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Hell, Fediverse! Name’s Stephen. Some of y’all miiiiiiiiiight know me as “Sage Freehaven”, though I no longer use that identity these days. Furry, bi White guy, not sure about much of anything else beyond that. I dabble in pixel art and writing from time to time (read: not often enough).

Y’all be good to each other, ’kay? 👋

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Today's SCOTUS decision, in my eyes, essentially means the end to a requirement that patients consent to medical procedures.

Here's my rationale: one of the standard analogies is to imagine that you wake up one morning and discover that you're attached via tubes and wires to another adult human being, who is in a coma. These tubes and wires are providing nutrients to and waste disposal from this other human being; you are expected to consume additional nutrients and process additional waste on their behalf. You must bring this person wherever you go for nine months; at that point they will wake up and you will be freed. If you disconnect yourself before that, the person you were attached to will die.

Today's SCOTUS decision says that you don't have a right to disconnect yourself from that person; if you consented in the first place, you don't have the right to withdraw that consent, and if you didn't consent and the attachment was forced on you, then you still don't have the right to pull yourself away. Once you are attached, your right to self-determination ends.

(This is a vile decision on every front, but even if you are not and will never be in a position to have an abortion, this decision affects you, and you should be aware of that.)

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I’m gonna take the weekend off from the Internet because I can only do so much doomscrolling.

I recognize my immense privilege in this regard. I wish I could do more for people, but I don’t have the resources for much of anything beyond shitposting on This God Damn Internet.

Stay safe. Fight the bastards. Don’t be afraid to ask for help—or to give it. :blobfoxheart:

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Do not use open media to plan resistance.

Encrypted and private comms only.

Compartmentalize Identities.

here is a voucher for a smol kitn snugl if you are upset

*hands you a scrap of paper with a pawprint on it*

you can use it as many times as you want. i hope it will help you a little bit :blobcatheart:

Making people feel welcomed, accepted, and included, kicks ass and is awesome. Especially as it typically involves just an attitude change and little to no actual effort.

I love being nice and I love being lazy.

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They have to make up stories about parents of trans kids forcing them to be trans, because they brutalize their own children into a particular gender.

No wonder conservatives are getting so angry about drag queens reading to small children in libraries. Early childhood for Millenials was painfully, heavily gendered, and despite some things changing for the better it still is. God forbid little kids get some breathing room to explore gender without some adult abusing them into conforming.

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Ok, but how fucked up was it that you couldn't get a car in your Happy Meal unless you asked for the boy Happy Meal?

Let us live in joy, never hating those who hate us. Let us live in freedom, without hatred even among those who hate.

— The Buddha

#buddhism #dharma

Look, cryptocurrency folks, an NFT conference has arranged for a) a Snoop Dogg lookalike to prowl the floor and b) a rapper who is not the Snoop Dogg you know but who calls himself "Snoop Dogg" to perform raps there, all so they can say "look, Snoop Dogg was performing here, see?".

If this is not on-the-nose telling you "we are perpetrating fraud and we want you to be the victim" for you, what will be?

If someone wants to harm or exploit you, the thing that will make them the happiest is for you to blame someone else for the harm or exploitation.

4:40pm on a Thursday, you know what that means.


Hey, front-end web developers: if you absolutely must put a pop-up modal on your website, make sure that the user can close it with the Escape key.

Let the Esc key perform the function it was literally designed to serve: "get me out of the current thing". Only allowing the user to use the mouse to close your modal is an accessibility failure; allowing some other key to close it but not Esc is a standard-interface failure.

🌈 ⭐

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