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plural stuff 

We've been a system for a while but have been a bit nervous of about announcing it.

Naomi: πŸ‘ A cute little sleepy sheepy.
Magnolia: 🦈 A big tough but motherly shark
Cheryn: 🐭 A very tiny nerdy

We'll usually use those emojis to show who is talking.

Naomi and Magnolia use She/Her pronouns and Cheryn uses They/Them

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megaman battle network is just jojos but on the internet

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furry art done by a nice pal! 

new me done by a pal of mine who goes by @serendipitySand on twitter.

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🦈 Really funny how all of Nintendo's new limited time games both end their runs when Nintendo's fiscal year ends. No way thats related to why they're limited runs, right ? :v

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Its like an inverse fish tank
he fish look in at us

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I got a concussion and lost the ability to speak and instead of helping me the HoS put me in jail until "My drugs wore off"
Even after I gave a note to him explaining the situation.

Then I tried to save one of his lackeys who was suffocating by doing CPR and he whacks me with a baton for "trying to steal security stuff"

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🦈 Everybody who plays security in Space Station 13 is a scumbag

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imagine being a plushie

- very soff and fluffy
- full of love
- lots of cuddles
- dont have to eat or pee all the time
- instead sleep all day
- unbelievably cute

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Become my patron on Patreon today for access to the following exclusive content:

πŸŽ‰ :sparkles_blergo: nothing :sparkles_blergo: 🎊

(it's all free)

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Y’all look at these bigass mining tires we saw on the way down

They cost $20k-$30k each.

Amazing and awful!

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in gen 1 machamp can learn an OHKO move

when gen 1 pokemon get transferred up, they always get their hidden ability

one of machamp's regular abilities is


no guard

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three billion devices run java

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