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I have a new website! I spent most of the week working on it, so I hope you like it!

Please don't buy 3DS games just because the store is closing

Nintendo doesn't deserve the money while being harmful to game preservation. Just pirate everything.

In today's bad #AI thing, apparently someone's made an "AI" (stochastic parrot of centrist neoliberalism) that lets you "talk to historical figures" and it's all kinds of terrible, e.g. Henry Ford being like "I mean I wasn't REALLY anti-Semitic" but this one is... a perfect example of how wrong it is and funny as HELL:

Updated my site for the first time in a year, all that's different is that the fonts are changed (Dosis SemiBold for headers, Atkinson Hyperlegible for text) and the corners are round now

Maybe at some point I should find something to write about huh

Adblocking, the necessity of 

I stand by my assertion that advertising has become an extremely ubiquitous and toxic form of visual, auditory, and mental pollution. Block it for your health.

Happy Birthday to one of the most wonderful girls in the world!
I love you I hope you have an amazing day, sweetie! 💕💕💕💕

mh psa, self worth 

hey if I, or anyone else who points you to this, is randomly apologizing, possibly repeatedly, for seemingly no reason:

we need help, we are having a spiral

constantly reiterating an apology is our brain's way of coping with a currently plummeting feeling of self worth

we are trying to apologize for being broken

i love the idea that being jewish prevents you from being a supporter of fascism. really erasing henry kissinger's lived experience

when someone switches from windows to linux call that defenestration

It's weird to see some praise for the Nintendo Direct today as if it's a good one

It has some nice reveals, but a rather small amount, compared to a rather large amount of crap, some of it even from Nintendo themselves,

Nintendo Direct disappointment 

I believe some of the tracks aren't currently in Tour, like Coconut Mall, but since they're made in the exact same style and lack of detail, I feel like it's probably just most likely that they're tracks Nintendo made for Tour but just hasn't released yet

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Nintendo Direct disappointment 

Even Nintendo can't make DLC for Mario Kart without it being super disappointing

The new DLC tracks are quite literally Mario Kart Tour ports with the exact same lack of detail and completely different style, they look so out-of-place with MK8's style that they honestly look like a fan mod

Coconut Mall literally looks worse than it did on Wii and 3DS! The only upside is raw texture resolution and MK8's lighting, but even then, most surfaces are untextured anyway

Pokémon Legends: Arceus 

I really really hope that Pokémon fans are happy with this game, because it's literally the BotW of Pokémon that everyone's spent years begging for and it's a great game, so they better not be whining about this one now,,

Pokémon Legends: Arceus 

Okay, aside from these technical issues, the game's pretty good so far, its mechanics seem really solid and you can tell they've been listening to pretty much all the feedback they've been given in the past few gens

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus 

Somehow, this game doesn't have any filtering on its dynamic resolution scaling

It uses nearest-neighbor when the resolution lowers

*How does this happen*

This is with the day-one update too, I've never seen this happen in any game before

Just put out a big under-the-hood update to my site, it's no longer using the crappy frameset layout it used before, I'm now using PHP includes for the sidebar and such

Wrote a blog post about it, I can actually link to posts now -

I kinda wanna try installing Windows Me on the T42 as an "upgrade" to 98, because I have some nostalgia for Me

...But it wouldn't really make any sense, especially since DOS mode is handy to have,

New blog post is up: "Picked up a couple ThinkPads!"

Check it out on my website:

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