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It'll definitely be prominent that it's a SNES game but I like the idea of doing something different from NES games that have Kickstarter campaigns where they're all like "wow!!! a brand new NES game!!!"

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Imagining like, a game trailer for Nova 2 that has logos for different platforms at the end, and it's just got "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" really casually next to Windows and Linux without otherwise making a big deal out of it haha.

Tried making Nova a little bit more neon, which is subtle but I think it helps her stand out better even against green backgrounds. May also try varying the dress color a bit, or try something else as the default.

Decided to play around with HDMA, and the gradient and parallax makes the simple background look cooler for sure. I found out I actually had a lot of the infrastructure already set up for per-background effects, so that was less work for me.

After trying and failing to get a 68000 core working on my FPGA board, I managed to get a 65c02 working and running a simple program.

I'm not sure what I want to do from here, but I could make a simple BASIC machine, and get some text displaying through VGA and hook up a PS/2 keyboard. The bigger goals will have to wait until I have enough figured out to make something bigger.

Nova Storm boosted I've got my SNES simple game creation tool to the point where you can start to do actual game logic. It's definitely got a whole lot to go though and many features are missing.

I need to commit to some sort of exercise to replace what I got from biking to/from work every day.

Sometimes FPGA stuff is really intimidating due to just how much work goes into everything, and it's hard to share something you've made.

But I still wanna make cool things.

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I got everything set up so I can compile and run FPGA projects, so I'm playing with generating VGA signals because it's a lot cooler than blinking an LED. Here I'm using dithering to bring it from 16 values per color channel up to 31.

I wish asking if someone roleplayed wasn't a socially unacceptable weird thing, because I honestly don't know how you're supposed to find people. I just know F-List isn't it.

I liked the Animal Crossing birthday event a lot and it touched my feelings even though it's all fake friendships

Today I learned that squirrels can survive falls from any height, so in giving Nova a lack of fall damage as part of her being a platformer character, I actually unintentionally made her more realistic to how squirrels actually are. The Nintendo DS gets to claim its graphics hardware contains a "toon table," which is a great name

I went on a bike ride with some coworkers and it was really enjoyable to see them again. A bike ride is a good way to be involved in something while staying a safe distance away from each other.


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