Ice is currently slowly drifting across the river in little plates and collecting where you can watch from a bridge

I wish toon furs were more common. I think I actually only know one?

I kinda want to experience a party, but since I don't get invited to those I'd have to throw my own. That sounds tricky to find people for, and inviting people into my house sounds a bit spooky unless I know them well.



I kind of want to add an IRC gateway to my online hangout thing (Tilemap Town). You'd obviously be missing out on a lot of the features but maybe it'd be useful to be able to at least private message people. Like the role Furcadia Pounce serves?

I've been thinking about running my own IRC server again but feel like it'd be silly when I'm already bringing back something else, but I could probably do both.

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The food here was great, but it's loud as fuck because Ryu, Hatsune Miku, Superman, and Peter Griffin kept beating the shit out of each other on stage. 3/5

I do have some friends that will chat with me about my niche worldbuilding/storytelling interests (very meta stuff, crossovers, game mechanics, multiverse stuff), but I kinda wish that group would overlap with the group that's into roleplay. It'd be nice to do some collaborative storytelling that lines up more with what I'm into.

Maybe if I wait long enough :p


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I love being a squirrel, but I think if I weren't a squirrel I would be a bunny

Pet death 

Pet death 

Finally worked up the courage to put pronouns in my Twitter bio. Hopefully any worries I had about it creating uncomfortable or unsafe irl interactions are unfounded.


I added some smoke trails. I'm glad the SNES has so many sprites that I can do this sorta stuff and use as many particles as I want

Some of the copy abilities I'm really excited about in Nova the Squirrel 2 are the remote control ones. Here is a remote control missile I implemented tonight. It's not shown here but you can still jump while it's flying, so you're not completely defenseless.

There was a similar fireworks ability in the previous game which was barely used, which is a shame, but I think this is a better execution of that idea.

DandelionLambs also drew this avatar for me in a separate commission! I might use it as my avatar in a few places, like here?

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