The Next Generation writers absolutely tried to fit "facade" and "charade" into Picard's dialogue as much as possible because they liked the way Patrick Stewart says it, right?

showered after dying my hair and my pronouns washed out :(

Really need to figure out what's up with my wifi on my PC…

I'm watching prehistoric planet. I think we should bring dinosaurs back

saying "not" after a sentence was the 90s version of /s

one of the movers looks exactly like michael stipe

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how come whenever there's neighbors moving out it's never the neighbors I want to move u_u

Just remembered last night I dreamt I met the kid that made Chug Jug With You and default danced to the song with him

listening to The Go! Team this morning to give me energy

Finished the latest volume of Spy x Family! The next volume doesn't come out till September 😭

Maybe I'll check out the anime…

one of those days where I'm basically just going "what was I doing again" over and over for the entire day

Oh~ Oh Maxxi, how'd you get so pregnant? Who's the mother? Oh, Who's the father?

Is the kool-aid man made of glass as he appears to be? If so, I do not think he would be able to smash through brick walls as the kool-aid company would have us believe. I think this would end poorly for him

everything is more funny when you put it in "quotation marks"

I just want to jump through a painting like mario

did you know: Linus Tech Tips is his full birth name

I wish Nintendo had made more super mario land games in the style of the first one. I really liked it

There's an entire genre of YouTube video that's just "fan of one type of music reacts to another type of music" and it's just someone losing their mind over some random song and being like "maybe it is possible to like more than one thing"

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