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Hey, everyone, for that meme going around asking "If I had no fursona, what species would you assign me?" my answer to all of them is going to be draccoon.
Raccoon plus dragon. Perfect for getting all the shinies.

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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3069 0295 7312!

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Do you still wear your mask?

Please boost i wanna get more people to vote

#tf, synth, you 

Digitise. Become synthetic. You've picked your chassis, your materials, your colours, and now there's just you and the button that says OK.

Could be you've hit OK already. Very reasonable. ❤️

Or maybe it's fun to linger at this moment, and take your time. 💜



> when you have no queer people in the room when making branding decisions

Okay, yeah, that does seem like the kind of horrible branding thing a company might do lol, good parody

Oh wait.... oh no... oh shit they actually *did* it?! This is a real thing?!?!

Work is forcing return to office with less than two weeks notice. I cannot get covid. Anyone know if any companies that are hiring remote workers?

Having electrical work done in the apartment now. Is weird having to wear a mask in your own home.

Put in an order with B&H Photo for film processing equipment. @rachel and I are going to see about getting back into film photography.

Meep! First time ever seeing "Tropical Storm Conditions Possible" in a forecast. Will be a fun weekend.

Interested in an active furry muck with anything-goes light IC RPing in a schizotech setting; a planetoid ship hurtling through space? Come check out Spindizzy! We have open plots on the regular and you can hang out as yourself!

#tf, synth, mind, you 

Just a few drops, but they spread so quickly. Your whole self, taken over. Outside, inside; in your body, in your mind. Still you, but a different you, a more synthetic you. Turn up your senses, change how you look; all so fast, so easy, it's natural.
You could get used to this~

(Usually I try to keep my furry life and my work life separate)

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Oh my... My new company's slack has a channel.
Help me... I joined it.

I was searching for mental health providers, as my current therapist and psychologist don't take Aetna, and saw that they had a category for Gender under Mental health providers, then I saw the link for surgeons.

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Well this is annoying. My new insurance is Aetna, and I found a list of approved gender reassignment surgeons.
Every single one is for FtM top surgery. Every single entry. That means I have to go out of network no matter what I do.
I hate insurance.

So, I am about to lose my phone service because I found a job with benefits. Any suggestions on cell phone providers I can go with? I've been pondering Mint Mobile.

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