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Hey, everyone, for that meme going around asking "If I had no fursona, what species would you assign me?" my answer to all of them is going to be draccoon.
Raccoon plus dragon. Perfect for getting all the shinies.

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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3069 0295 7312!

It looks like it's avalible with subs on Crunchyroll
And dubbed on FUNimation
I really wish FUNimation was still part of VRV.

Oh my goodness, there's an anime with a in it!!!
I need to see this anime now. I need to own this anime now.

Wow. How much a difference an hour can make. It's 5pm here in New York, and it's already dark. Weather app says sunset was 4:44pm today.

The ringing of the doorbell has started. I'm going to hide inside with the lights off, doing homework.

In doing all this networking homework, I have the urge that when I'm done, to take the OSI model, put it into a heavy box and drop it into the deepest part of the ocean.

2.12 Electronic Devices reads as follows:

"At Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Level during drafting, deck construction, and playing of matches, players may not use electronic devices capable of taking and storing notes, communicating with other people, or accessing the internet (with the exception of taking brief personal calls with the opponent's permission)."

now, i call a judge on myself.

acting as you, i have violated the device policy. you receive a game loss.

i use Mindslaver to gain control of your turn

i may now perform any action allowed under the magic the gathering ruleset as you

100.6b says the following:

"Players can use the Magic Store & Event Locator at to find tournaments in their area."

i do this, using your phone

I did some more calling around, and have a intake appointment for therapy on Friday. Nervous.
I've not had the best of experiences with therapists.

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

Had a followup with my urologist today. They may have found a medical reason for me to have an orchiectomy. Will have to pursue this avenue.
Will be easier than gatekeeping.
I'm having a really really hard time finding a therapist out here, which is required for any surgery.

Does anyone know of any good pokemon fanfics? Doubly ones that have transformation?

I think I just figured it out! My gender is

segmentation fault (core dumped)
~ $

The reason there are no red foxes in South America is that the first Red Fox went down, saw a maned wolf, and ran back as fast as they could to warn everyone of the land of giants.

Now a days I treat it more as a nickname, although it is my legal middle name.
Granted, there are some that call me Nikki, which I am okay with.
Names are complicated.

From birbsite:
Back when I was just joining the fandom, I started to make a bunch of OCs jokingly named after camera brands. Canon Fox, Minolta Mouse, Yashica Red Panda, etc. And well Nikon Raccoon was the one that stuck with me, and became who I am online.
It also helped that playing as Nikon early on, made me realize I was trans.
I found I'm not a multi OC person.


abusing being an animate stuffed animal to ace the youtube tide pod challenge

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