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Ingredients would be vanilla ice cream, gold peak sweet tea, and cinnamon

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Irish Americans: 🍺 Kiss me, I'm Irish ☘

Irish people: Leave us alone, we're Irish.

I'm sharing with u all my greatest box art edit, which I made in less than 5 minutes

greentext shitpost 

>"so you're saying that the other platforms are inferior?"
>too late now

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greentext shitpost 

>reporter asks a simple question
>"why won't you allow crossplay between xbox one, switch, and pc?"
>i start sweating and shaking
>can't hold eye contact anymore
>notice i'm taking too long to answer and making things awkward
>whisper to myself "c'mon answer their question"
>reporter asks "say again? i couldn't hear you..."
>"p-playstation is the best place to play!"
>fuck that's just a PR slogan, not an answer.

me: "i have a hair straightener"
twitter advertisement harassment bots: "please buy another hair straightener"

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Good morning, Seattle.
The time is 05:16:23 AM
I'm going to walk 0.3 Miles to get some coffee.

i wanna share something somewhat clever but it involves my IRL name so i dunno if i should

archers and mages are limited to big tiddie girls in skimpy outfits while your warriors and tanks all look like their name is Mr. Shoulders.

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