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okay, time to do productive things that aren't exhaust my willingness to play games by trying to rush through a beta test.

Hey, uh, Wilmot's Warehouse is free on EGS.

You should probably, get that...

frog hat dlc 

The internet: We made a funny online sport with the weirdest, stupidest possible lore behind it!

Actual real life sports:



Part of me says I should take a break.

Another says that I should finish the job.

I mean, seriously. Who needs a cover image for a completely dead fishing MMO?

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Oops, I've been doing steam covers for hours again.

One of the advantages has over any other piece of software I've ever used is that if you install a new font you won't have to restart the application in order to use it.

I think the reason that the My Family Creative Studio kids need My Family Creative studio is so that they can send gubbins to granny and grandad who are eternally far, far away following the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville tour.

Oh gods, Fall Guys is out.

Do I buy Fall Guys.

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