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Hi, I'm Mark or Vordus or Marmly, depending on what combination of awkward noises you wish to refer to me by.

I like podcasts, video games, pirates (nautical variety, pref. Caribbean), television, superhero media, tabletop RPGs and board games. And probably a plethora of other dorky things.

I suffer from social anxiety but want to be more social, so please badger me into conversations.

Also I have two dogs, Sydney and Jade. They're cute. There will be pics.

Does anyone know any deserving 'content creators' who have an Epic Game Store creator code?

hugs are nice. I know who I'd like to be hugging right now.

alc, request for questions 



Help I am in a social situation with members of my family.

I resurrected my Nationstates account from high school and it turned out to have a 98% tax rate.

I should probably go back to bed because im in an extremely bad mood

you ever think about how scratch from AOSTH is perfect?

in this ted talk I will..


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