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Nikon Raccoon

I'm watching an old Bond film, Thunderball with @rachel and wow... the harassment is painful to watch.
We're 15 minutes in and Bond has already blackmailed a nurse into having sex. And tons of innuendo.

Factory Tour was interesting. Got to have an exclusive ice cream, blueberry chocolate chip.

Made it to Vermont. Only two states to go.

Finally got though a watching of Blade Runner. Somehow I've seen the first half, but never the last half. Interesting movie. Geneticpunk to heck. Don't think modern audiences could sit though a movie that slow.

You know, since I am no longer working nights at the moment, I really should find the local Salt Lake City furry scene when I get back to Utah. I think there are way more out there than I am aware of.

by 35, you should have twice your weight in gold saved in a big pile that you sleep in, according to dragons

*headdesks* I looked at my car insurance last month and saw no payment due for May as the policy renews in June.
Today I get an email from insurance saying could not process payments. Payment schedule say first payment for 6/14 policy is on 5/14. Why?

Went to the with @Erin and @rachel Lots of interesting camera history, including a camera obscura room. They also had the oldest surviving Brownie camera, and a copy of one sent on moon survey mission.

Boost from birdsite.
7 Reasons Why Toronto Vs. Will Always End In The Raccoons’ Favour:

Just a reminder for folks at the con in Reno, please tag your posts so those not there don't get flooded with con tweets.

so like I have this old idea kicking around

of a level 1 #dnd dungeon that's like a training ground

but it's also like a game show that's a LARP, where the kobold monsters have boffer weapons and spells are just special effects

and the house not only charges admission but handles bets on which PC will get most "killing blows" etc

and the dragon owner themself likes to play the part of the final boss and is a terrible hammy actor but everybody claps anyway or they'll get roasted and eaten

@Elizafox meep, you followed me, but your profile says . So I can't follow back. What's wrong with bots?

Lovely sunset over the NYC skyline. Will come back with the tripod.


Heading down to New York City for the day with @rachel. Just did a 90 minute drive into Poughkeepsie and waiting for a train.

Starting to see Infinity Wars spoilers via memes. Please note that I am 5 movies behind, because of a lack of streaming. So, I guess I am too late, so spoil away.