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Open for Switch friend code 



Broke down crying at work today, lads.

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important information to know about lumens and brightness levels! 😊

God, I love absolute bottom of the barrel supervillains.

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God, this was a good episode of she-hulk

I discovered recently that Shibuyapunk is a term folks have been using to describe Jet Set Radio/The World Ends With You aesthetics. Learning this has completely fucked me up because I could have sworn I coined that term.

Basically, my options are to lowball my weight slightly and go like, 10% over the stated weight limit on a bike, or to pay stupid prices.

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honestly, it really overstadia its welcome

No, Amazon, I am not paying fucking Β£99 for delivery. What the fuck

mh- self harm 

Looking at exercise bikes and wanting to hurt myself.

Mh--- suicidal ideation 

What if I just drowned myself in this bath?

I should have a bath. I feel gross and my back hurts.


Russia, mate.

If you're going to fake poll results, you can't pull the 98%ers, because everyone knows that's bollocks. If you got 100 people in a room and asked them if they enjoyed breathing you'd get more than two opposing votes.

Do people even know what I mean when I end a terrible joke with 'I'll get me coat' any more?

nostalgic earworm 

Now you're a hero

You managed to beat the whole damn ga-ame

We're happy you made it

But how are you gonna spend the rest of this da-ay?

Maybe watch a video

Maybe press refresh and start again


And now I'm smacking myself in the head at 1am

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