I added Game Boy Color support and a parallax effect to my Game Boy project! I was originally going to go for a 16x16 parallax effect but I think it works great simplified to 8x8 too. Now I have to actually get around to adding game logic instead of just visuals.

Everything I have so far (including the sound engine, and graphics I'm not displaying yet) is about 8KB, so I have 24KB left to fill with more graphics, game logic, and anything else I need. It should be plenty.

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Today I biked down to Burger Bar and got a burger and fries, and it was really tasty, and my food was actually warm unlike when I get DoorDash.

Which means I have a burger place
- within easy biking distance
- with good food
- with a sign outside supporting queer people
- where I can order food and eat it without ever going inside

I'm very happy it exists and I'm glad it gave me the ability to go eat at a restaurant while feeling comfortable. I needed this a lot.

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Now with Maffi! Which means I can actually see her walk around on my original Game Boy, which is incredible actually. I think these sprites look pretty good for the constraints I'm working with but I might revisit them later on.

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I got my booster and a flu shot, and I think I'm gradually doing better and better with handling getting them. But I do hope I don't need to forever. I really hope things can get to the point where I can at least shop while feeling safe. I miss going out to places and I feel cooped up.

I got scrolling to work in my Game Boy project I'm working on, which means I can now look over the entire map. This is important because just directly looking at the map data in a memory viewer made me miss one bug (that is now fixed).

Here's a YCH auction picture I got from linktr.ee/cutepencilcase - no one else bid on this? They definitely missed out because this is cute.

I went and ordered a second 4DE Trixie plush, because while it's pricy (due to being a limited supply) it's still a lot cheaper than actually commissioning a Trixie from someone, and it's probably the best Trixie plush I can get without doing that.

I'm gonna hold onto the second one and keep it in the box, which will help me feel ok with cuddling the original one I got. There's this feeling that I have to preserve it very carefully - I can preserve a different one.

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I went and got some crochet plushes of Trixie, Minty and Muffins, and they arrived today. I think they're pretty cool, it's definitely a different style from the other plushes I have. I might prefer the other styles but this one has its own charm too.

The Muffins one includes a removable crochet mailbag and removable crochet letters!

The ones I got are from etsy.com/shop/alilycrochet

I don't hate writing Game Boy code, but it's the only console I have an interest in programming that feels really cramped with the small number of registers, and it feels like there's a huge emphasis on setting things up so that you can do bit manipulation tricks on pointers.

Though I'm sure that once you're past a certain point in the program you don't have to really worry about most of that anymore and you already took care of it. Nova 1's development was mostly level design.

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I might change my mind eventually but I feel like making a Game Boy game is more of a bucket list thing than something I want to do regularly. I originally thought it would be cool to have a lot of small Game Boy companion titles to bigger games I make, but I also think the main reason a lot of series had that was because they could put different teams on those. I'm one person. And I don't have lots of ideas for them anyway.

But I'm committed to making that Maffi game, at the very least!

Here's the global palette for Nova the Squirrel 2 and a lot of things drawn in it. I figured it would help to have a palette that's always available, so I can draw a lot of different things consistently.

Yellow was the last one I added - it was 14 colors for a long time, but yellow felt like it contributed a lot and had shading opportunities with brown, so it got the final slot.

Thinking about that time a college professor I had was talking about greedy algorithms and that inspired me to play Wario games when I went home

I went through a bunch of these with a friend and I'm definitely fine with getting rid of a lot of these. That actually opens up a whole bunch of closet space! I have way more coat hangers than I know what to do with yet. Therefore I can finally get cute clothes if I find them since I no longer have to worry about fitting them somewhere.

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My family had a big problem for a long time with not knowing what gifts to give me so they kept getting me shirts with dumb jokes on them that would make you look pretentious or that would just be embarrassing. Or there's a whole bunch of shirts that are just whatever Mario shirt they could find.

I think some of these I definitely don't mind donating.

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I wanna have a situation where I have a closet full of shirts I actually genuinely like and want to wear. But that will require finding shirts I actually genuinely like and want to wear. At the very least I can move the stuff I don't.

I feel like I don't want to donate the stuff I don't care for as much yet because I feel like I'd regret that, but it needs to go somewhere.

Heck yeah another Gallant Statue in Animal Crossing

I also got one of the statues I needed to get closer to completing the art section of the museum. Just need three more things.

But Famicompo was a unique experience where I would dig through the pack, where every song is unlabeled, and get to be like "oh the Cory in the House theme, nice one" or "yeah that game came out this year, not surprised to see a track of that"

And then there's the occasional songs in there that were just trolling and those are funny to come across too

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I miss back when I had Famicompo to look forward to every year. I should probably actually look at wherever new NSF music gets posted instead of expecting to get a huge pack of songs handed to me.

Working on giving my Game Boy code for displaying the maze it generated on the screen, so I can do something better than just looking at RAM dumps to know the maze generation is good

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