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Ah, bugger.

I'm comfy in bed... but I forgot to take my meds. ;_;

Ph, pain 

Well, it's currently hailing outside, so there's my excuse to stay in the house for now.

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Ph, pain 

On the one hand I should really exercise.

On the other hand yesterday I exercised so hard that I was in pain, and one of my legs still isn't comfortable.

If only there was some medium state between not exercise and doing all the exercise. :thaenkin:

Godammit, I just got in the bath so of course my delivery is about to arrive.

Okay, time for a relaxed day. Right up until the point where I panic over how few steps I've taken and then rush to get my daily target.

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Hey so the Seattle Police Department is holding a free Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner next week!

It Sure Would Be Terrible if all the seats were taken up by people who aren't law enforcement officers and don't intend to show up! :blobowoevil:

So tired.

Oh well, time to do an exercise x.x

I can't see my own terrible toot because I blocked the word lewd.

Lewd mention, violence mention, weird tired thoughts about movies 

The recruitment scene from Swordfish, but instead of the distractions being a gun to his head and a blowjob, it's just that his terminal has been set to use the 'Jokerman' font

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OKAY! I finished it!!!

it's her.

(Yes I went silly and did scanlines and funny hacker textscreen I HAD to)

I am no longer in the bath so you may not ask me anything.

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Hello, I have spent almost two hours in this bath AMA


All three members of the Axis of Awesome dress as members of the Spice Girls at one point in the video, but Jordan has since come out as Trans and transitioned.

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Watching the Axis of Awsome's music video for the single release of Four Chord Song and thinking 'two of these three people are in drag'.

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