potato soup, the potato you can drink

Hello, this is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Linux as "Lil Nas X"

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it's interesting, on twitter my entire timeline is nothing but coronavirus posts, but on mastodon the only people talking about it are people who crosspost from twitter

*shadowbringers start menu music* OOOOOOOOHHHH TINY PAAAAWWWSSS

yeah i like to live..,,. dangerously

*manually updates windows 10*

video game: "these statues... seem so lifelike..."

me: "aww shit we're gonna have to fight them"

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"i think i'll lock my account so i can manually approve who follows me"

*suddenly realizes that requires effort on my part*


"The US says Huawei has been spying through 'back doors' designed for law enforcement"

oh no we built vulnerabilities into our infrastructure and now someone other than us is exploiting them

thinking about oor wullie and his fucking bucket

"Ok, so I've built this giant machine to defeat the hero. It's fully armored, fires a constant barrage of missiles, occasionally fires a helpful item for the hero that the machine is weak against, and flies"

"Wait, what was that?"

"It flies!"

"No, the oth-"

"Rocket boosters!"

The word of the day is: Dubious

Why is it the word of the day? Because I think it's funny and fun to say

honestly my favorite 3D Mario game is still Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. The stereoscopic 3D made the platforming so much better, easier, and more fun than any other 3D platformer has managed to accomplish

oh no I got a quest in assassin's creed odyssey to train a village of when to fight after all the men left for war so now I have Be A Man stuck in my head

My biggest issue the "flirting" dialogue options in most games is that whoever writes these is extremely bad at flirting

I've been wondering lately if Nintendo would ever release a fully home console version of the Switch, similar to how there's the fully portable Switch Lite.

Same hardware as the regular Switch, minus the screen and battery, add an SSD for additional storage. Give it a design resembling the Switch dock and include larger, more ergonomic joycons.

I kinda doubt they will ever do this tbh but it's interesting to think about

waddle dee is stronger than you could possibly imagine

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