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- im rachel
- she/her
- increasingly queer
- used to be @RustyRetro but now im not
- i stream on saturdays at
- dont use mastodon a lot so will probably be slow to reply

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I think it's time to start a "True Facts About Rachel(tm)" thread

I'm so damn tired. I want to warp ahead to two weeks from now when we're in our new place and not fretting about moving shit

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thinking of doing one last big (fundraiser?) stream before the move, either on saturday or sunday. what would be fun to do.........

it's a Sleepy Slushie SNES Sunday! Meryl's gonna make me play games from her childhood while I'm all hecked up from the DST change. 4:00 PM PDT! hold out, streamer...

I can't wait to be done with this move and living in a region that has some semblance of actual weather again lmaooooo

probably no stream tonight. amongst other things, the temperature here has suddenly spiked and I slept BAD last night. might try to make it up tomorrow, we'll see...

friends, AITA for reacting badly to someone on Discord saying "I hope if the server owner deletes their account, they transfer ownership (to me 😁)" as a "joke", on a server that is already weirdly obsessed with this scenario

Slushie found a bunch of ROM hacks under the couch and has threatened to revoke my cheeseburger privileges if I don't play them. so I guess we're doing that. 4 PM PST as usual.

why is this feature enabled by default? why not pop up a notification telling the user that it exists, and have them opt in?

how long until they remove that option and start using opaque algorithms to determine whether a page should be unloaded or not, like they do with so many other "features"?

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Chrome is "nice" enough to tell you about the feature the first time it's activated, but like... if I had lost a significant amount of work that first time, I would have been pissed!!

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I only discovered this because I had my Twitch "About" tab open, and had the channel trailer paused and muted. when I switched back to the tab, it reloaded the entire page, and the trailer started playing again

I suspect if I had made changes to my panels and not hit "save" before it unloaded the tab, those changes would have vanished

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so it seems Chrome has a new "memory saver" feature that is enabled by default, and unloads background tabs when they're idle

soooo what happens if you're in the middle of editing something and tab away for too long? does it discard your work?

hey, remember when Klonoa got a Wii remake? remember how it flew off the shelves and single-handedly revived the fr--wait, it sold HOW many copies? oh... oh no...

(4:00 PM PST @

weekday streams might intermittently happen if I'm feeling up for it, but it will be a surprise for both you and me

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I am officially shelving Wednesday streams for the near future. our move-out date is rapidly approaching and I need to start focusing on that. Saturday streams will happen until I can't do them anymore. thanks for your patience...

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