there's so many cool things you can do with bash scripts, I wish I could think of anything that would actually be useful to me lmao

It would probably be good to base which buddies I hire in Monster Hunter: Rise based off their stats, but I just go like "THIS CAT IS NAMED PATRICIA" and then train her to be a killing machine

thinking about all the time spent in elementary school teaching us to write cursive and ensuring us that despite these newfangled computers, it's a skill we would definitely need as adults

Calculating the environmental impact of people dissociating in front of their open fridge

I set up KDE connect so I can get notified on my phone every time webkitgtk crashes 😍

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Monty Hall: Would you like to switch?
Me, remembering the solution and how to maximize my chances of obtaining a goat: No.

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it's that time of the year again when I remember the sun can still be out after 8pm and it fucks my brain up

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Covid / Donations 

My boyfriend has covid, and all my current Toyhouse OC sales will be going to help them:

Here's their individual donation post:

big gruff guy in every anime: "BWAHAHA!"

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remembering how I wasn't sure what gregg's gender was in night in the woods for like half the game and how it didn't matter

I'm sure it was explicitly stated, I'm just dumb lmao

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Just my favorite art I think I've made. Lots of lil glowy lights.

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