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Tally is getting into the spirit!
But how do we improve on a tried and true design?
How about a batsnake?

Art by Royalty on FA.
Commissioned by me.

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I am Tally. Friendly vampire bat.
He/him, just an upbeat and relaxed guy who loves you for your soft.
Plays video games, will gush about furry art, both yours and his own.

Might do an occasional NSFW, labeled properly, since I can control visibility better than on Twitter. Still deciding.

Other places to find me:

Ref sheet shown here drawn by Guttertongue on FA.

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Also featuring my other character: Aera Naramor
Where Tally is a reflection of myself, Aera is more distinctly a character.

Aera is a kobold very passionately into magical studies. She doesn't care that she's not the best, and in fact she is awful at evocation in particular.
But she's not about blowing stuff up, or flashy displays. She's a scholar, albeit sometimes reckless in her pursuits.
She is also very affectionate and giving to her friends, too.

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I have migrated to @Tallybat

Please refollow me there, thank you and sorry for the hassle. <3

Can anyone educate me on the 'migration' feature in Mastodon?

Does that carry over all content/metadata/etc. such as followers/toots?
Or does it only redirect messages, likes, mentions, etc.?

Choose Your Class:

⚒️ Arch-Communist (Health/Dodge Tank, High Sustain)

🏳️‍🌈 Gendernouveau (Defense Tank, Heavy Damage Buffs & Mitigation)

🐺 Socialist Fursona (Melee DPS, High Burst Damage)

🔥 Aesthetic Anarchist (Melee DPS, Self-Sustain, Positionals)

📔 Theorycrafter (Ranged DPS, Continuous Damage)

⌨️ Codemonkey (Ranged DPS, Caffeine Stacks, Debuffs)

🎨 Artisan Inque (Healer, Unique Buffs, Rotational Spells)

👩‍⚕️ Pop Psych (Healer, Extreme Burst Healing, Shields)

a commission for @Tallybat !!! they're happy to see u!

if you're interested in getting a commission like this, have a looksee at my sheet here!

[show more] has just now become my go-to way to say 'tell me more'

Learn the difference :

* Spiderman: got bit by a radioactive spider, aquired spider super powers, call himself "the Spider"
-> legit

* Batman: likes bats, have way too much money to waste on a bat costume he wears only at night with his catgirl friend, have no super powers but he's really into his role. Call himself "the Bat"
-> furry

Hot stuff 

Considering playing Alpha Centauri this morning.

Yes, I am that kind of person who replays old games a lot.

I probably missed all the horny [show more]

So who all is still awake at this hour?

I guess I laid down a little too hard!
Good morning everyone!

I think I'm gonna lay down for a bit to reset myself.

kink: androids/mental manipulation 

Wanted to try to engage myself in writing to fight emergent bad moods.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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poem on frustration//depression/mental blocks 

Oh! Since it was requested, if were tagging kink we should specify which kink in a word (e.g. kink, paws). That way folks know what they’re getting into orrrr under

oh shit it's 10pm *rushes to timeline, out of breath*
:wide_h: :wide_o: :wide_r: :wide_n: :wide_y:

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