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Marmly Owl (Vordus)

me using Chrome OS: *Opens door and steps into living room.* This place is cosy, but there's this dude just staring at me from across the room. *opens another door, and steps through it, only to find myself in the same room*

22 years later, GameFAQs is still GameFAQs

Right then. Lets see what crap I can afford to buy and then immediately feel guilty about buying because capitalism.

DiC's second Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon dares to ask the question "How bad would the world have to be for this unlikeable prat of a hedgehog to still be considered a hero?"

Please Retoot!

Do you ever get moments where it feels like the texture of existence suddenly changed? Like real life's framerate shot up all of a sudden?

Me: If I become a furry I'll have an alter-ego to make socialisation easier and an avenue in which to make new friends

*never speaks to anybody outside of my existing social circle*

Me: Fine then! I'll join a bunch of discords! I'll have to socialise then!

*lurks in the discords feeling far to awkward and shy to engage anyone in meaningful conversation*

Don't mind me, just reading Sally's part of the SATAM show bible and seeing GAL PALS all over

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the uncanny xmen number one was the first appearance of marvels iconic telekineticist Jey

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Opera is pretty good at the moment. I definitely prefer it to Firefox.

It's not as nice as Chrome, but I got fed up of constantly looking over my shoulder and seeing Google's smug smirk.


It doesn't affect DARYL HALL...

Tired: Peanuts are legumes, not nuts.
Wired: Peanuts are n'ts.

Shine on, you weird paranoid libertarian genius.

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