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Right then. Busy day today. Gonna need to grab cleaning supplies then head over to the flat


tfw you see rainbow colours in the distance, and you're not sure if it's for pride or the NHS.

Mh- food 



Come on, Mark. Only two shifts and then you're on yer hols.

Shout out to all my long boyes

Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shout out to all my long boyes

Chase rabbits

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Don't mind me, just marching in place to a 70 minute long disco album.

I am bad at charity 

Who designed these SpaceX uniforms?

They look like baddies from a PS2 game you bought for $4.99 back in the day, but then never really played because it was garbage.

lmaoooooo "A little tangential but Today I went to the Barclays Center where the George Floyd protests took place this evening. I gotta say some of my favorite vandalism was this one at this unnecessary succulent and CBD store"

uspol, my reasoning and pacifism continued 

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uspol, my reasoning and pacifism 

uspol, engage snarky voice 

Working on a PowerPoint to educate friends and loved ones

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