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mh-, Christmas 

Procrastinating over buying Christmas presents to stave off the slowly building panic attack over buying Christmas presents.

Slippers update: still in dryer. Feet cold.

ph-, mh+ 

Although I'll have to wait for the washing machine (see! Already done some pottering about!) to finish because it's got my slippers in it. They'll need tumble drying too.

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ph-, mh+ 

Still not feeling amazing, either because of lingering vaccine side effects or because of my terrible sleeping habits right now. It feels like I did on the last couple of days of Covid recovery though, so I'm not concerned.

But I've already had two self-care days in a row, so today I'm going to have a potter about the house day. Maybe I'll start to decorate for Christmas. Maybe I'll vacuum the upstairs. Who knows.


My chest hurts today, which is concerning. But then, I've only slept four hours so it's probably been triggered by that.

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Went back to sleep and then had a nightmare about one of my school bullies.

-, mh, ph 

...I just stood up too fast and nearly fainted.

Okay, I think I'll forgive myself for staying on the sofa? For now, at least.

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-, mh, ph 

I've not even started on Christmas gifts.

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-, mh, ph 

Weh. All I've done today is sit on the sofa, play video games, and eat more than my diet dictates.

Sure, I'm here on my own, on holiday, feeling crappy after yesterday's booster jab, but I really feel like I've left myself down.

Sure, by the standards of my eating disorder what I ate today was nothing, and I've very much stopped, but I feel like a failure.

Pandemic mention 

Right then. I've had a proper sleep and then gone back and gotten an extra hour to reinforce it. I've taken a bath and now I need to get up and out of the house and go out in the snowy streets to potter about town for a while before I get my Covid booster. Then I need to wander down to Sainsbury's to pick up some food for the next few days, after which I can go home and spend the evening being cosy.

Hello, I am very tired due to bad sleep. But I have cleaned the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The vacuum needs to charge before I can do anything to the floors though.

It's going to be cold tonight, and I'm going to spend tomorrow pottering about the house doing various chores, so I've turned the heating back on. Hopefully I'll actually sleep tonight.

I made the mistake of leaving bed and am no longer comfy.

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