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Boss: now I know this is going to be a lot of hard work requiring a lot of unpaid overtime and you may suffer but go big or go home am I right?
Me: hell yeah!! *Goes home immediately*

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Me: "this is my wife"
Wife, smiling serenely, slightly intimidating due to the intensity of her stare, but approachable: "Hello. It's a pleasure."
Me: "And this is my EX wife"
The exact same woman but now with a black flaming aura around her, with a quiet, piercing glare, as a unique boss theme plays: "you think yourself prepared...? Pathetic..."

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the existence of radiohead implies the existence of videohead, which in turn implies that videohead killed radiohead, and got away scott free with the murder, and nobody even suspects them
in this essay i will - *is dragged off stage by mysterious black suited men*

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog 

the european one will run at 50hz, and the american one at 60hz.

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Don't mind me, I'm just relaxing here for a while ^^

Art drawn by Azshara kletete (

#furry #furryart

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Here's a list of things that can just go the fuck away for the sake of people with reading-based disabilities:

- Obnoxiously large starting letters to texts that are very off-set. (Personally, I don't have an issue with a difference of 3-4 font sizes for people wanting to do things for style, but it has to look connected. This is just trash that makes it hard to read every line next to it.)

- We're working in an online medium, we don't need hyphens to indicate word continuation. For fuck's sake, we don't need it in a physical text unless someone's using a typewriter. There was a reason it started, and computers *don't need to do it*. It's more taxing to try to recognise the two halves as *one word*.

- Quotes of what comes later in the text. Full stop. But especially if it's creating two columns of text (try, please, I beg of everyone, to stick to ONE COLUMN for main texts, even if you change locations of where it is -- you can have two columns if our paper can be successfully folded between them to create one column for those of us who need it). It also doesn't matter if they're two different font sizes/styles/colours. It's still visually disruptive.

You can just stop doing these. It's fine. Find more legible ways of being creative that care for everyone, including disabled people.

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Hey, I'll be ending my 'tracheal shave funding page' soon, so wanted to link to it one last time. :blobhalo:


If you've ever downloaded any of my free papertoys and wanted a way to say thank you, feel free to help me go from Adam's Apple to Alex's Applen't 😊

It's not life or death & I'll be just fine either way, so no pressure or stress.

Link to donate :

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PSA For Anyone On Meds:

Baja Blast contains grapefruit! Do not drink it! Grapefruit de-activates a wide variety of medications!

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Still me, sorry.

My MS is still flaring, it's improving slowly, but I'm still not really at a point where i can take care of myself properly.

I'm still struggling to cook and feed myself. I'm trying to eat a cold can of beans a day or something similar just to help fill me up. But I need to eat proper nutritious meals to help me get well, and that's beyond my very limited budget.

So I'm here again asking for help (still) I wish I didn't need to do this.

I need help to get me through this ongoing rough patch that I really hope is beginning to get better. Please help me keep going if you can.

Any boosts are super appreciated friends.

Thank you ❤️

#MutualAid #Help #Trans #Survival #Food

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These signs arrived at work today to go out to a job.

They were not proofed prior to production.

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In response to FL Gov. Ron DeSantis’s actions to limit the teaching of Black history in the state’s public schools, Chicago-based publisher Haymarket Books is offering multiple e-books by progressive Black authors for students to download free of charge. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackMastodon

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"When All You Have is a Hammer": Life sim game about a Hammer Bro. who gets sucked through a portal to a Brooklyn apartment and has to become a plumber

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Hey can I ask you folks a favour please? I'm trying to fundraise to get an Apple //c to a buddy in Italy to learn about the fundamentals of computing, could you kick a few bucks towards it please?

And please boost!

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i did it, i've made a xenia the trans linux fox winamp skin, because i wanted to

i made this primarily for me to use in webamp, but it should work just fine in winamp 2.9 (though the file picker might look weird). this also works in "qmmp", which supports winamp skins!


#art #oc #furry #xenia

Nolan North implies the existence of Solan South

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Looking to move away from GitHub, advice welcome 

Hosting my #Git repos on GitHub is feeling increasingly icky because of the way Microsoft is scraping and reusing user code without consent, violating free software licenses in the process. I don't have code worth a shit hosted with them and don't care about the open GitHub Pages repo which I'm using as a quote-unquote free host of my static site. But I also have private repos of writing projects hosted with them and have no confidence at all that the privacy of this content will be respected.

So what are recommended alternatives for a use-case like mine? #Codeberg? Self-host? I don't need fancy actions or anything like that, just trustworthiness and integrity both morally and technically. I could probably self-host if it's just Mastodon- or wiki-levels of fiddly, at a much higher difficulty level (say: email hosting) I'm likely better off with an external host. An external host also has the advantage of not falling prey to my incompetence as a sysadmin, which is why I've held my nose and used GitHub all this time lol.

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Haymarket Books have a Black History Month book bundle -

Three ebooks free to download -

And 40% OFF Haymarket Books for Black Liberation until the end of Feb.

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A client has a few MO Disks that they want to pull the data from for a time sensitive sentimental reason. I don’t have a drive that can read them. Does anyone I know here have a TMT7-9100 USB drive? There are 6 disks in total - they’d probably pay to get the data.

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Nazi, NFTs, youtube link 

In what will be a surprise to no one but is still really fucking gross, those bored ape NFTs are full of nazi shit. *Full* of it.

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about this channel/person and haven't watched the video because 60 minutes of content about nfts *and* nazis sounds like absolute hell, but it's a deep dive on the bored ape/nazi link.)(

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oi pals! if your steam login has your deadname on it, just ask steam support to change it and they'll do that!
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