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Hi, Im Necrotext, or Hardt (whichever)

๐Ÿ„ 31 y/o cow trans lady (she/her) living out of Ohioโ€‹

๐Ÿ„ I do lots of games and art, typically illustration

๐Ÿ„ Specifically I like MMOs and Fighting Games, you'll probably find me on those somewhere hah

๐Ÿ„ My profile is 18+, for real, I very much do NSFW art as part of my living. And I do my best to cw all the things that you dont want your co-workers to see

๐Ÿ„ I do my best to get back to people so dont be shy, really!

๐Ÿ„ Art pages in my profile header

Morning y'all- the weekly stream won't be happening today. Mabel has been very under the weather and we decided its best she just keep resting. Likewise I have a kitty only a day and a half out of surgery; and while shes doing well I still want to be on call <3

we'll pick back up next week; and of course I'll still make the sweet sweet arts this week. Just off of a streaming platform this time. Y'all have a wonderful day

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I had a mighty need- so here it is, in color- at hella am in the morning

I had a mighty need- so here it is, in color- at hella am in the morning


Sometimes you just need to kick back and have a drink, y'kno?

completed piece for @hyperbolide

Tonight's commission work will be up tomorrow! its too damn late to post that. But both this art, and that comm will be able to be seen on patreon at full res this morning! Take care y'all

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Alright gang. Stream's done! but I had a wonderful time, thanks for stoppin' by and thanks to my costreamer Mabel for keeping me company too. ALSO! for the next few weeks I'm rocking the new christmas outfit that debuted on stream tonight

We're going live here, got some work to do- but it might be a shorter stream depending on how work goes. Just because I'm Tired Y'allโ„ข

nsfw, lewd 

Completed commission for @jaycie - everybody loves a good coil, works out well for me when it comes to work :blobfox3c:

stream time gang, got work to do, NSFW warning. But feel free to swing by

i did the late night action drawing brain zone thing again

Good morning! Its been awhile since I've been hired (and wanted) to do a reference sheet for someone- but I was asked by my good friend @RSBurr to give him a sheet update.

Think I did a pretty good job myself- and thank you for your patience and working with me!

Good evening, I present to you, the pretty Tusky lady who runs a pub in my tabletop campaign

NSFW, TF, nudity 

You know as we get closer to Halloween more werewolves keep popping up, but I cant really call it a bad look

Completed piece for Dreynbolt(twitter)

Did a small little update for Halloween streams with my PNGTuber. I really think the outfit is cute

You're not seeing double! An update was wanted- and an update is given!

its becoming that time again- rev up those candy buckets

completed piece for @SavWolfAD (this one was kinda something that snowballed to here but im not complaining)

Alright y'all streams over and passed-- I had to get food I was starving lol-- but thanks to everyone who made it out to even such a late stream. It was a good time and as always its wonderful to get to hang out with you, and Mabel. See you next week

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Hey gang, doing my thursday stream, just really really late. If yall wanna stop by while i work feel free

Also I did a little patreon post catch-up and some commission proofing for stream later. So productive morning overall

drawing lower expectation things to remember how I do this art thing again ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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