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Nikon Raccoon

Wait, a summons to Stormwind? More quests?! NOOOO!!!!

Finally! It took a month, but I finally defeated Argus and finished !

human twitter is _wild_

did you know they're not even furries???

Can we please stop that steamed hams meme? It invaded my dreams last night.

Decided to check out the local thrift store on the way home, and found a copy of office 95 pro.
Cc: @lazygamereviews

I really like the Utah DMV. Was in and out in about three minutes.
As soon as I got a number, the system called it, and just handed over emission certificate, paid, and new sticker.
I've gone on busy days, and that takes no more than 20 minutes.

Darn it. I forgot to tap off the @RideUTA bus. Hopefully I can get on the next bus.

Meep! *hugs a @bug @bugQ tight.* Thank you.

For being a "secure" messenger, it is one hot mess. Again, no password by default. Had to turn off settings that allowed anyone to call me, see when I was last on, and add me to group chats. Oh boy...

Against my better judgment, I signed up for telegram. I'm nikonraccoon on there.
Within a minute, I had already been contacted.
Also the app really complains that I will not give it access to make phone calls or access my contacts.
Didn't have a password by default.

Finally! I get to go home. I will thud when I get there.

Help... I'm stuck at work cleaning the most gunked up computer I have ever seen. And it's not viruses, but tons of AVs and system optimizers. I was supposed to go home at 5am, it is 9am now. And I started work at 8pm... I am dead...

Tonight I did the wow weekly challenge. This week was timewalking BC. Since the new patch came down, they ramped the difficulty up to 13. It was not fun. It reminded me of doing dungeons during Cata, with lots of planning, and taking a while.
Afterwards we did a normal Legion Heroic dungeon, and it felt like a breeze in comparison.
I think Blizzard needs to work on the game balance after 7.3.5.

Can someone please turn me into an android draccoon? I don't want a digestive system anymore. Ow...

Ouch, injuries. Show more

Ouch. Just slipped on some ice in the parking lot and fell on my tail and right paw. Ended up soaking wet, and in pain. Really California dreaming on this winter day.

No email this morning... Wait, my home server is down!... Hurry back home, the server is off. Boot it... check the logs: "7:06am : Power key pressed". My threat model is a 2yo kid. 😣

Oh dear dog, they stumbled on a midnight howl, and mixed in with the costume shop suits are some real ones. They got actual furries in this movie.