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"The Thorny Problem of Keeping the Internet’s Time" by Nate Hopper

Love seeing esoteric stuff like this in a mainstream publication.

You ever think about how ironic the term "lingua franca" is? Especially as it's commonly used in the English language?

"royal biographer" is the guy who licks the bootlicker's spit off

NSFW furry art: m/f squirrel and bat 

Commission for of a colorful couple.

AI art generation and ethics musings 

At the very least, humans are able to draw on experiences that ML is likely incapable of training on, and have the ability to bring their own judgement and cultural awareness to the table. To me this difference feels fundamental, rather than incidental.

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AI art generation and ethics musings 

I think one of the most disingenuous things about saying that it's ok to train AI using copyrighted images is that "it's exactly like what humans do to create art". The problem with this argument is that it's not falsifiable, at least not with a lot better understanding of how both systems work. Both ML and brains are still mostly black boxes at this point, and saying one works like the other feels obviously wrong, but not in a way that is easy to argue.

With Spooky Season upon us, keep in mind that those sensitive to body horror and gore do not magically stop being sensitive to it just because it's in the spirit of the holiday.

If anything, some (not us personally) hate this holiday for that reason.

Content warnings are your friend. Thanks!

NSFW furry art: fake strap-on 

Commission for Electra.Β  Maybe this will fool someone.


Mouse-tailed bats use their long tail as a tentacle to explore their environment. Their very long forearm forces them to crawl backward on the wall...


nsfw, animated furry porn! My fursona suspended in bondage, painting the floor with their cum. 

I’m really dang proud of this one tbqh

my favorite ones of these are when the people applying are like, writing PARAGRAPHS trying to convince the DMV that their dick joke isnt a dick joke. like you KNOW they texted this to their friend the day before and brainstormed how they can try to get it past

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