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Hi, I'm Mark or Vordus or Marmly, depending on what combination of awkward noises you wish to refer to me by.

I like podcasts, video games, pirates (nautical variety, pref. Caribbean), television, superhero media, tabletop RPGs and board games. And probably a plethora of other dorky things.

I suffer from social anxiety but want to be more social, so please badger me into conversations.

Also I have two dogs, Sydney and Jade. They're cute. There will be pics.

Remember: Werewolves aren't always aware that they're heading into a no entry zone; if you see one doing so, kindly redirect them to the correct door. Thank you.

using a twitter cross-poster and posting a bunch of stuff that people here usually put behind a CW out of courtesy is kinda the masto equivalent of having a loud public phone conversation in a cafe, please put a tiny bit more effort into your presence here.

@KristianCollie Gotta yell at you for a thing (if I'm remembering correctly) you were wrong about on a podcast.

Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' has at least one (1) example of irony.

When Mr. Play-It-Safe's plane crashes down he thinks 'Well isn't this nice.' This is an example of verbal irony. I mean, sure, she was trying for situational irony and missed repeatedly, but you take what you can get.

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I think I'm going to go with paper at EGX this year. Guidebook is okay, but it's a bit too limited, and I'd rather spend the battery elsewhere.

Plans for today: bit of relaxation, bit of light exercise, prepare for EGX.

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I have a week and a half off. Hooray.

Although I don't think I get another week off until November after this one D:

Oh no, it's 3am again. How did that happen?

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As just stated on a podcast I'm listening to "an otter is a very twinky bear" is an excellent sentence that makes absolutely no sense to people outside of the LGBT community.

Hey, I am not good at the social. Can somebody please help me be better at the social?

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