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Guess I’ll do a new post for the new influx:

Hi! I’m Stephen; I’m just some dude who shitposts, boosts other shitposts (and art), and occasionally does something creative himself.


In response to FL Gov. Ron DeSantis’s actions to limit the teaching of Black history in the state’s public schools, Chicago-based publisher Haymarket Books is offering multiple e-books by progressive Black authors for students to download free of charge. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackMastodon

Based on this Popular Information report about censorship in Florida school libraries, I have concluded that the adorable little book that my niece wrote about my wedding (five years ago, when she was 6 years old) would be classed as "pornography" and banned from FL classrooms.

How's your day going?

You can’t trust corporate APIs. The only ones you can trust are open APIs that aren’t owned by anyone -- like the web, http, html, rss. You have to watch out because the bigco’s will try to own those too. To a large extent Google already owns the web. And they are throwing their weight around in much more consequential ways than twitter. But Google is invisble to the press. That will end someday.

I don’t know which is more terrifying: That this AI-generated voice acting sounds pretty much identical to the actual game, or that the dialogue they’re speaking feels like it could come from the actual game. :blobfoxterrified:

Trying new type of characters than how I'm used to, but adorable had to still be important!!

This sketch was for Half Crazy Daisy, done during ANW's Artist Alley

Traditional. Pencils

CHALMERS: You know, this email is quite similar to the ones companies send out when they've had a security breach.

SKINNER: Ohohoho, no! This is just a normal precautionary password reset. Old company tradition! Mmm, password reset!

I could listen to Paul Heyman deliver promos all goddamn day.

Have we really not yet standardized a “lttp:” protocol for linking to resources from The Wayback Machine? You know, a link to the past.

@Stephen_Stone It's not out yet, but Mika and the Witch's Mountain looks pretty cute.

Rather than talk about *that* game about wizards (because fuck TERFs), here’s an idea: What are some good indie games about (or at least containing) wizards? Let’s spread the word about the good stuff! (Note: Any kind of game is acceptable—vidya, tabletop, whatever.)

Before it became a punchline, the AIBO was an ambitious experiment in personal robotics... until Sony pulled the plug.

Read my new comic LOST DOGS inside the ICC anthology FAILURE TO LAUNCH! Back now!

Singal: dark lord! dark lord! i have terrible news!
Singal: people on the internet say that hogwarts legacy is mid!
Singal: IGN gave it their LOWEST possible score!
Singal: an 8 out of 10!
Rowling: sssssss

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@PetrichorSquirrel i think people also underestimate how hard it is to get started on a totally new site, not really in terms of software, but because it's lonely to suddenly not know anybody or understand the different social dynamics

Most people only have the emotional bandwidth for one general social media (ie. Twitter, Facebook, or Fedi). We shouldn't be surprised that almost all of the people who were "just trying mastodon out" are now gone.

okay i drew my queer cyborgs!

we got large beetle who is probably the biggest one here
we got werewolf (i was challanged to do this one! it was fun)
we got... bug who see's and feels a lot
and we got crow who does not fly but can glide and hope

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