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I've had the deltarune battle music stuck in my head since i woke up

when you have two catboys in the same chat

I searched google and apparently I'm the first person to come up with polyamyuri? You're welcome

everyone who complains about video game localization being "censorship" should be forced to play a version of the game where all the dialogue has just been run through google translate

Fuck Wit Dre Day, Still Dre, and Forgot About Dre

Dr. Dre's "Please Be Nice To Me" trilogy

What's the matter, kid? Never SLEEP before? Heh. Watch this...


me when males are invited to stay away but females are welcome to follow the sound of my voice: "awoo"

I didn't realize howling was so polite

I'm glad I'm not the only one who expected Kris to start doing the Thriller dance at the end of Deltarune

"You're a vegetable" — Michael Jackson

oops I stayed up too late reading about wanted fugitives who went missing and were never found

I don't even remember why ..

I'm tired I don't know what I'm talking about

If Great Britain is "Great" because it's larger than Brittany and British Columbia is larger than it, shouldn't British Columbia be Great Britain?

It at least helps when they have a funny name like Wiener or something

american political stuff wouldn't be as annoying to have to see all the time if there weren't so many names to keep track of.

I can't tell Chip Mulfner from Biff Johnson

oh right i was watching a anime...

i got distracted

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