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Hell, Fediverse! Name’s Stephen. Some of y’all miiiiiiiiiight know me as “Sage Freehaven”, though I no longer use that identity these days. Furry, bi White guy, not sure about much of anything else beyond that. I dabble in pixel art and writing from time to time (read: not often enough).

Y’all be good to each other, ’kay? 👋

US Politics; in re: previous boost 

If 230 goes down, practically all sites that allow for user-generated content will go down as well to avoid liability for third-party content.

230 is the backbone of the American part of the Internet. No service can afford to lose it unless they’re a one-way broadcast service like Netflix.

If SCOTUS takes out 230, the Internet as you know it is fucked.


The supreme court, which is a garbage institution, is going to hear a case that could lead to the end of the modern internet as we have ever known it.

If they do what has long been threatened, it would result in the potential for holding Me liable for anything anyone posts on mastodon, for example.

Of course, there's no guarantee that this goes badly, but there's no guarantee it goes well.

The united states supreme court is a Dangerous, anti-democratic institution.

Fandom sucks: ublock customscript for making it browseable :boost_ok:​ 

I don't know if this will help Gamefaqs and the other shit Fandom acquired be useable, but whoever (on Here) added these ublock scripts to make fandom browseable is my hero.

Add the following to your filters list:

! blockathon > .wds-dropdowntoggle > .wds-global-navigationlink-button.wds-is-secondary.wds-button

“I love this cat so much but she doesn’t even know my name.”
“She has her own name for you.”

Since the aftereffects of Ian are going to start showing up on my doorstep tomorrow (and stay through the weekend at a minimum), I'mma go ahead and go offline for the next three days. Stay gold, y’all.👋

Candle that replicates the musty, smoky scent of when you turn the heat on for the first time in five months

I love reminiscing what the furry fandom was like before social media became mainstream. Not that I think social media ruined it, or that it was much better back then. Just, nostalgia, I guess.

A Message For You ✉️ 

mew ❤️

all prequels are bullshit because they completely ignore kurt vonnegut's advice to always start telling a story as close to the end as possible

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