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It bothers me when I see people whinging about people who "follow too many accounts" on microblogging platforms. Particularly on fedi.

Like,maybe people use social media differently from the way you do, yeah? Fedi is all about curating your own experience, and maybe some people want a different experience from yours.

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"We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet in to the abyss. Watch for that moment, and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

-- Flemeth, Dragon Age II (2011)

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"Men are always alright. Right up until they pull the trigger. And then we watch the neighbors solemnly march out to the news cameras to tell us: 'He was such a nice, quiet guy.'"

-- Evelyn Marsh, Twin Peaks S02E11 (1990)

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I'm not a fatalist. Of course, I have my feelings about today, but hopelessness is not one of them. White people have been trying to take us out for a while, and they have failed and instigated their demise in the process.

We do not live in the 50s and 60s, even though old white men and their tokens are trying to legislate like it is. Reactive policy based on hate inherently acknowledges they are
terrified of the direction the world is going and will do everything in their power to stop it.

But the world has changed, and it was and is inevitable. No doubt these hateful fools will fight, but fascism and hate are the best they have, and we see the best they can do.

Keep the pressure up. Keep building community. They don't have any new ideas, so the bulk of their strategy is to attack our hope to make us feel like it's hopeless.

But it's not. Not even close.

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it's amazing how computer graphics have come such a long way that we've gone from them needing tons of computers to render toy story to now people can make 18+ 3D furry animations on their home computer

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local fox goes nwn, how's she do that?

little speed doodle to see if I can still draw or not, took just over a half hour

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NSFW art, M/M 

Sometimes you gotta grab your friend and give him a good lick

North Carolina is trending in North Carolina

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Saw some idiot saying "if you only voted for Hillary this would never happen"

bitch, if you think that voting for capitalists where nothing ultimately changes is a good way of upholding inalienable rights, I got news for you buddy

lay off the dumb bitch juice

I fucking implore you

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I'm kinda tired of mono people (even/especially queer ones) going "oh no poly people please RESPECT OUR BOUNDARIES I'm in a CLOSED RELATIONSHIP" like we're some kind of fucking threat to their couple and are out to break them apart just by existing

I'm just like good bc I can't conceive being in a relationship with someone who limits who I can fuck with or where I limit the other person can fuck that's literally all there is to it and that's just how I am and I would be extremely unhappy with my relationships if I did them any other way

You aren't the ones who have to explain that yes, you really are a couple who love each other
You aren't the ones whose relationship is getting called "not a couple, just friends who fuck" unprompted
You aren't the ones accused of perpetuating homophobic stereotypes about "infidelity" or just plainly called "cheaters" for something both parties consent to

There are just as many poly people who don't respect boundaries as single or cheating monos who don't either, it's not a problem with how we chose to live our relationships

So please enough with the whining, I shouldn't have to but I promise I'm not out to fuck your boyfriend who BELONGS to you, leave us alone

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jigsaw voice id like to play a little game. you didnt appreciate your full range of motion. now youre in a room with no traps and the door is unlocked. but you slept wrong for two days in a row and you have to navigate the labyrinth of your own manners of articulation to get out of bed in a way that doesn't cause you excruciating pain

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When folks say stuff like "carrots are 87% water" I always wonder how that's being measured.
Like first off, is the measurement by volume? By mass? By number of molecules? And what's actually being measured? 87% of everything? 87% of liquid? 87% of non-organic compounds?

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Dukat: Well well well... if it isn’t my old friend...
Dukat: the dawning realization that I fucked up bad.

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money (-) help needed 

I haven't been getting as many commissions as I've needed to pay for bills and the council has jacked my rent even higher. The next rent payment (~£110) is tomorrow and I am unable to pay it.

(I also have £200 in bills this month I haven't been able to pay either x.x)

If you have something you'd like to commission me to do, now would be a good time:

If not and you have some money to spare, you can donate:

apparently it was pretty recent. if you google "when did julian assange get married" you get the year of a previous marriage

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One of these days I'm gonna get fed up with Discord just like I did with Skype.

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I've submitted dozens of pieces to Ogdo for publication. And by "submitting pieces" I mean "typing the word 'ass' in Notepad until the file size is exactly 1GB, saving it, printing it all out, shredding it, then throwing my computer down a well."

it seems like every time I need to use namecheap or pixiv for something they have a completely different UI

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A reminder that participation trophies were invented to coddle the egos of sad boomer parents who couldnt cope with the fact their little Jimmy sucks fucking shit at sports

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