[LIVE] [GAMING STREAM] A small moth flutters past you, beckoning you to follow. will you join them for some tea?

KH2 RANDO then maybe some drawing???


im going to bed right now but yall better leave some hugs for when i wake up

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please to be giving me hugs right this very instant

us: we're going to do some art tonight
also us: build a bibliography for my (future) phd instead oopsie woopsie

it's taken a while to really figure out throne but i did it tonight and its done its done i did it 😤

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HI EVERYONE as it's almost the festive month, it's finally time for me to start posting my wishlist. this year i'm using THRONE so please go here if you would like to contribute or buy me things!! you can also suggest gifts!! throne.me/u/imjustmoth

the rink was very quiet and very aesthetic this morning for accessible skating hours

what if I just drew homed stucks forever until I was good ag art have you considered that huh

hey plural friends how do nyall deal with when someone else uses the body to cry but you're just vibing

im a senators fan, girlfriends a canucks fan

last game we won 4-1 on home ice
last night canucks won 4-1 on home ice

not gunna let the canucks show us up 😤😤😤😤😤

think its really funny that us, an person whomst works in hospitality, keeps seeing news articles about how strikes happening are going to damage the "bystander" hospitality sector


wanna make it clear that We're Verh Okay, but we wanna make sure dome of yall follow us elsewhere knowing there'll never be a place quite like this

Well twitter its been real so if you follow me here you're cool, add me here:

discord: Moth#8083
tumblr: melodyaligned.tumblr.com
cohost: cohost.org/melodyaligned
twitch: twitch.tv/imjustmoth

I love you all so much, thank you for watching us grow into someone we're proud of 💙

🛹OKAY my shins hurt BUT I had an amazing time and I'm gunna keep going!!! the rinks so close to home I'd be stupid not to

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