This song from a "The N" flash game stuck in my head for probably like 15 years before I finally managed to find it, and that feels like a big relief. It's really catchy.

I've redesigned my take on "a bunicorn character" several times but I think I've hit on a winner here. Went for a mint-y color scheme and barely fit everything in the SNES 15 color limit. I think her name is Twinkle.

Playing with the copy abilities in Nova 2 some more - thinking about what exactly each ability's moves should be, and starting to factor in that "Down,Up+Attack" can be another attack variant.

So far we've got fast missiles, and the ability to launch a fishing rod directly up which will help for grabbing onto things and swinging from them.

I've been project-hopping a whole lot lately, but as long I'm having fun and the important stuff is moving forward (at whatever speed it's moving at) I'm sure that's fine.

Back in the day on IRC when someone mentioned they were using IRC while driving, my catchy slogan for that was "/Quit It or Ticket"

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I watched The Fight for the Fox Box out of curiosity and wow that's even more of an advertisement than regular kids' shows

Flex Seal memes are appropriate when you're valgrind-ing a project and fixing memory leaks, right


Decided to try another flavor of Toaster Strudel and I'd been on "Cream Cheese & Strawberry" for so long that cherry was an unexpected experience at first

Particles make blowing things up really enjoyable. I love that the SNES's sprite limits are high enough that I can put in pretty much all the particles I'd ever want.

I think I'm gonna dive back into working on Nova 2 as my primary thing again and just put my side projects on the side. I've been away from it for far too long and it brings me a lot of joy.

I think I wanna get more art of Rosy Sky as a pony but I will have to decide if her tail should be fox-ish or not. Both of those options have good reasons to go for them. Any thoughts?

Working from home (-) 

I'm *really* struggling with working from home and I don't know what to do about it. I went from enjoying work to totally dreading it, and I can't focus on what I'm supposed to do anymore. I also can't pay attention when people explain things so I don't know what's going on either. I'm always worried that my WFH-induced poor performance is going to mess up job stuff when I'm perfectly fine in normal circumstances. Reminder that today Nova the Squirrel 1 is going to be part of GDQ! I'm going to be commentating it too. here's a copy of it Twitter-side, then! Blue indicates values being read, red indicates values being written.

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Not managing to get a gif uploaded, but I have successfully gotten it to update the two-screen level cache as it scrolls! Now I've just gotta actually port/implement the rest of the platformer stuff.

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Tomorrow I'll see if "flavored with meat" pasta sauce helps make pasta less bland. I remember being fine with normal sauce in the past though so maybe the actual problem is the "shaped like cars and planes and stuff" noodles I've been trying. Maybe they have a good way to use them.

My NES side project can display the test level now! It's decompressing the level into CHR RAM, then copying two screens of that into a cache, then drawing from it.

The harder part is going to be updating that cache as the game scrolls, but it should be fine.


Hmmm I think I'm gonna stop getting "fun" shaped pasta, since as fun as the shapes are, the texture really suffers. Shells on the other hand... those are great.

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