Real professional Pony Town players use a dedicated Pony Town monitor so they can tab away into other windows while still seeing whenever anyone talks (because it sure is hard to follow what's going on from the chatlog alone)

Hit with another feeling of wanting to be involved in mlp stuff somehow, since I couldn't find a way to while the show was going but it's still something I really want to be part of. Probably especially related to roleplay? It's still happening a bunch around me, just not involving me yet, so I don't think it's too late.

I tried to draw ALDI's logo on a pumpkin to carve it and that didn't go very well, then I tried to carve Wario's face out of the pumpkin that already had a poorly drawn ALDI on it and *THAT* didn't go well either, so now I just have this horrifying pumpkin

At least a scary pumpkin is on-theme though?? Next year I'll just use a stencil

very nsfw transformation art 

I guess I never posted THIS either? I wanted to get a really lewd keychain TF pic where someone is ejaculating on a transformed Maffi, and I went with Rosy Sky especially because I want to have her portrayed with a rainbow dick and that sounded fun. And I usually use Rosy for this kind of thing anyway.

Art by

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transformation art 

Here's yet another picture of Rosy Sky having turned Maffi into a keychain, because I wanted one by someone who routinely draws transformation stuff. I love how it's so clear that Maffi is a 2D image here, and I love how Rosy looks in general.

Art by

I wasn't expecting anyone to show up but a lot of people did! And some of them gave me advice for stuff I could add (and one was surprised to find out that there's a cafeteria irl with a spiral slide). I'm really happy.

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First actually meaningful MUF script I wrote ended up being a random menu generator. Because I wanted it be a situation where you have no idea what you're going to find... just like the real version of the cafeteria I ripped off.

Source code:

From here it'd be cool to make some games or something to help encourage people to show up and facilitate social stuff.

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Someone else in the NES dev community was offering to give away tons of old datasheets and programming books from the 80s, so I took up that offer. And they put "Nova S. Quirrel" as my name which is just wonderful.

Gonna need to make a big list of foods so I can replicate the experience of not knowing what you're going to find at the cafeteria each day. And then I'll go write a MUF script to pull the current day, use it as a seed, and display today's items.

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Gonna try making my own in-character hangout on SpinDizzy (based on a cafeteria in Fort Wayne that I really like) and see if that can help fix the problems with discomfort due to violent content. Since I can tell people not to talk about something if it's my own space.

One of my friends is in Seattle for a bit and I told her to steal the Space Needle and bring it home so I can put it in my backyard. I'm not sure she will follow through.

Here's some CGA Marios from Yesterday. I wanna keep playing with CGA but I don't think I'd make a game with it just yet. But I do love the idea of making a game that will theoretically work on *every* PC, through all the backwards compatibility and emulation

Since any friends I make in my city move away within a few years (usually a few weeks/months) I'm worried that if I do eventually move away to be near friends it won't last. Most of the friends I make that turn out to be in the midwest in general either want to leave or are in the process of leaving too.

Is it just normal for adults to be constantly moving? Or maybe Indiana is just really undesirable.

Ended up just having my Pi download the episodes at whatever speed it can. But I put the episodes on in reverse order, so I guess I'll just wait until it's all done before I start watching them I suppose. Though I do have the movie...

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Sloooowly downloading MLP generation 1 because people aren't seeding it very much, and the direct links I'm trying don't work


I've been having trouble breathing lately and that makes it really hard to relax enough to fall asleep (because it makes me really worried), so I've been getting bad sleep lately. I'm not even sure if I'll manage to tonight. It's awful.

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It's really hard to sleep tonight, which isn't great because I have plans tomorrow. And then there's also work. I should probably take time off or something.

Turns I'm uninterested enough in Twinkle Wish Adventure to forget that it's actually a motorcycle for some reason, controlled without pedals

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One of the things I really like about MLP generation 3 is that the only transportation that seems to exist is hot air balloons. Oh and that one scooter in generation 3.5 but I'm going to ignore that.

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