I wanna try and get more art of Rosy Sky and figure out a design for her that just feels *right* like Nova and Maffi have. Maybe it's time to revisit her pixel art reference and explore.

At this point I've got enough characters (and enough thought put into them) that when I have a worldbuilding question to answer, I can come up with an answer quick-ish, or someone will come to mind

I went and translated the script I was using to convert levels in Nova the Squirrel 1 from the editor's format to the game's format, so now it can run on its own as a Python script rather than a script embedded in the editor itself.

That means no one needs the old version of the level editor that still has scripting anymore. I hope to write a tutorial or something for level editing later.

I like that I don't feel an expectation to maintain a consistent identity on Telegram, and I can just, go ahead and interact as Maffi when that's how I'm feeling

youtube.com/watch?v=QTbyjXUG3m here's over an hour of me playing Wario's Woods to test my video capture hardware

I think with having to work from home for a long time, my need to feel like part of some community is coming back

Getting close to actually having a complete third level for my game after a whole year of development haha

Tried mocking up a new type of platform that should look more sturdy than what I'd been doing before, and that can actually hang off the edge of things without looking off.

I've had Gwonam in my contacts all the way back when I had an Archos 43 Android media player, and it's followed me to every Android device afterwards

I've been slowly working on a C# WinForms version of my Princess Edit program, that serves as the level editor for most of my platformers. It's mostly for practice but also it should let me provide a slightly friendlier interface than I'd be able to provide in the SDL2 version without a lot of effort.

I think it really will end up the case where almost all of the characters in my game are girls, but that's completely fine. I did go check out of curiosity what the ratio was like in the previous game and it was pretty much the opposite, too.

I don't know how accurate it is, but I get the impression that other types of LGBT+ identities have their own strong communities and it feels like people around me don't have trouble finding other people like them.

But being a furry that's also ace can feel alienating. It's always very special when I meet someone else though, and when things really click it's always really great to have someone who understands me.

I wish it were easier to find and connect with other asexual people

Playing around with touching up Nova's own sprite a bit. I think I'm liking the changes, but I've gotta be sure this is how I want it to look for now before I go and put in the effort of updating the animation frames.

Fixes her hair being short, at least.

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yeah ok i went ahead and turned that post into a comic

I want to be the cutest platformer mascot in the world

Playing around with drawing some cute dialog portraits for my game. I learned that ears are very important for expressing emotion, and also that Telegram sticker packs are good for inspiration.

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