long shot but if you know who might hire a software engineer with 10+ yrs exp and specifically this CV windlestraw.productions/cv.htm hmu

cohost mention 

And a solid BG version bc some image viewers use an absolute #000 background which do not play well with the wings ~_~

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Also omg I *love* the new Tusky app icon?? What a 'lil scrimblo

Oh hi, sorry for the inactivity, work and exercise's kickin' my butt xvx

Whoops, it's been a while since I did an avatar compilation haha, so here's a load of them

Dunkin has a sticker they slap on drivethrus that reads

"Sorry! We're out :/"

And i feel like this would be a great pride sticker too

affordable computers for low income folks in US 

PCs For People* is having a sale on all their stock this weekend. desktops starting at $75, laptops starting at $100 (all refurbs). also some accessories and wifi hotspots. for some items you'll need to show proof of low income status (medicaid award letter or similar). make a note of the coupon codes so you can enter them at checkout: pcsrefurbished.com/sales/sales

*a non-profit with the mission of getting refurbished computers into the hands of people who otherwise couldn't afford them

So, there may be a personal site update on its way later today (finally!). Can't say the main site is ready, but you'll be able to view this one in certain legacy browsers (esp. on Dreamcast) that support HTML 4.01 Transitional.

Today I celebrate 6 years of being on the fediverse!

I've created a small, incomplete, list of instances with moderators of color.

The list and suggestions became to much to keep up on my own, so here is a Google document, docs.google.com/document/d/12p

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration #MastoAdmin

Boost this fox to teleport him across the Fediverse and brighten someone's day! :blobfox:

Let's see how many instances the fox can reach on his journey!

meta, mastodon.social 

I've seen multiple examples now of mastodon.social moderation not just not giving a shit, but actively making decisions that favour hateful shit, racism, and queermisia.

This is getting a lot worse than the "basically no moderation at all" problem it already had for years. Now it's "actively harmful moderation"

If you see this and are on mastodon.social, please try to find a new instance. I'll help you if you need help.

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