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I think it's time to start a "True Facts About Rachel(tm)" thread

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hi, I'm Rachel! I created this account to experiment with an alternate persona/gender, separate from my main account @RustyRetro . nice to meet you!

I'm a "rox" (red panda/fennec fox), and my pronouns are she/her. I'm a bit "spicier" than Rusty, and may be NSFW (bad language, heavy topics, maybe lewd stuff in the future...?), so please consider this account 18+!

this is new territory for me, so please kindly let me know if I mess up and make you uncomfortable. thanks!!

as long as I'm here I may as well post an old drawing that I did some little touch-ups to the other day. her proportions are still a little off, but I'm so happy with her face!!

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has it really been four months since I last posted here? damn

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@nilsding hi there! sorry to bother you, but have you requested federation with I have a couple of mutuals that migrated to your instance from snouts and I lost contact with them on my main awoo account as a result :(

thanks for your time!

as much fun as it is to draw nothing but head shots and goofy expressions, I need to figure out how to draw bodies :blobfoxcry2:

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drawn (sorta-)eye contact 

look at this dork. you'd think they'd never heard an air horn before

raccoon eye contact 

look at this fluffy friend. how are raccoons this cute. seems illegal

this is fine, I need more practice being a girl anyway

Please hug your raccoon friends today and every day

just sitting here imagining my OCs in a variety of Situations and smiling like a big goober

I wish drawing wasn't so exhausting

when Rusty was asked this same question, they immediately turned bright red and ran up the nearest tree and squeaked softly for the next half hour

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goofy violence 

once, when asked if she found anything about Rusty to be attractive, Rachel promptly socked the person in the arm and told them to go suck an egg

she then came back a couple minutes later and said "okay, their eyes are amazing, but tell anyone I said this and I'll cram YOU into an egg"

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fffffff okay I think I need to get art of one of these Smooches some day

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idk. I just find the idea of two best friends having extremely low-key romantic interest in each other incredibly cute I guess

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like... maybe the two have done a Smooch on a couple of occasions, but they mutually agreed to keep it to that (for now???) so as not to mess up the awesome dynamic they have going

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thinking about the relationship between Rusty and Rachel a bit more

the two are absolutely 100% Best Friends, but I'm wondering if there's maybe a hint of something... more

it is international raccoon day and I have it on good authority that raccoons are adorable and also quite good at running websites

whoops, now smol rox's heckin brain is full of Shower Thoughts and doesn't wanna sleep

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