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a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

Did a little doodle of Rivet from the latest Ratchet & Clank game.

I suppose this marks an invitation for mutuals to let me know if something like that interests you

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I kinda want to set up a discord server for friends, but I'm always worried about a) bringing friends that don't know each other already together and b) that I don't really have something to build a cohesive community out of.

I could, of course, be overthinking this. I mostly just want to stream the occasional cartoon and have a chill place to hang out, and maybe that's enough.

That friendly teasing about how gosh darn it you just keep ending up in these situations, don't you?

ableism against autistic people 

Just goes to show that all this "problematic behaviour" is projection by neurotypicals, and autistic kids are treated unfairly by their parents and ABA "practitioners" (read: systemic abusers). It's all framing and making money off the back of kids that are then traumatized for life and use maladapted coping methods.

I've been given some sort of "social skills training", and it didn't just teach me nothing, it actively kept me from growing as a person and accepting myself. And I had it relatively easy in that I'm not extremely traumatized.

Frontal furry nudity 

This one was for my friend Ollie, of his dogmom character whose name I do not know! I thought it would be fun to do a backless turtleneck but did not take into account the amount of work I was committing to. D:

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Periodic reminder that "Just google it" is dangerous advice. You're asking someone with professed ignorance of a topic to wade through a sea of adversarial SEO hacks and deliberate misinformation. This is how people fall for e.g. the propaganda from Autism Speaks.

if you don’t feel very good today, am sorry. i hope you feel better soon. here is a mew just for you:

mew ❤️

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learning to frame complaints as "i personally didn't enjoy X" instead of "X is absolute shitgarbage objectively and everyone around me needs to deal with my emotions about it" is actually a really important social skill that's a lot less common than it really should be

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Hi all. I need a little help getting through this holiday season, so I'm putting out the Ko-Fi hat, but I want to give you a little gift for your donation. So I have a set of nine stylized animal portraits (in digital format) currently for sale in my Ko-Fi shop. If you can chip in a little bit, that's great, and if not, spreading the word is great too!


Web 1: windows notepad
Web 2: full employment for shitty white men
Web 3: wire fraud at scale

birdsite stuff 

Saw someone (who apparently followed me) had "anti-SJW" in their profile but had a bunch of left-leaning pro-labor reblogs and posts in their timeline and am very confused. Maybe b/c they're from Germany? Soft-blocked them anyway, but still.

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