Here's a commission by of Nova as a Care Bear Cousin. Amusingly pudgier than when Rosy Sky was drawn as one. I love all the hearts worked into the design.

I'm not sure what YouTube's idea of Christmas music is, but I think I like it better than whatever actually gets played in stores when it's not even December yet.

I love that the actual traditional Christmas song in here is a high quality rip.

And on the sfw side, here's a commission of Delilah as a rubber toy, also drawn by her designer

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nsfw transformation art 

Here's a commission by of Nova as a cock for the artist's pony character, Delilah. It was actually difficult to figure out how to make everything look right with the shape I was going for.

I got this because I was recoloring things in pictures to green as a joke (because of all the udder TF art I have) and then I was like "wait a minute I actually want this".


I've been feeling pretty bad the past week or so, with some stomach pains and discomfort alongside several other worrying things.

I'm gonna try to get looked at today.

Another commission by - this one is of Nova hugging Minty from My Little Pony generation 3 while wearing socks, since Minty loves socks


Downside to designing a pony character on the assumption that there wasn't much of a roleplay community to fit into anymore (and just making what I want, instead of what would please other people) is that they're unusable in the pieces of community that still exist.

Joined a Discord server, read over some character rejections, realized there is no chance they would accept Sherbet, and left.

I guess the only option really is to write fanfiction instead.

I feel like communities have mostly been replaced with Discord servers and they're inherently hard to find unless you know someone. Not a huge fan of having to join and announce your presence to have a look around either.

What I should have done at Midair Pony Fair is make a pony that looks like Waldo and just stand in the huge crowds on the Pony Town event server

Though I really wish I could figure out where exactly to look, because I still really want to be involved more than I am.

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Oops I spent far too much on pony merch. Now to see if PayPal actually counts against my card's daily spending limit or not, and if it does then I guess I'll have to sort that out.

Getting all these plushes from and I love the names on them. is going on right now and it's cool that you can watch it within a special Pony Town server that has the stream on a huge screen in-world.

I'm glad that MLP is still a thing to some extent in 2021. Maybe it'll just stick around forever as long as you know where to look.

I fixed a bug involving negative numbers, and added an animation feature. Here's some rotation:

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I went and put a Mode 7 previewer online, after improving it a little:

It lets you write JavaScript code to calculate Mode 7 parameters as a function of the current scanline.

Lemme know if there's any anyway I could improve it. I can think of a few things that would be nice, like support for animation.

If you wanna have Nova, Maffi and Rosy Sky in Miitopia, my access key is 3969B4M.

I'm really enjoying being able to have pretty good renditions of my characters go on a silly adventure that I didn't have to create first, and watch them interact and become great friends.

I ran into them again and we actually chatted a bunch and got to know each other. Sometimes finding something small that connects you to someone else and helps you say hi is all you need for a friendship.

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A friend showed me a really good taur picture and I saw the artist actually did have commissions open, so I sent in a request and it was accepted and I'm super excited to see more Sherbet art.

I talk to two people named Millie basically every day, and I often have a reason to mention one to the other one, and for some reason "other Millie" feels like the least clunky way to handle that. That amuses me a lot.

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