hey if you're a lesbian exclusionist then you can please fuck right off. Bi/Pan lesbians are valid - why the fuck are we even getting up in arms about this in a community where terminology has always been in flux, all the time??

Queer discourse on Twitter is absolute hell, but I'm glad that a lot of the people I follow on there are vocally against exclusionists

Of course, I haven't had to worry about that at all on here, but still,

"pan-lesbians are erasing lesbians"

is the same as

"trans women are erasing women"

should i try out ninjala, i've been hearing abt it on the tl and it sounds neat

it's also free-to-play, which is. maybe a terrible thing? but also maybe a good thing?

:heart_bi: bi lesbians very good
:heart_pan: pan lesbians very good

both deserve love 💕🐁

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Whoever instilled the idea that a minority of a community doing something cringey would invalidate an entire movement because it might mean the white cishets won’t give you rights was an evil genius


Why is Discord's "deactivate" feature so garbage

It's not like Twitter where it makes you invisible from everyone else, it just logs you out of everything which is pretty useless

What if, instead of sending mentally ill people to jail, we actually fucking treated them

Why is that a radical fucking idea

discord users: hey staff your interface is kinda inaccessible for disabled ppl, can i use an extension to make it more accessible?
discord staff: no ❤️

foss bros: "sharing software is good!"

foss bros when they find out about the glimpse fork: "this is stolen software!!!!!"

Something I noticed is that the d-pad seems to be lacking the pivot in the middle that Nintendo d-pads usually have, meaning that all the d-pad buttons can be pressed in at once

So that might end up sucking a bit for games that rely on the d-pad, like Kirby 64

Other than that though, this thing's pretty nice and works well

The expansion port on the back is completely empty, unsurprisingly, though they still left the latch in there, they probably reuse this shell for regular N64 controllers

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My USB N64 controller got here! It’s nice, it feels a bit different than my real one, but honestly it’s kinda better hehe, especially since the stick isn’t super worn

I really like the color too, it was basically the main reason I got this one >w<

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Not a subtoot, just a general request:

Please add content warnings or tags to posts regarding covid-19

It's literally everywhere and some people need a rest from it. Filters are extremely unreliable and this is the sort of thing that can ruin someone's day, and forcing people to read about it is unfair

I get that there's a lot going on, but other current events are a discussion on their own. There is absolutely no reason not to add content warnings or tags for things pertaining to covid-19

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Hey listen, The Last of Us 2 features some really gross content-warning-worthy violence against trans people, but Sony keeps DMCAing anyone who talks about it, so nobody's hearing about it.

The assumption that some people seem to bring into their politics that sustainability requires destitution and an end to any ambition for the future for all of humanity is… …a dangerous one, especially given how premature it is.

We don't yet know how much further we'll be able to stretch sustainable levels of resource use when we ditch inefficiencies like massive militaries, the malignant kind of redundancy produced by "competition", and the "free market" as a whole.

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