Swims 26, 27 and 28 over the weekend into today! I took a few days off after the vaccine, then did a few consecutive days of swimming. Also, the bluetooth speaker is back!

I got a COVID booster yesterday! I'm feeling good. Apart from my arm, which is feeling ouchy enough that I will not swim today.

Swim 25 today. I'm trying to stretch out in the pool too as my legs are really inflexible due to years sitting at a desk. I think it might be helping? Hard to say yet.

Swim 24 at lunch today. All of my swims have been 20-25 minutes or so, which seems to work out okay for not overdoing it so far. Maybe I'll go for half an hour in future, but this seems to work out well for both my energy and my schedule.

Yesterday's swim, 23, was with my partner and her friend! But, I did a few front crawl lengths of the pool. I get pretty exhausted after even doing two lengths in a row, though! I should set myself a goal to do 3 in a row per swim.

Swim 21 on Tuesday, and swim 22 today! It looks like the pool had some new lights installed, and now the pool is more evenly lit, which is nice. :3

Swim 20! In the morning before work, today. Only ten more swims until I get myself some swimming goggles. Am I improving? Hard to say!

Yesterday was Swim 19! It was lovely and sunny, and the sun was streaming through the windows, making the water feel warm and cosy. This is how I'm gonna make it through winter, by imagining it isn't -10° and snowy out.

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Yesterday I went for Swim 18. I realise this whole microblog is just me talking about my swimming. But hey, I'm enjoying making a little log of it. It helps encourage me to be healthy. I also like furry art. Furry art is good. I would like to follow more artists here.

I went for a short swim earlier, swim 17! I felt better than I did on my last swim, nothing hurt today. I don't think I'm overdoing the swimming, just gotta keep right at this level.

Swim 16 down. Today was more of a casual float about - there was some other people in the pool so I couldn't really go back and forth with ease, and also my left shoulder.. I think it is my rotator cuff - is hurting just a little bit. I'll see how it progresses!

I hope more and more fun furries and artists move over to Mastodon. I wish to see lots of nice things here.

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Swim 15 complete. I've been having some thoughts about buying swimming goggles, so I can go a bit harder. But, I don't want to do that until I feel like I'm ready to go harder. Perhaps.. after 30 swims! Yeah, we'll say 30 swims then I get goggles!

Mario Paint Deltarune and Undertale covers are amusing because the songs are barely one step removed from Mario Paint instruments to begin with! I love this. youtu.be/yjG-GD9phPo

I went for another swim today, swim 14.. I forgot to mention, the ladder in the pool was fixed really quickly! In fact, it was fixed last month, only a couple of days after I initially reported it. Good service.

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I'm home! Which means I can swim again. I went to the pool for Swim 13, and found that the bluetooth speaker that was there previously was now missing. I asked the superintendent what happened, and he said that he had to officially confirm with the board that the bluetooth speaker could be added! Bureaucracy! He brought the speaker out for me anyway so I could use it, which was nice of him.

I won't get to do any swimming this week, as I'm away from home on holiday! I'm having a lovely time.

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