"woaaahh-ho hohoho. You're makin all the money while we do all the work? Yeah yeah we're not doin that."

cool PSA!! if you're having trouble with content warnings outside of flashing lights and such, think.... when you got the DiRT:

Disturbing: is the content disturbing, upsetting, or otherwise disquieting to the viewer?

Raunchy - is the content sexual or suggestive, or does it depict sexual body parts?

Touchy - is the content about a controversial or personal subject, such as politics or mental health?

...think twice! tag once! and always listen to your folks when they think a CW is needed

All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

It would be delicious if someone wrote an article titled "Why 'Free Software' misses the point".

Because it kind of does?

Free software is so limited an idea. It's only really available to programmers, and then often only with free time and money.

For most people, the bigger impact of using FOSS tools is in a lack of anti features, and that's not even part of the Free Software definition, that's just incidental!


I go afk for a minute and this is what happens

"triggered" jokes aren't actually funny, even if you're being ironic or parodying someone who would say it. just in case you were confused at all


@quat I'm not normally a dragon but this is really cute hehe

Sex and romance are not necessary components of being queer.

Some of us are queer for *not* having those things.

*explaining public transit*

okay so you know the 21 frame rule in smb1?


was gonna make this long, but i give up.

saying "social media is a mistake" is a huge over generalization that i don't like, especially so since social media is my main way of socializing. call me sad or whatever, but i just. can't. do. 1-on-1 communication for long periods of time. and discord servers and the like aren't much better.

so please, maybe don't say that? i know social media has very serious issues, of which not even fediverse is able to tackle, but man...saying that gives everyone the mindset that social media can't get better, and i'd heavily disagree :s

it's this kinda mindset that drives people off social media in general, when i know we can eventually do better

Trans girls b like: "I'm cute" and they're right

i hate the argument of "just block them" if someone posts triggering content because:
1. not everyone can or will have the means of knowing whos going to post what content. especially if its someone you follow boosting someone you dont follow.
2. this implies someone must see triggering content first, and then block someone. this is like, an extremely shitty situation that puts the traumatized person responsible for themselves
3. we talk a lot of shit about wanting to protect vulnerable people but cant even decide if CWing triggering stuff is something we should do
4. blocking 3/4 of the people on a platform because not CWing certain things is the norm, is ostracization of the traumatized lol

currently watching this video right now, and it's perfectly describing my issues with Mario 3D All-Stars youtu.be/U7ggERRZR3Y

Twitter's completely broken for me right now, that's probably a good thing

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