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internet vs irl relationships 

TIL that Firefox's "forget this site" option in the history window has no additional confirmation and no way to undo it, which is just great when it's *right above the "delete page" button in the right click menu*

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no, you fuckers, i am not downloading your app just because i am looking on my phone. i have a whole-ass web browser

pork levels are holding at 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

reddit discussing trans people, oh no 

Calling queer people and content "inappropriate" is extremely homophobic (YouTube does it notably)

Calling queer people and content "sexually deviant" is straight up Nazi shit

overpopulation myths are just muttered calls for genocide

girls in rainbow thigh high socks, omg... those girls are bae

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the simple joys of a timeline where every other post isn't an ad and/or morally reprehensible trash meta, instance block 

*puts an ice cream cone on your forehead*

we are kin....

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