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NSFW Furry Art // Hypno, nude, presenting 

Never fails to boggle my mind whenever I read a C++ article on The Old New Thing blog that people put up with syntax that obtuse for even modern C++. It just looks so clunky and terrible.

NSFW furry art: bat butt 

NSFW furry art: male Burmecian ref sheet 

Speaking of space. I've been brainstorming a campaign about two rival space mage cousins for a long time. One wishes to destroy the looming super-weapon that can only be powered by their bloodline, the other wishes to utilize it. Space battles and folk music is the theme!

The temperature at which underwear freezes is called Kelvin Klein.

NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: casual sex and nudity 

Birdsite link, gardening grumps, furry art 

Here's a single-page comic with Tau and Willow that I drew as a followup to one of my previous sketches.

Tau's uncle is a jerk.

Nothing like some cool air to make you feel at ease

Gift art done for ( )


β–Ί Art Β© TeaLBiTZ ( ) β—„
Character (Spart) - ( )

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(Mildly NSFW) Gin sees frog, frog sees Gin. All is well.

Someday I’ll throw color on this, but not yet. πŸ˜‰

vore, comic strip 

(Mild NSFW) Korki sure does dress up (down?) to do something so simple.

I kinda got carried away with this, oops. 😁

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