bad news, everyone. my plushies have unionized and are making unreasonable demands like "not getting knocked off the bed in the middle of the night"

whenever I watch a video with a kid in it and they wave to the camera, I wave back every time. I can't help it

I don't think Google would just cancel Stadia, they've poured too many resources into it. I think Stadia is very important to them, not just because it could be a service that makes money for them, but it will essentially help fund the development of technologies it requires that will be extremely useful in it's other cloud based services.

They could absolutely still fuck it up though. Google+ was another project they viewed as very important and poured considerable resources into and, well

[DYKG on Sea of Thieves] "It was originally planned for the player to be charged gold as a penalty for dying by the captain of the ferry of the damned. Having to pay more or less depending on how avoidable the death was."

ah, the U.S. healthcare model

doesn't even really need to be a protogen tbh. I just want a robot character with a face screen. i love that shit

kinda want a protogen character tbh

here's my hot pokemon take: 

here's my hot pokemon take: 

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god damn i've never been called out so hard in my life

I'm not sure what game I want to play next...

I'm thinking either nier atomato, replaying and finally actually finishing chrono trigger, or replaying skyrim and finally doing the dragonborn dlc

before anyone else get's sassy, yes I know I forgot "install"

maxx@maxx-pc:~$ sudo apt-get sassc
[sudo] password for maxx:
E: Invalid operation sassc

I mean, I guess it did get sassy...

showing up to the revolution in fishnets and booty shorts

tfw you're not sure if someone soft blocked you or are just using a new account

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