I'm in that mood for hugging lots of girls again >w<

I love girls, I hug girls, I kiss girls, I date girls,

Gosh, I've been making a lot of affectionate posts tonight hehe

What can I say, I'm just in that lesbian mood tonight ❤️

I wish it was possible to meet up with all the girls ❤️

But the transportation's too expensive

Gosh, seeing stuff about girls on here being with other girls IRL makes me wish I was with girls IRL right now hehe

Forza Horizon 3 screenshot, in-game gambling 

i believe it was karl marx who said transbian girls are so hot

Hey, did you know?

I really love my girlfriend @fluttergirly 💕💕

Sometimes I wish I had a cute short skirt to wear

broke: angry lesbian
woke: sapph ire

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