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I really hope the wildfires are hurting Amazon's Fire brand at least

Urianger: "Thou art returned. Wert thou able to obtain thine goods yonder?"

Me: "Uh.. v--verily, mine lord. I hath brought y-thine stuff you... hath askethed for... eth."

"Open source software is about collaboration and sharing knowledge to benefit us all"

"Hey can I ask you a question?"

"Fuck you"

When a boomer is about to repeat something someone from another country said and you realize you have 0.3 seconds to brace yourself for racist accent

what are dads, and where do they come from? the answers still elude our greatest minds

yo how m.2 drives so small? how they do that?

Anyone know why on Ubuntu, Tweetdeck uses the Ubuntu font even if I've changed the system fonts to something else? I think it's the only site that does this...

every dragoon in ffxiv <The Azure Dragoon>

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Жалко, что это только концепт. Эх, ностальгия.. 😭

The music in Shadowbringers is soooo good

I watched the new rocko it was good and cute

Just met the first and only fat person in the entire universe of ffxiv I think

mmos are great because I can slay several gods and be renowned across the realm for my power but then go to a new area in an expansion and get killed by a swarm of flies because I wasn't paying attention

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