I should get more canvas printed of my commissions... there needs to be more Sherbet and Rosy art at the very least. The only problem is I don't have infinite wall space... yet

Continually surprised that my IRC channel from 2008/2009 is still there

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In roleplay news I guess Nova is going to get to try to deliberately destroy capitalism by sharing the joys of post-scarcity life. But that's going to have to be a wider scale thing than just being public about having a gold farm.

Jokes aside I'm really enjoying using Godot as a prototyping tool, and using it this way will better prepare me for when I want to actually make a game in it

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I wanna make i.redd.it/7kgfl8hq7o061.png into some sort of boss battle where Shulk can't help but open the shulker box to reveal his head and shout about he's really feeling it, and that's when you can attack.

Looking at pencil sharpeners at the store and being tempted because of translucent green plastic despite the fact that I basically never use pencils and also have an electric sharpener

Went and got nelward's whole discography because I really like his music. I'm actually liking lyrical music more in general lately, and I like how silly his stuff is (while often still having a lot of meaning to it).

Finally getting to do a story in which Rosy Sky gets to help someone and play out her Care Bear side! Including using plushification as a form of therapy, which I've always had in mind for her.

I'm sure if I want to change my mind and retcon something later that'll be ok, and people probably aren't really keeping track of details and caring about them being consistent forever anyway.

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It's tricky to do storytelling where you're simultaneously developing stuff at two ends of a timeline, but it's probably ok when you're more lax about how the "present day" stuff should map to the old stuff?

When I introduce a new character I think about if they should've been introduced retroactively, or if I should introduce them "now" or whatever, and I don't want to limit myself later.

Putting out summer/tropical decorations genuinely does seem to make me feel good, for some reason

I should try and come up with some sort of story mechanism to have characters turn into the Care Bear versions I had designed for most of them. Though it may just be as simple as an effect Rosy Sky can put in place for her allies, as like a support effect? She's a support effect kind of person overall.

Getting a lot of phone calls from numbers that I don't recognize and I'm ignoring all of them. Hopefully this works out ok, I guess if it were important they would leave a voicemail or text me.

With how long I'm waiting for it I'm going to be disappointed if the FunKey S is as uncomfortable as the PocketSprite haha

I wanna use my beaver taur for more stuff again

I need to actually stream and introduce people to obscure games so I can make weird jokes like "Cutie Mark Crusader of Centy"

I need to put art of Sherbet and Rosy on the wall, since I have Nova and Maffi to glance at

I guess Nova works ok as a pony too - I think the scarf helps fill in design stuff that the white underneath previously helped with, if that makes sense?

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