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Hello, I'm Real Soviet Bear. I used to be on Masto before Snouts blew up and wasn't in the mood to migrate. Now I kind of want a place to be more laid back so I moved to here. This also means my old follows/followers are lost, so starting from zilch.

I design games as my day job, I stream games as a hobby and I really like the Sega Master System. I also really like bears.

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I'm primarily a bear with a hat. I like burgers and games.

Art by JungaBeast, TheDiyemi, Salanchu and CougheeAholic.

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When I'm not a bear, I'm usually a dragon called Neman.

Art by Zeiros, TacoRat, Necrotext and PanthMora.

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Working on a demo of a game project I've been dong with friends over the past year:

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Possibly wrapping up Syphon Filter 2 tonight:

@ds4windows The update that installs ViGEmBus completely breaks DS4 Windows (it asks for a later version than it installs, and if you install a later version manually, it doesn't detect it).

Had to downgrade DS4W to fix it.

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The ghosts in Casper call humans "fleshies"

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I am a bear of simple pleasures.


Weird moment watching Batman the Animated Series and there was a HRT werewolf serum

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Streaming the PS1 classic, Tigger's Honey Hunt:

Isn't it messed up how whenever you check what time it is, you can't go "nice" because there's no way for 6 and 9 to be next to each other?

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Off-schedule stream with the first F.E.A.R.

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Streaming (bad) licensed PS1 games:

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Aaaaaaaaaaa I got gift art and I'm so flattered and happy about it

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Back on my BS with Crash 4 and the 100% quest:

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I'm in a tight spot, so I have to continue streaming killer7:

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