Someone built racist stuff on my online game/hangout (Tilemap Town) and I restored the database from a backup, but that has me thinking that maybe it's just a bad idea to have an unmoderated social space.

At the very least I should implement monitoring tools. I don't want to make it invite-only because it seems like the Internet has a big problem with good communities for things being hidden away and needing connections. But I can also see why because having something public can be tough.

We actually got snow that didn't go away the very next day

I wanna find more stuff I can play on my GBA SP because I just adore it

Though, I've never played Amazing Mirror for more than a few minutes, so that should be high on my list...

Second Life being mostly empty now, while not ideal, does create a nice situation where I can show up somewhere now and then and people will recognize me

A lot of Nova the Squirrel 1 was made with the idea that if it was the only cart you had then you could still do a lot with it. So there's a big long game, but there's also two multiplayer minigames, plus a drawing easter egg if you plug in a mouse, and now this too.

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At one point people talked on the nesdev forums about a serial bootloader that used the second controller port, and I don't think anyone actually put one into a game? I found code for an implementation at and made it so you can launch it by putting a code in at the title screen of Nova 1.

I also put put in a hex editor, also accessible via code, and put a bunch of useful routines in a fixed place, Commodore KERNAL style.

I doubt anyone will use any of this but it's neat

Getting to be part of a friend's thing that's decades old is such a double edged sword because it's cool to finally be involved, but it really sucks to be a new person in something with that much history

I kinda want a Game Gear, but that's one of the few consoles where I actually would want to mod it due to the battery life. And then there's the fact that I can just emulate those games on something more portable...

I wanna see Penny from WarioWare drawn as a mouse

Whenever anyone gives me gift cards I just kinda forget about them and then the inactivity fees drain all of the balance


I was gonna go get a walk-in booster today and had a lot of anxiety leading up to it... and then it turns out the place my cousin got a walk-in booster a few weeks ago is no longer doing them, and it was past the window that other places were doing them

So that sucks and really discourages me from trying at all since getting shots is such a big problem or me but I guess I'll have to force myself to try and get it another time - ideally soon

Usually it's a lot harder for me to get invested in human characters than furry ones but evidently I love the WarioWare cast

Minecraft is probably the virtual hangout (that actually has people) that I wanted all along. I still wish I got to see Second Life when it was more lively though.

Here's an amazing picture of Sherbet by ! I really love how it came out and the background is so detailed and pretty.

I've had a lot of people wanting to hire me to do paid projects over the years and I always feel bad declining all of them. Having one job sucks, I dunno why someone would willingly go for two.

Plus I don't think most of the people who ask could afford anything that would actually be a fair price for my skills.

It kinda feels like VR holds back the experience for people who don't want to do that and that sucks

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I wonder if there's a Second Life-like thing out there that has text chat and isn't associated with cryptocurrency, or if just dealing with SL being empty and hard to bring people onto is still my best option


Gonna try to get my booster this weekend... I'm gonna try to see if I can beat a game in the 15 minute waiting period they make you do. Last time with Tetris Blast's Fight Mode I got to the last boss and just barely missed it. Maybe I should try again but actually practice this time

I guess I could cheese it by playing "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" for Game Boy Color but that feels too easy

My roommates are gone on a trip so my cat keeps wanting onto my lap, proceeding to climb all over me. And then she gets bored and hops away, sitting somewhere else before deciding she wants to be on my lap once again.

Went back and updated a Nova 2 scientist/inventor character and I added a lab coat because Penny has one. And wow it makes a huge difference. Her name is Sophie.

I've kinda got a trio between her (engineering stuff), Maffi (software), and Cathy (electronics work) - I imagine they collab on some stuff.

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