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Hi, I'm Mark or Vordus or Marmly, depending on what combination of awkward noises you wish to refer to me by.

I like podcasts, video games, pirates (nautical variety, pref. Caribbean), television, superhero media, tabletop RPGs and board games. And probably a plethora of other dorky things.

I suffer from social anxiety but want to be more social, so please badger me into conversations.

Also I have two dogs, Sydney and Jade. They're cute. There will be pics.

Hey Firaxis? It's time for a new Sid Meier's Sim Golf.

Call it Sid Meier's Golf Tycoon or something.

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Oh no, I'm finally reading Mark Russell's Snagglepuss. Oh no.

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@roxy The braking/changing direction at high speed slide animation is fantastic by the way.

@roxy Are you still planning on refining Lance's animations? (stupid question; when have you stopped trying to refine anything you've made?) Because if so it's kind of weird that he can go from spinning to standing straight upright without the spinning momentum having any effect on his standing stance?

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