Dive deep into your Flareon bud for warmth

(Flareon is Techno_Otaku)

Gonna be honest here, this needs to be a standard in fangames
does it.

Since people were complaining, I made it easier to understand, added the zone blocks so you know when you got back to the start and I've added L and W blocks so you know when you're gonna take the L or W.

That one time I turned the special stages into mini-golf

from : An Apeeling Sonic Hack [SHC 2015]

It's still Wednesday so i decided to do a quick sketch of MC27Xbox's character by abusing the heck out of XP 's spray tool for the shading.

Two friends watching a movie together~
featuring SquishiSprite's Step as the perfect popcorn table.

Oh yeah, trying for a change.

Still doing DOS era , made a palette reference with an example piece for each.

Limited slots open
Pricing : vadapega.art/commissions
(examples are at 32x32)

Since the start of 2022 I've had pizza every friday and since the second friday I've drawn a friend's character during the time the pizza takes to bake.

Have either skills improved? You may be the judge.

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