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NSFW furry art: bad boy cyber squirrel 

Commission for of a bad boy who's too cool for clothes, except when channeling Tetsuo Shima.

Stop shitting on queer and non-white folk for arming themselves you shitstains 

I'm seeing a LOT of discourse going around lately after the owners of the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch posted pictures of trans pride flags they put on their body armor where people are losing their shit over them being gun owners and defending themselves.

To be fucking clear: neo nazi militias have been threatening to raid the ranch, a safe haven commune for trans people, and gun down everybody there, and the threats have escalated to them killing one of the alpacas they raise there. The trans folk on that ranch are arming themselves and getting body armor for their own self fucking defense.

I am fucking sick and tired of these snot nosed snivelling brat liberals pretending to be leftists being so anti-gun and anti-self defense from their privileged (because its always fucking privileged white wannabe ally liberals) abodes that they'd rather trans people get gunned down in the street then DARE raise a gun to protect themselves from fascists.

Until such a time that a non-passing black trans woman can go out in the middle of the most conservative place in the US wearing a trans pride color dress without ANY fear of even so much as a nasty comment, let alone violence, marginalized people have EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to be armed and clad in as much body armor as they need to feel comfortable because you know gods damned well that the fascists are going to be armed to the teeth every chance they can possibly get, drooling over the possibility they might get to kill a gay person that day, and if you think otherwise sit down and shut the fuck up and go be a fake ally somewhere else.

foss is a failed ideology because it always had fucked up social and moral priorities. it only ever empowered privileged tech nerds and never achieved anything more than piracy didn’t also do.

for real, I can swear that 90% of the refurbished pcs from your non profit that you installed some linux distro on and gave to people ended up with a cracked version of windows xp installed by someone else after 3 months because it was too fucky/the software didn’t run.

I have nothing against the idea of free and open source software but it doesn’t deserve meaningful consideration until the individual and organisational figures of the movement retire permanently and are replaced by people who aren’t cishet white nerds who think the root of all evil is the windows vista calculator they can’t see the source code of rather than capitalism at large.

Ooh, GitHub has a built-in dark theme now so I can ditch that slightly buggy user-style I was using n.n

One quick trick to instantly improve all of your social-media interactions: when someone is expressing frustration, they're almost always looking for commiseration, not help. If they want help, they'll ask for it.

cw: bad mood vibes 

*adds massively hypocritical to that list*

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NSFW furry art: mice pegging mice 

Commission for @Tris_the_mouse, trying out a universal adaptor.  Adapter?  Hang on, I have to look this up now.

SFW Art 

[F] Trash Mammal
Trash mammal!!
A redraw of Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods.
Last time I drew her was 4 and 2 years ago!


► Art ©
Character (Mae B.) - Night in the Woods | Infinite Falls

Oh my goodness, someone just pointed out that NFTs are exactly the same as the "name a star"/"buy a piece of the moon" scam and suddenly it all makes sense.

a quote by Jim Sinclair about autism 

"You didn't lose a child to autism. You lost a child because the child you waited for never came into existence. That isn't the fault of the autistic child who does exist, and it shouldn't be our burden. We need and deserve families who can see us and value us for ourselves, not families whose vision of us is obscured by the ghosts of children who never lived. Grieve if you must, for your own lost dreams. But don't mourn for us. We are alive. We are real."

nsfw furry art (f/nb pegging) 

Got this amazing commission of myself pegging one of my partners. It came out so perfect. Thank you again @GavUnimpressive

NSFW furry art: ftm cheetah ref sheet 

Commission for  Cats are good and cheetahs are good cats.

cw: bad mood vibes 

*grumbles about fucking vindictive sociopathic assholes trying to hurt my friends over petty drama because the world doesn't in fact revolve around them*

sfw furry art 

One of my partners drew me as a shortstack! Aren't I adorable?

SFW Art 

[F] Lori M. Redraw
Best smol mouse bean
A redraw of my most fav character from Night in the Woods.
Last time I drew her was 4 and 2 years ago!


► Art ©
Character (Lori M.) - Night in the Woods | Infinite Falls

I felt like doing a version of Krystal with some of the over-the-top style of the big, campy sci-fi/fantasy movies of my youth, like Flash Gordon, etc.

You can watch the timelapse here if you want:

Mature Art 

Who doesn't love some cuddle times?
Valentine's commission for @fl4nn involving them and their partner, @cotta (Also on Mastodon)
Really enjoyed drawing y'all two!!


► Art ©
Character (Cotta) -
Character (Flann) -

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