I love how many squirrels there are outside lately!

Did a very lazy walk animation for my Mode 7 gameplay so I can have a better placeholder than I was using before. Thankfully Maffi's sprite is small enough compared to the map tiles that she's not really obstructing much.

Dying is implemented, as well as checkpoints, though both of those things need a lot more polish. I might replace the graphic with something else like a flag, though it needs to be intuitive. In the previous game it wasn't clear that the rotating stars were checkpoints.


I drew a bigger picture of my cute pink fox character, that's more suitable to serve as a reference because I want to try and get some art of her.

Work (-) 

I designed a deer character and I used darker colors than I typically do. I think it turned out nice.

Who are some artists (that are currently open for commissions) that have experience drawing taurs? There are a few things I'd really like to have drawn but I have no idea who to commission.


With MLP: FiM over I've heard a lot of friends reflecting on its communities being a big life-changing experience, and I suppose it's easy to forget about the furry fandom being much the same thing for me. It's a huge part of my identity, helped me explore gender and sexuality, and I think like 95% of my friends are all furries.

I'm getting attached to all the characters I'm doodling up for my game and now I want to get many of them drawn. I just hope people are fine with pixel art references if I pursue that.

I think that making Maffi gave me more courage to really develop out Nova more as a character, since she doesn't have to have the full weight of representing me.

I like that, because I can play out being "Nova" without it just being mostly the same as me but with a different appearance.

I feel like I want to be involved in more taur stuff (art and otherwise) which means I need to figure out who I'd be doing it as.

I do want to get some taur art of Nova but I feel like I should have a dedicated character for it and use her for it most of the time. I've got a beaver named Rebecca (drawn here by TravelerBun), and I have a fox named Sherbet who I created after I realized that beaver taurs are anatomy nightmares and basically unexplored.

Maybe Sherbet should be the default then.

My Tilemap Town project makes me happy because it provides a cozy place to socialize with
my friends, that __we__ built together and that provides a tiny bit more of an aspect of presence and being together than just text.

It also makes me feel like I'm playing the BYOND game it was based on again, that I really missed.

I'm gonna try and use my Mastodon account to just have fun and socialize, especially as my Twitter becomes more game dev focused.

I got a reference sheet drawn of Maffi by furaffinity.net/user/wicketrin ! I felt like this was definitely needed because that plug is kind of complex, especially if someone isn't too familiar with it.

After talking about it for ages I finally got some ace pride art.

Original tweet (and artist): twitter.com/Ledoomsay/status/1

Money (+) 

I added a bunch of tile types to Tilemap Town, including something that works better as a flagpole than I was using before. So now I have some good looking ace pride flags outside my house.

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