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It took a lot of doing, but as of today I've published pretty much all of the commissions and art I've received before the end of 2020, with a few exceptions, totalling about 40 works not including variants. There are a few more pieces I've received since then, and some pieces that I'm still debating whether to post, but I'm really glad to get that out of the way.

Hopefully I can keep on top of it a bit better from here on out n.n;

cw: nsfw, penetrating goo 

Simon appers to have made a very important, but accidental discovery about the strange and very friendly gel in the flask n///n
A YCH by LemonHeart ( )
Source ( )

NSFW furry art: hetero sexing 

Another commission for Field ( ), whose characters are always a pleasure to get acquainted with.

NSFW furry art: gay stuff, paw stuff 

Commission for Zuflux ( ) and TomeDook ( ). Ferrets are cute.

NSFW furry art: m/f ... vagina ... hotdogging? What is the tag for this act? 

Commission for Field ( ). New glasses let you enjoy all your favorite things with wonderful new clarity.

NSFW furry art: naked fox hugs 

Commission for Digitalfox ( ) and Torne ( ). Hug your favorite fox today.

cw: nsfw, tentacles, gag 

I appear to have a weakness for YCHs involving tentacles n///n
Art by Blackbird. ( )
Source ( )

cw: nsfw, micro, nudity 

Art by Jonas ( ) of NakedPenny ( )'s new familiar! (Non-canon stream sketch I got a while back.)

compsci teacher's making us store gender as an enum to prove we know how enums work so i decided to have fun with it

serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

@bees @pizza "there's a difference between an enemy and someone you don't like" is extremely well put, it is very dismaying to see people try to come up with political reasons to dislike people and make it into A Cause, when in fact: you can just dislike people! You can dislike someone because you find them annoying, or mean, or rude, or cruel, or literally any reason, and it doesn't have to be The Meta Of The Day.

cw: micro, unbirthing 

Simon's affinity for cozy spots to hide seems to have gotten him into trouble n///n
YCH by KitNip ( ) featuring Wynne ( )

cw: nsfw, penis, orgasm 

A sketch that Unimpressive ( ) did for me at FC 2020 n.n

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