Gamedev and math nonsense 

My favorite solution so far, would be to use 64-bit integers for position and velocity and such.

No rounding! But also no decimal places. To deal with -that-, this system would be in units of -microns-. Thousandths of a millimeter. About the width of a bacteria.

And 64-bit integers are SO ENORMOUS that this would give me a playable area of about twice the diameter of Pluto's orbit.

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Gamedev and math nonsense 

So, I had an idea for a game to make. Again. I have a lot of these but I'm getting better at actually following through!

This one's a weird spaceship fighty game, with enormous distances involved. Like, the entire orbit of a planet and its moon, KSP-style.

On such large scales, floating point imprecision would be an actual issue! As things get further away from the coordinate system origin, they'd become increasingly wrong.

There's an animal called the Water Flea. It has a single compound eye, a sphere of lenses that sees in all directions- Partially backwards through its own transparent head.


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"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

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> In Room 2, Leinir and Andrew Shoben literally couldn't hide their excitement while presenting /KDE Wags Your Tail/, in which they explained how to control animatronic tails and ears using software based on free software and KDE's Kirigami framework.

You heard that right. #KDE and #FreeSoftware is here to augment you with what the base human model lacks (if you want it). This kind of #furry #technology can't happen fast enough 🦊

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character redesigned with a ref sheet. 

shes done now
im so happy

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Shiptember, game screenshots 

Now, this was originally supposed to be an art-based thing, but there's people using lego modeling software and spaceship-making games as their medium, so I've decided to use Space Engineers to do this!
For the first prompt of "light fighter", I made this: the VF-10 'Horsefly' snub fighter! (Yes, I know that's another prompt, I didn't see it until now >.>)
It's got 2 4-barrel 23mm rotary cannons and 2 45mm autocannons, as well as retractable landing gear!

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"I have legs for days but more in the 'width' dimension"

microgravity throwing techniques: use your tail as a counterweight for the full-body fling

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