Its like, the first time I try using two social medias, and its a bit hard to check both >w<
Hope everyone been doing well!

Skye also deserves some valentine's rep with their loving skunk Calpis :3
(Drawn by Dakota Yagami)

NEW #KttFF PAGE! In which no seriously where are we and why


This is the PENULTIMATE PAGE of Chapter 2! Now’s the perfect time to SHARE THIS PAGE and get others invested in what’s going on!

The chapter is nearing its end! After the intermission, I’ll be posting concept art and other goodies until we return with CHAPTER 3 on August 24th, 2023! I’ll see ya then!

#mastoart #furry #webcomic #solarpunk

it's a hecking freaking good day
and i wish you all an amazing day <3

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