76 settlement building mechanic only handled way better. Would love to build either a quiet farm estate or a totally not evil vampire/necromancer fortress

Only downside of castle building is you can't build a cool vampire tower since it doesn't have floors, you can build on hills so it looks like a towering structure but it's just not the same feel

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Hmmm I think when the big content update hits I'll replay V Rising, I want to build a massive vampire castle again.

My V Rising castle has a vault filled with silver and it's very funny to me I just have a room filled with vampire poison

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I think the only game to recently do the silver is bad for vampires faithfully is V Rising where you can't even carry silver without getting a debuff and poisoning. Just having it in your inventory is a problem despite you need to use it, it's even more great that the civilization in the game uses pure silver as weapons and currency so just having money hurts you.

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Did you know that the original purpose of vampires having no reflection in mirrors is because mirrors used to be made with silver instead of glass, vampires have a weakness against silver as silver used to be considered holy and mystical.

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