It's still really cool to me that I am making an easy-to-implement protocol in addition to just a specific client and server, and it's fun to play with the benefits of that.

I think being really open is how online hangout spaces *should* be, really.

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It also sounds really helpful if I can make a desire to work on a cool new thing into an improvement for one of my existing projects, instead of starting a whole new thing. I have a problem with starting too many projects.

I could make it even more helpful and general by making a reusable library for Tilemap Town native clients, that takes care of handling TLS, websockets, JSON, BBCode, client-side scripting/effects, managing the map and user lists in response to protocol messages, etc.

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I deliberately try to keep Tilemap Town easy to make clients for (at least basic ones), and when I add features I try to take into account how hard it would be to implement those features client-side, and I factor in backwards compatibility and extensibility when I design the protocol

Of course I'd probably want to design some sort of actual capability negotiation system before I make any additional clients, and also feel like the protocol is mostly set because I'm still making breaking changes

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I was trying to think about what sorts of DS/3DS projects would be fun to work on and I realized it would be really cool to make a Tilemap Town client.

I think there's something about virtual worlds that make it appealing to explore around in them with a fun device, and I've enjoyed getting on Second Life and Pony Town with my phone, and I think this would be similar.

And "be fun to use on a device, even if I have my laptop with me" is probably one of the main things holding up DS projects.

I ordered the beads to make Rosy. I'll have tons of unused beads but I can make multiple Rosys for friends maybe.

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My DS flashcart seems a lot flimsier than all of my others (and needs to be reseated sometimes), but I did pay $6 for it so maybe it's not a huge surprise that it's not built as well as an Everdrive.


The weather is getting to the point again where I would probably go out without a coat, and if it stays like that to the weekend then it sounds great to go on another bike ride and visit that burger place I like. It was really cool to get to go out to eat while feeling completely safe.

I recently got a DS flashcart again, and I've been trying lots of different programs, and it's been fun and nostalgic to look back at some I played with as a teen.

I didn't have a phone, and I often didn't have access to a computer for awhile, so DS homebrew played a whole lot of roles for me. And in that situation there were a lot of programs I wanted that didn't really exist, but I didn't have the programming skill yet.

Nowadays... I'm almost always home, except a few hours every few weeks.

Tried adding some depth in a very simple way and I think it looks much better! I tried making the community center into an actual dome but that's probably above my current skill level with this, so this might have to do.

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Sometimes it's difficult not to jump on a gazillion different projects. I'm really hoping to be able to get myself to mostly stick to Nova 2, though it's fun to do little improvements on other things here and there.

nsfw transformation art 

I figured it had been a really long time since I got kink art with Isabelle, so I got more ctf 😎

And this mayyyy be what I was talking about when I mentioned wanting to get art with characters I like awhile ago

Art by

Managed to make a pretty decent Rosy Sky with 7 colors, color picked from the Perler site's photos. I'm not fully happy with the hair/heart color but it's the best option I could find, at least form the photos.

Maybe I'll try to make this, then.

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New to GBA programming? Start here —

Want to join forces with others for a jam entry? Hop on to the # matchmaking channel of the GBAdev Discord server (, visit the forums ( or drop a message on our IRC channel (#gbajam at EFnet) and let our community know what you can offer and what you're looking for!


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Here's my current rough draft of the hub map for my game so far. At some point I'll try and plan out the palettes and then use whatever I learn from that to try and figure out some detailing on the buildings.

It's currently using 48 tiles for the background and 368 for the foreground, which I'm sure will increase as I add detail, but that's a *lot* of room for expansion.

I'm thinking I'll make some sort of cool pier or something over the water in the empty space in the upper right.

I want to make/get a physical thing of Rosy Sky eventually but I have no idea what medium to use. The big problem I usually run into is that there's no suitable pinks.

I've been taking photos of nice (or interesting) looking houses on my walks so I can show my friends what the local architecture looks like in Fort Wayne, and I just realized that doubles as a large stockpile of nice references to draw from as I design fictional cities.

I made a much smaller one which still took a very long time. I think I spent like 10 minutes ironing each side because the iron was that inefficient. I'm glad I made at least something and didn't just give up, but I'm not happy it took that long.

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I spent like 10+ hours putting together a big Perler Bead set, had a lot of trouble getting it to fuse with the iron I have, then tried taking it over next door to get some help with it and then it all fell on the ground while trying to close the door with one hand...

I'll try and buy a new one and make it eventually but for now I'm going to just make a smaller one and try again so it's not a total failure.

I have a cute squirrel themed planter I'm not using, and it'd be great to put some sort of easy-to-take-care-of plant in there as a nice decoration

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