Cleaning some of the clutter from my bedroom and it already feels quite a bit nicer to be in there. It's surprising how it actually makes a difference.

I have a cheap suncatcher of a cute fox design but I feel like I should wait until I get some good paint and an ok paintbrush before I try and paint it. The included stuff is probably not very good.

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My friend Mousebyte recently got a reference sheet of her fursona and finalized her design, so I drew pixel art of her!

Oh hey it's some fire enemy stuff ported from the previous game. I haven't given the fox anything yet, maybe it'll just follow you and shoot fireballs, because I could use that sort of thing.

I also think I may be having subpixel issues with the camera?

The weekend is here, which means I actually get to spend time with people in other timezones!

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That's the sort of thing I would absolutely love to roleplay but would absolutely run into trouble putting a group together due to meta stuff being unpopular (is it? Or did I just run into vocal people?) and just not knowing many people with characters designed for that sort of thing.

A friend (whose fursona is inspired by cartoon mice) got her reference sheet today and that's been setting off the part of me that LOVES crossovers and very meta stories.

I've been thinking about story concepts where characters from different mediums/genres are on a team together and use their respective tropes together.

Imagine a platformer character using their extreme agility, a cartoon character being indestructible and pulling props out of nowhere, an RPG character casting magic, etc.

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I like how even though I'm writing a real SNES game, my experience is completely different from what a 90s console game dev would have had. I don't have a real incentive to stick to smaller or slower ROM, and they definitely didn't have Git, Aseprite, newer algorithms, or really good emulators. I'm also sitting atop lots of game design improvements that have been had since then.

On the other hand I don't have access to Nintendo-provided resources or code, like their music engine.

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I was talking to a friend who was concerned about a character she was writing with a different identity than her own, and wanting to make sure she wasn't unintentionally writing them in a way that'd be hurtful.

I then realized I'd have absolutely no idea how to write someone who's not asexual, because I don't know what that kind of attraction feels like at all and people who aren't ace tend to confuse me. So I guess my stories will get to take place in a world where everyone is ace somehow haha

It makes me really happy when someone acknowledges Nova being a video game character on their own. Like it's central to who she is but doesn't come into play as often as I'd like, so it's great when it does!

Since I got a Game Boy flashcart for trying out my own Game Boy projects, I've also been visiting games I played long ago as well as ones I hadn't.

Kirby's Dreamland is neat; I only ever played Kirby Super Star's version of it before and it already distinctly feels like Kirby even without copying. It was a nice reminder that you can just design Game Boy platformers to be slower paced and deal with the screen resolution that way.

Though I think I will keep my own attempt fast and action-y.

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4. NES roms.
if you want hyper sentient dog scientists in the year 40,000 to be able to run your software, write it as an NES rom. trust me on this.

So that I can get some ability copying into my game, I've been doodling some (early?) fire enemy designs, mostly continuing stuff from the previous game but also added a fox I'll need to make behaviors for. Probably good to reuse enemies for some continuity.

I drew a bunch of decorative tiles to put in my levels. Take a look!

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