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Nikon Raccoon @Nikon

the absolute worst / horribleness / bad / wtf Show more

@bug @Violet the picture in question is under 4mb.

@Nikon did get the image to post with the web client. Maybe twidere is having some issues tonight.

Nice sunset tonight. Taken at work, in Draper.

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Trying to post a picture here, but I keep getting timeouts. Anyone else using Chitter having issues tonight?

change that "i wonder if i should play a kobold" into "i am a kobold" today

"who wants to be human? that's boring"

- me, forever

American Gods porn rant. Show more

So I ended up with 5hr of OT, got very little sleep due to a thunderstorm, & got into work late and still sleepy. Going to be a fun shift.

@rachel I remember taking a semester long class in high school that taught business and job skills. We spent a few days on check writing.
Granted now, rent is the only check I write. I haven't ordered new checks since 2008.

So, just passed 12 hours at work. Coworker didn't show up at 5am, and next shift doesn't arrive until 11am. OT is good, but will be so tired

I just watched the original Alien movie Show more

Yikes. Just did a speed test to check my connection, and got a better download than I get at home with Comcast.
So why is Pokémon Go having issues connecting, and keeps timing out.

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I just watched the original Alien movie Show more

Why awoo when you can chr?

@Mycroft Watched all of them in one sitting, and I want more. Not enough episodes in this season.

@Lobst Oh my... lots and lots of cute kobolds. I play way too many of them in D&D games. They are just so cute.

@Lobst *blushes* I watch you on Weasyl, and I must say, I do like your bot art.