The weaveworms! Their thinking parts are in their skin. Individually dull, while in close contact they combine into a sort of group superbrain. The shackle makes sure they don't lose themself.

Pixel art of a skull. But an alive skull! Is that better or worse? 

"LEMME SEE YOUR WARFACE-- GAH. Nevermind. Put it back."

"This is only The West if you have a very eurocentric view-- I don't mean that in any kind of philosophical way, I mean your map is centered on Europe."

I was correct in thinking this would be an extremely cool start/load sequence.

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Technical details 

For anyone else doing cube things:

This is made with Godot, a game engine and editor on roughly the same level with Unity.

I added voxel tools, which is a bit fiddly to install, but there are instructions!

And if/when it comes up, I might use Rust bindings for more intense math than gdscript can easily do.

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@HoneyMoon @dialupdoll i really like the idea of trans ally fae like "can i have your name? there, say, one you've been meaning to offload anyway?"

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can we all PLEASE stop referring to donation/mutual aid posts as "begposting" :boost_ok: 

please!!! because us all using this terminology gives credence to the bullshit disk horse from today

i know you feel shitty about asking for help, and ashamed, and are proverbially bowing down your head when you use the term "begpost" but it does more damage than help

because it makes us look //guilty//

we shouldnt feel guilt or shame for asking for help

thank you for reading!

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