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- im rachel
- she/her
- increasingly queer
- used to be @RustyRetro but now im not
- i stream on saturdays at
- dont use mastodon a lot so will probably be slow to reply

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I think it's time to start a "True Facts About Rachel(tm)" thread

spooky season is here. let's go beat up Dracula. (Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness)

Rachel has been known to occasionally partake in a Basketed Ball

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goofing around with outfits in Hero Forge again and came up with something extremely cute

goofing around, messing with mic settings, ideas for future streams?

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aaa writing as her is so fun. I just kinda set my brain on autopilot and let the words flow out

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I sat down and wrote a series of journal entries for OC Rachel in an attempt to get myself out of a deep creative rut and had a wonderful time

working on a new ref and decided to compare it to the one I made last year...

this was also the first time I'd drawn Rusty in an age!! I gotta stop neglecting this goober, I still love them with all my heart

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