I just saw a screenshot of a Metaverse wedding that looks like it was done on the Nintendo Wii in 2007

If you threw a wedding that looked that awful in WOW you’d be kicked out of the guild

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public transit systems never will - and aren't supposed to - make money or break even

fares are a holdover of a culture of "properness" and disproportionately affect disadvantaged people

fareless systems see significant increases in use, which directly translates to less use of cars and healthier cities

sighs a lot

new horizons more like

sad ponie horizons

it's still worse than new leaf even if you buy the happy home designer dlc. fuck

and btw they actually went back and added some happy home designer features to new leaf itself, for free, so uhhhhhhhh

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it's now been a year and a half since new horizons landed, they're officially not updating it any more after 2.0 lands in november, and it's still painfully unfinished

fuck's sake

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"a rushed game is forever bad, but a delayed game is also rushed and therefore forever bad." - shigeru miyamoto

'cat' is a standard UNIX command which either takes a file as an argument, or reads from stdin. It then prints either the file or the stream to stdout.

Here is a demonstration.

I just participated in a game jam for the first time! I made a basic lil Mega Man engine in Godot Engine that I just submitted hehe, it's been a really fun learning experience


my girlfriend @ShiningWing just said to me "Thinking of using the Wii as a DVD player so I can watch SpongeBob" which is not a sentence I ever expected to hear in my life

with android emulation on windows, they can finally ship the proper version of candy crush with #Window11, revolutionary!

my favourite game theory is the idea that when the g-man from half life refers to his "employers" he is talking about valve software

two lesbians sitting in a hot tub, 5 feet apart because neither of them know if the other is flirting with them or not.

Google just announced a new major Android redesign and I can't stop thinking about the Twitter reply that said "I couldn’t even read the clock on half of those demo screens"

That says it all, really

Remember when Google actually cared about readability and contrast and guidelines?

bad leftist idea of the day: make it absurdly expensive to access academic papers, but this time as a way to make sure infohazards only affect the rich

i would eat the puyos from puyo puyo

boost this toot if you would eat the puyos from puyo puyo

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