Fiction rule discovered: If a villain dies offscreen, the villain didn't die.

I made a group chat for an rpg called "ICON"

Changing the channel name to Icon felt strange, so I changed the channel icon to "Channel Name" to make it symmetric.

Yes I feel very clever

One of my favorite games is on sale for $1. It is simultaneously some of the goofiest and best scifi I know.

Also it has excellent multiplayer. Get it so I have people to play with :B

There's a reason for the name! My playing around with mechanics led to accidental lore.

The first version used strange melee weapons called "chain whips", I thought they might do something dangerous to light units. It turns out they don't fit the job, and you can only swing one per turn, so I had to switch to something else.

But the mental image was so evocative that I wanted to keep the name.

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I've been playing Battletech! Like, the old tabletop game, via MegaMek.

Drew one of the custom mechs I've invented.

going feral with the armor on is a great intimidation tactic

this... IS planned, right??

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you may have heard of the "weasel war dance"
[capacitor charging sound]
but what about the weasel warp dance

Vanna, self-styled "pirate queen", wearing the sleeves of an exosuit with no body harness as a power move

Older art that I don't think I ever put here: A remote-controlled puppet body! And some of the sequence of developing it. I usually don't share all the attempts leading up to something.

the node tree for this body-modding game looks utterly deranged.

I made a funny cow-print airship.
I'm calling it a "bomber", it just happens to throw the bombs *really hard*

I like how still-loading games "smear" things when they move.

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