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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3069 0295 7312!

Never got a pill shaped like this before.

Just double checked that I was still registered to .
Folks in , you have till Oct 9th to do mail in registration, and Oct 30th for in person registration.

@monorail two mew, one whom green, one whom blue

it rhymed

check out glaceon dot social we got

- two mew
- (not mewtwo)

Oh, I also have a new phone thanks to @foxwitch and a buy on get one free deal. So far, so good. Liking the Galaxy S9. And it's blue.

Decided to try a different font on my phone.

Deleting that request for help. I"m getting flooded with requests.

Can't sleep, so catching up on timelines.

@Nikon It's a fleeting state, won for precious few moments between months or years of despair and "new message waiting" indicators.

"mastodon was down"

nah y'all, was down! other mastodon instances were fine!

consider getting accounts on smaller instances and so we can have a network of nice little communities. mastodon works best when moderation is distributed among many instances!

Can we start a movement where at every store, everu fast food place, if they have a "how did we do" type Web page, or a customer suggestions box, we just ask "why do the workers not have chairs?"

Made and alt mastodon account at @shinymew
Will mostly be talking about Pokemon there. Maybe slight role play.

So, I'm filling out a form for my Intro to Linux class and got this fun error.

I did also take @foxiepaws up a couple miles into Idaho, just so they can say they have been. Stopped into the first store and got an Idaho Spud candy bar. (Yes the state has its own candy bar. ) Was very tasty.

After pizza headed up Logan Canyon and to Bear Lake.
The canyon was a joy to drive. I will have to go back in a car that can actually corner, and not a Crown Vic Police Interceptor.
Bear lake is huge and pretty. Will have to go on a day when the entire west coast is not on fire.

Went to Zootah in Logan, saw foxes, a raccoon, and a coyote.
Am now at a Fox's Pizza Den for food.

Federated is world chat and Local is your guild, got it

NEW USERS! Feel like is too busy? You can sign up on another instance and still communicate freely with everyone here and elsewhere. is a good curated list of instances with short summaries of what they're all about, has a "wizard" to help you pick a place from a nice big list of options.

A lot of smaller instances have closed registrations to prevent spam, but users there may be able to send invites if you have friends!

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