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i want to look cute today but i don't have any cute clothes so maybe i should just be naked

I got to turn into a hot succubus tonight

every anthro yellow lab just looks like mr. peanutbutter now. i'm sorry, yellow lab furries

I don't know who this is and I refuse to find out

like, you'd THINK there's just a single Reminders service with an api that several apps can access but no, there's just a bunch of apps that have their own reminders and some can see each other's but others can't because Google

reminders on android are so fucking weird I'm not even sure where I should go to set one

hanging out with cute people

I like art that just, normalizes breasts in a non-sexual way. I want more of that

with rolled up sleeves and their hair up

honestly the whole gearbox thing just sounds like the rich people version of two friends breaking up and doing callout posts of each other

"I'm ending the call now. And I'm not calling back."

no one says goodbye like

sex workers are the coolest people and if you disrespect them I will eat all your skin

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