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Hi, I'm Mark or Vordus or Marmly, depending on what combination of awkward noises you wish to refer to me by.

I like podcasts, video games, pirates (nautical variety, pref. Caribbean), television, superhero media, tabletop RPGs and board games. And probably a plethora of other dorky things.

I suffer from social anxiety but want to be more social, so please badger me into conversations.

Also I have two dogs, Sydney and Jade. They're cute. There will be pics.

I should have mentioned, that's a quote from Rami Ismail.

The quote of the week about Valve has to be

"I hope they stay around because seeing them iterate through the problem of β€˜Shit, we have a competitor now’ – hopefully it’ll be hilarious."

All words are onomatopoeias of the noise that happens when someone says that word.

Here's the 4 I've done so far today. I'm doing these as rewards for people who sign up for $5 on Patreon. If you wanna do it too you're almost outta time!!!

Do do dodoo doodoo da do da dooo dooo

well crud. My laptop just fell apart and now the keyboard is just hanging loose.

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If you want to hear my thoughts on the Google Stadia, I've posted an in-depth write-up on my Google+ page.

It it just my exposure to the furry fandom, or is this out of context Capwolf page extremely horny?

Did they show anything new off at the Sonic The Hedgehog SXSW panel, or was it just info and concept art?

It feels like the noclip podcast has devolved from 'intricate documentary' to 'two dudes talk about games' in 8 episodes.

Which is to say that having your producer on as your guest is an astonishing cop-out.

Headshot commission for my friend of his red panda character, Amber!

You know what cool thing I just thought of but will never exist?

A Marvel Comics Ace Attorney game.

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