Actually, I'll just keep it in C and avoid all of the effort of rewriting everything, and just refactor that to do what I want it to do.

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Though, I'm already starting to wish I tried writing this rewrite in Python instead, since I keep looking up how to do stuff, and you do so much stuff manually, usually with it looking really weird.

But I want it to work without downloading and setting up any external stuff, which HexChat's Python plugin does.

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I'm so glad I moved away from trying to write *everything* in C because there are a lot of tasks that I don't think it's a good fit for. Or where I don't need that performance in the first place.

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Starting to rewrite in Lua. In the rewrite I want to make sure I have the same features whether I'm using the account's actual character or puppets.

I wish I liked sci-fi because then I could participate in a lot of what's still around

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I wonder if Second Life has any active roleplay areas in 2021 that aren't sex and aren't sci-fi, or if that's another thing I missed out on. I'm looking through what I can find in the search and it's not very encouraging.

SL seems like something that actually might have worked for me since it's visual.

I saw some stores on Second Life that were actually for art commissions, where you request the commission and also pay for it within SL.

I wanna try, though everyone looks like they're underpricing. It's easy not to notice underpricing when it's in a different currency, and I think that happened with DeviantArt points?

I wanna keep trying to get better at focusing and following along though. Finding ways to keep stimulated that don't distract should help a ton, and I've got some fidget toys arriving soon.

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Trying to keep track of what's going on in meetings better by writing notes as they happen, but that's not working very well.

I can't write as fast as people talk, and if I'm thinking about what I'm writing it's hard to also think about what I'm hearing.

Google Meet's automatic captions help a bit, though it doesn't work too well on some peoples' voices.

Still not letting go of the idea to make MLP character that's from one generation finding themselves in the world of another. I especially want to see a MLP Tales pony get introduced to the existence of pegasi and unicorns and just how magical the Friendship is Magic world is.

I hope Nova eventually becomes a well known indie platformer character. One of my dreams is seeing her in fanart with other platformer characters, though I should just commission that hehe.

Though I should also recognize that I'm deliberately making everything for a specific, limited audience.

Started looking into getting a Game Boy Advance SP, but I think I talked myself out of that, since anything I'd want to use it for I can do better with something I've already got.

Since Maffi's ears click when pressed, and since she's supposed to be neurodiverse in the same way I am (since she's my fursona) I'm imagining she probably clicks her own ear a bunch

Hopefully this will let me satisfy the part of me that wishes I had a Pokémon Mini and a flashcart for it. The screen is the same resolution (though in color) and it's tiny like the Pokémon Mini is.

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Ordered a PocketSprite with the intention of trying to develop stuff for it. Maybe being able to write C will get me to actually do stuff.

I really wanna get some electronics components and build stuff, but I also feel wary about trying to start more projects.

But if I did... I'm still disappointed that the PS/2 --> SNES project I saw ages ago was never finished and I wanna have my own go at it. I wanna write NES (via SNES-->NES adapter I already have) and SNES stuff that uses a keyboard, and I wanna play with a better mouse.

I can get a SNES connector from a SNES controller cable extender without harming actual controllers. still eyeing this huge controller support update and feeling tempted to get a PS5 controller so I can play with reading the sensors on it

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