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Hello, I'm Real Soviet Bear. I used to be on Masto before Snouts blew up and wasn't in the mood to migrate. Now I kind of want a place to be more laid back so I moved to here. This also means my old follows/followers are lost, so starting from zilch.

I design games as my day job, I stream games as a hobby and I really like the Sega Master System. I also really like bears.

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I'm primarily a bear with a hat. I like burgers and games.

Art by JungaBeast, TheDiyemi, Salanchu and CougheeAholic.

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When I'm not a bear, I'm usually a dragon called Neman.

Art by Zeiros, TacoRat, Necrotext and PanthMora.

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Streaming Master System games (on real hardware) for 6ish hours:

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Streaming Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a transformative Wonder Boy metroidvania:

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Streaming Magical Drop 3 and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 via Fightcade

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Time for tall ladies and hairy men with Resident Evil 8:

Fight your way through a world based on Serbian & Slavic myth, in this demo of "Avetinja," a puzzle RPG roguelite.

Available to download and play now:

Pokemon Snap is this wonderful wildlife expedition where you take photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat, but we all know that if they made a Digimon Snap, it would need to be a catwalk photo shoot game.

You know when you see something online and basically get the urge to make a shitpost out of it and know you won't be able to sleep unless you do?

That was me with this.

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Saw this pistol on Twitter and the only thing I could think of was that it looks like a Bloodborne weapon.

Tomorrow is Orthodox Good Friday and then Orthodox Easter Weekend, so time to dig out Bunny Neman again.

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Bullets and bourbon are the game tonight with Max Payne 3:

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