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Nikon Raccoon

"It's ok," said the kobold soothingly. The dragon cried harder into the kobold's lap, its tears flooding the chair. The kobold simply caressed and patted the dragon as best it could. "We'll get your board back."

A kobold dragon mother druid who follows adventurers and rescues dragon eggs of fallen dragons and raises them. It's been bouncing in my head for a week now

Sorry, fourth time. But still... Earlier tonight we had someone who had done 27,000 of them trying to get the mount.

Got my first 110 in , a druid. Now for the months of grinding endgame. Daily quests, so many dailies...

I'm very tired of feeling worthless. But in many regards I am. I feel like I should be erased so that my resources can go to someone more deserving of it.

Bubble Island has a cute anteater when you get to the Rio stage.

Reading about people getting away from toxic friends makes me realize I'm that toxic friend. Sorry.

Having some minor phone issues today. I can't get Bluetooth to turn on. I think I may have to reset the phone to fix.

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Well, darn it, AIM (and most likely ICQ) is going away at the end of the month. Yet another way to contact folks vanishing. That means all I'll have left on pidgin is google talk on jabber.
Maybe I need to bite the bullet and join the security nightmare that is telegram, or figure out how to use facebook messenger.

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I really would love to be able to sleep. Been trying for three hours now.

And I look at social media, and it seems the police are committing war crimes again. Merf. Why does this world have to suck so much?

Finished watching Little Witch Academia. I cried. Is so very good. Seriously go watch it. Remember believing in yourself is your magic.

I think I need to add to my description, "confused by memes."

What the eff is Elf on a Shelf and why is everyone telling me to get ready? *twitches.*

And I have seen . When I was in Japan in 94-95, the base cable network had channels from an Asian British expat network which showed it.

So, has a new series, and there's a furry team. How can I watch this in the US?