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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3069 0295 7312!

@rey By the way, I signed up for Medicaid today, and I asked what I do before the Marketplace insurance kicks in. It seems they bill medicaid directly. I know you were asking the other day.

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Oh my... I just saw two scary words that I have not seen in 11 years.

Heat Index.

I'm going to hide inside, in a dark room with lots of fans.

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I can't believe a manga actually had a good take on gender shit for once?

Finally! After a month and a half I have a bed!
(been sleeping in my partners beds)

Feel a bit more moved in.

Sorry for the deleted posts, had some issues with my posting app.

Been wanting to play #PokemonGo, but since I moved there has been a lack of stops and gyms near me. A way to request more stops from Niantic would be nice.

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gendered clothing in children Show more

This is me. Mew.

Help. Bed gravity has me unable to get out of bed.
And my partner wants to make pastrami burgers.

when you hear your partner who's gonna be DMing tomorrow let out a rip of evil laughter after saying "tomorrow will be interesting"

I think you should be scared ._.

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