Looking up ways neural networks fail to get ideas for horrific scifi psychological afflictions youtube.com/watch?v=ktxhiKhWoE

Path of Exile math 

here's the calculating I was doing for my character

evasion (vs blind): 64% to evade
dodge: 3%
armour (with fortify): 45% reduction
fortify: 30% reduction
block: 55% to block
total reduction: 94%

only takes 6% of damage from physical attacks! ...On average. Block and evasion either block everything or nothing, it's very exciting having my health bar oscillate so fast.

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Path of Exile math 

this is apparently the kind of game I like, with this enormous damage calculation sequence pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Rece

Individual defenses like "armour" and "block chance" have strict limits, but they all reduce damage one at a time in sequence, so if you stack defensive layers you can get real silly.

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At last, pathfinder preparations for tomorrow are complete. It only took... Twelve hours. Oops.

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To fly is to be free.
To read the winds is to feel the pulse of the planet. To outrun a storm, to ride the roar of a hurricane, to flow and let all flow through you, is to live.
We left, we dragons. When humans became too much of a nuisance we left.
The winds are better on Venus.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

been playing Golden Sun! I've never really played a jrpg type game before...

unless pokemon counts.

(Relatedly, I've decided these Dragon Reactors use MHD generators. Mainly because it means they'll have pretty plumes of glowing exhaust plasma at high power.)

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Just started playing Stardew Valley and got a mod that turns everyone into cute furries...

oh wait I already have the perfect picture for this

(this one is actually kind of suggestive)

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