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NSFW furry art: male, mouse, foreskin play 

Commission forΒ  Stretch out and relax.

I have added underwear, which somehow makes this more lewd then when I was naked.

NSFW furry art: nude, mtf, laundry day 

Commission for Paradim, caught by a sudden breeze.

Remember when our shows used to be interrupted by six unskippable ads you had to sit through, and/or to try and time your bathroom breaks around?

I...don't miss that. Haven't had cable in yeeeaarrrss.

NSFW furry art: bat girl pinup 

Commission forΒ  Aren't bats pretty?

What do you call a noisy sheep? 

A heard animal.

want to get back into roleplaying more 

I'm not sure if I'll regret this but I've got a jonesing to roleplay again, ERP or otherwise, and curious if any mutuals/followers would be interested in doing something? (If you've RPd with me before, also feel free to reach out n.n)

Here's my f-list:

Do not try to mock the cringe. That is impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.

There is no cringe.

Then you will see it is not the cringe that you mock, it is only yourself.

NSFW furry art: gay bat marten 69 

Commission forΒ  Both figures in this scene are right-side up.

NSFW furry art: male mouse masturbation 

Commission forΒ  Harvest mice have prehensile tails, and they know how to use them.

Small mouse 

look who was hiding in the house

NSFW furry art: gay bear bondage 

Commission for, being kept busy, but happy to help how he can.

We see all this stuff about hot takes, but what about hot gives?

NSFW furry art: mtf bat, wine and toys 

Commission for If anyone else would like to commission me for wine moms, please do.

NSFW furry art: shake it 'til the butter melts 

I made a dumb B-52s quip when I posted's last commission and they came back for another picture of Rayet shaking her cosmic thing.

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