Thinking again about eventually wanting to make a small Game Boy game - sure, but it'll have to wait its turn and happen after other projects.

I still wanna make that Maffi cyberspace maze game and I still want to make a Wario's Woods clone. And in both cases I still want to do it on GBA first and then do a demake, because I'd want them on both platforms, and because I still want to avoid C on the Game Boy that means one console would be significantly harder to do iterative game design on.

New episode of Elements of Justice came out and it's really good, it takes the really complicated stuff that's gone on in the case so far and provides a whole lot of satisfying clarity to it

Early sneak peek:

From here I need to put in player graphics, clean it up more, add projectiles, etc.

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The company picnic thing wasn't great, there wasn't really anything to do, which meant sitting around, but the only places to sit were picnic tables, which are really uncomfortable.

End up playing Chiki's Chase, Puzzle League, MC Kids, and Bomb Chicken to pass the time. I also tried going on a trail but then I got lost and just turned around - I think wandering randomly on a trail is a different situation than wandering randomly in a city!


Going to an outdoor company picnic event anddd my ride wanted to eat at a restaurant on the way there for breakfast, which is setting off my anxiety. I'm sure I'll be ok but I'm starting to think I should actually reject invitations to things if they'll include stuff like that, even if it means missing out socially.

Attended another CutePencilCase stream and decided to get a potataur

Sherbet looks so cute and critter-y like this

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I also couldn't stop at just one so there's two more

These are by - according to my friend only two people were even making ace pride ones, and this was the better looking one

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One of my friends and I are each getting a bat plush with the same pattern, where I'm getting an ace pride one and she's getting a trans pride one. When we eventually meet we can have them meet

Excitedly checking on the Trello my plush commission is on and waiting eagerly for Sherbet's turn

I guess I shouldn't wait until my platformer example thing is all set to publish it online, I should just wait until it doesn't contain anything I don't want to license under a permissive license just yet

I'll probably eventually relicense the whole thing to zlib or MIT or something years down the line if my earlier NES stuff is any indication

Realizing I have tons of art I haven't uploaded to Toyhouse of my characters. I guess at the start I wanted to only upload the "best" art of each character, but at this point I don't care - if I like it, I should probably put it up

I noticed I'm really bad about asserting boundaries when people actually ask if they can overstep them

I'm going to try and work on that

Here's some art I got from today!

The last time I commissioned Maffi art from her was 2019 (my very first thing I ever commissioned from her!) and I wanted another.

She's also doing stream-exclusive "potato" commissions so I got one of Rosy Sky.

*easy to eat, rather

Most stuff I feel like I'd have to prepare to make palatable and carrots were just sitting there as something where I don't have to do that, but they weren't especially appealing.

But celery...

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Sometimes when I feel like I don't eat enough vegetables I'll go buy carrots because they're eat to eat, and I usually won't get through them.

So I bought celery, and I keep running out of celery and having to buy more. I have no idea how celery compares to other vegetable nutritionally but at least there is one vegetable I can eat a ton of.

I signed up to get notices about upcoming mail to my address and apparently that means I get photos of junk mail addressed to my roommates

Worth it though for being able to know about packages that I didn't get a tracking number for

Fortunately I didn't have to wait very long this time! They usually seem to come in the morning, near noon. Which is nice because then I can get on with my day.

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Wonder if they're just more likely to require signatures when the packages come from other countries - because otherwise it's basically never been required, even for expensive stuff like my Steam Deck

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I wish there was a better solution to packages that require signatures than just camping out by the door all day. Like if they could text me to say the vehicle is almost here, or give some sort of estimate about when it will arrive.

I want my squirrel character to have squirrel friends, but squirrels are uncommon enough that if you wanna find one used for rp (which is itself rare) it gets really tricky

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