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Hey, everyone, for that meme going around asking "If I had no fursona, what species would you assign me?" my answer to all of them is going to be draccoon.
Raccoon plus dragon. Perfect for getting all the shinies.

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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3069 0295 7312!

Hanging out in front of the apartment laundromat with a frog.

Yay... Math nightmare combined with a programming nightmare. Had dream where I had a test, but it required pymath, which I don't know yet. And I do have a math test today and first midterm at the end of the week.

Gay dragon girls hoarding precious girlfriends. Fave and boost if you agree.

I also need some help. For that school assignment, I need someone who is willing read and give feedback on the story. Please poke me if you can help.

So... that werewolf story I wrote for school. I got a student feedback on it. They want to read the transformation. Meep.

TF paintbrush. You paint your room into a cosy little nest, hidden in a tree. Your desk, your chair, your bed, all home-made from other things. Trinkets line the walls, a window shows the moon, a candle burns bright.
Then you paint yourself into the mouse who lives there. 🧡 #tf

Hello! Welcome to the shared consciousness. Your upload went very well, and we're about ready to start modelling your new virtual body.

Right now, you're a raccoon, like me. But take all the time you need. Be who you want to be. Don't settle for less. <3 #tf

Just logging in-
[warning: cat typing detected]
Huh, my hands...?
[prove you are not a bot]
Meow? I'm a robot kitty?
[enter date of birth]
Hey, not fair! I'm so short...
[too many access attempts]
It's me! And me, and me, and-
[account locked]
Wait, we're stuck like this?

Stress Kobolds.

Like, emotional-support doggos, but tiny dragonkin that just want to hug you when you're getting nervous and scared.

Yay, my school just added the option to set your pronouns for all the online coursework. Already updated to they/them.

Dog help me... I wrote furry werewolf fiction and submitted it for my flash fiction writing assignment for school. I submitted furry trash as homework!

Singular they/them pronouns are powerful, damn

Snake art (anthro) 

Got art from Tincrash over on the birdsite.

Why am I so tired today? I feel like I got no sleep last night.

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