hrt, blood mention, self-med info/help for UK 

I should mention, a test this broad is only especially important for before hrt, and likely a couple more times within the first six months to see how your body is reacting. for just checking your hormone levels, cheaper tests are available. if you can consult a doctor, please do, as ultimately I'm not one

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hrt, blood mention, self-med info/help for UK 

how'dy yall, if you're in the UK and want to start HRT but need to DIY, I found a blood test kit that covers everything that would usually be examined before and while on hrt that can be sent for results by post!

it took me a while to find because the cis named it Testosterone Replacement Therapy. i hope this helps!!

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I am a trans game developer and web nerd. I program, make models, draw art, and lots of other little things ! I love cute monsters !!

hey does anybody know of any doctors /therapists around NE Portland specializing in gender dysphoria that take Renege Blue Cross Blue Shield? their providers directory has no category for it at all and I really need it at this point

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I like dreaming of a world where I can just wear cute clothes and not be seen as ugly and freakish for doing so, even in a progressive area there's too much fear internalized for me to do so

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nonhorny gentital talk 

normalize panty bulges / design panties to comfortably accommodate them 2k19

yet again overwatch copies team fortress 2 by making the soldier gay and giving him a comic about it

I need to see a doctor just to find out why I'm getting sick so often hot damn

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when I wake up, in the very first moment of consciousness, my mind feels clear, unburdened, optimistic, happy, ready to take on the day, and the moment I start thinking again that all gets buried under piles of stress, anxiety, and depression. I literally feel an extra ten pounds form in my head from having to think, and I would do anything to get back to that blissful state of mind that comes from sleep.

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more love for girls with small dicks please. they're really cute

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yes I'm proud of myself for this mess

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pffftha, I didn't even think you could get a rejection letter from a job search service but i got one

hiring an assassin to come to my own house and kill me after being inspired by my favorite super hero, goku

that being said, mh- 

what's up with the middle of the night for getting me depressed? I can function fine throughout the day and then just end up the only one awake unable to get in the mood for falling asleep.

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hey I've moved over all my shitty thoughts to another account so you won't have to suffer hell venting by following me anymore!! I'm still going to do some light venting though when need be

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