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im maxx

I don't know much more beyond that myself, but I'm figuring it out!

I'm non-binary, bi, and poly. I love my friends and like playing video games. Maybe one day I'll get around to making one!

I always make sure to write recovery codes down but not label them so a month later when I see it again I have no idea what it's for

yay got some cleaning done

Freaky Clowns Where Are They Now

What ever happened to those clowns everyone was freaking out about?

I've been using YouTube Music for about a week now and here's my review: It's really bad


someone bring me some fig newtons please

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basically, the bottom line here is don't DM your dick pics.

there's about a gazillion reasons why that's a horrible idea.

disclosure of your dick pics message by a hostile instance is only one of them, but also there is the issue that attachments can be crawled and your dick pics can be leaked that way.

not to mention the admin can view your dick pics, and you probably didn't think about that, now did you?*

* to be clear, I haven't actually viewed any dick pics of any user, this is probably because we don't advertise ourselves to the sort of people who would DM their dick pics around.

I wish there was an app out there that looked/worked like google news but only sourced from RSS feeds you subscribe to

like, I'm not saying you HAVE to use open source but there's so many articles out there that break their own rules like this. Web apps can be proprietary too

about 100 different articles "let's see what it's like to only use free and open source software! So, for email I'm just using gmail as a webapp,"

that's not open source...

yaaaay custom emoji in usernames in new tusky update

just want to remind everyone that samoyeds

ggggg I really wish mozilla would fix scrolling on firefox for android so I could actually use it

I haven't actually tried any of the preview builds of Android P but seeing stuff from the final one today... It's amazing the gesture navigation stuff is still in this state. It's just... bad

I gave him a camisole and now he's my boyfriend