4.5 hours of blender guide videos consumed so far

"where's that ship from?"

"looks like saturn"

"yeah i *know* it looks like saturn but where did it *come* from?"

A small ship called a "comet", painted in Sigillaria colors. The main city of Saturn... colors their ships like Saturn. Creative.

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Autism + Show more

My plan to do fancy painting style failed, I cannot resist clean geometry blocks

No idea how to draw backgrounds past this stage, my normal lining technique won't make any sense... so I guess it's time to Paint

[drawing space city]

[comes to a complete stop to look up guidelines on ramps and elevators for twenty minutes]

Did anyone else have those star wars cross-section books

Turns out it's fun to draw like that

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Intense Emotion art, violence Show more

Intense Emotion art, violence Show more

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