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Rocket Powered Apes

The Galactic Council of Advanced Races regarded the humans from planet Earth with a mix of fear and bemused detachment.

Unlike every other intelligent race in the galaxy, these sentient monkeys had somehow missed discovering the antigraviton. As a result, their technology relied on explosions. Their noisy cars left trails of filth across their planet, and their fledgling space program could barely progress beyond their own moon, using massive, dangerous rockets.


It feels very thematically appropriate that I'm being haunted by an Edgar Allan Poe poem I can't get out of my head.

(it's The Bells, in this case.)

A story about the weasels and their alarmingly cavalier attitudes toward grievous bodily harm!


(Marked mature for gore. You can read it without logging in here: d.furaffinity.net/art/voxsomni )

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Various attempts to add pretty shadow-rays to the scene have gone... strangely.

I didn't mean to put the stars out, I swear.

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With the power of QUATERNIONS and BASIS MATRICES I have made a spaceship spin around.

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robot girl who has very strong opinions on battlebots (she wants to compete)

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Someone on fedi called advertising "pollution" and that's a perfect descriptor.

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it's not electrocution if you don't die from it; then it's just sparkling sparking

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girls only want one thing

and it's walkable mixed use medium-density urbanism

holy heck they weren't kidding about the abyss gazing back

Opponent ships!
Not yet programmed. Just the sprites pasted in like puppets.

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This is, ostensibly, for Games Made Quick, but I probably won't finish in time. itch.io/jam/games-made-qviick

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