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Hi, I'm Mark or Vordus or Marmly, depending on what combination of awkward noises you wish to refer to me by.

I like podcasts, video games, pirates (nautical variety, pref. Caribbean), television, superhero media, tabletop RPGs and board games. And probably a plethora of other dorky things.

I suffer from social anxiety but want to be more social, so please badger me into conversations.

Also I have two dogs, Sydney and Jade. They're cute. There will be pics.

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Anyone got podcast reccommendations? I need to consume more in my endless voracious need.

Poker Night at the Inventory is already no longer available on Steam, so expect more games to vanish over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Oops, just realised that whenever I create an anthro character in city of heroes it's technically a fursona.

Anyone got podcast reccommendations? I need to consume more in my endless voracious need.

Urg, I don't want to get up but if I don't I won't be able to get any food before my 8hr shift.

Oh no. The unavoidable curiosity created by a small wall of 'Filtered' posts. Do not scratch the itch, Mark.

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thinking that its time to lay the facts loose about mastodon.
1) eugen is not real. hes a pile of bees that have gained sentience and use the selfies of a guy named terrence foreman from utah who sells radiators.
2) mastodon is just twitter with some css changes. federation isnt real.
3) bofa got shut down because selfagency saw the bees and learned their true names, not because he was a nasty man with bad takes
4) mastodon was originally meant to be a social network for bees

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Welcome! Chitter is a social network fostering a friendly, inclusive, and incredibly soft community. All sorts of folk with all sorts of interests gather here. At any time, the local timeline might be talking about video games, tech, art, furry stuff, LGBTQIA and identity, jokes (lots of jokes,) etc…