I'm using Mozilla VPN btw it's pretty nice

today i'm in vienna

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I don't even need a vpn. I just spent 5 dollars (I can probably get back) to go "haha it thinks i'm in a different place" for a month

*switches to zurich*

"why is there a red square with a plus sign next to my loca- oh right... that's the swiss flag..."

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*sets vpn's location to lisbon*

"why does everything think I'm in Portugal???"

TIL Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and not a country

I'm sorry this account is just my "occasionally log in and rant about tech stuff" account lol

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whhyyyyy is there no way to hide the discord app indicator on ubuntu? it's so ugly and useless

Hmmm.... So I just got a new phone and decided to install tusky and log in (hello btw) and I was messing around with the setting and moved the tabs to the bottom and his the title bar and now there's just no way to access the side menu??? lmao

That's where the link to the preferences is located so I can't change it back...

at least I think that's what's going on lmao

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weird way to find out a customization you installed in your browser messed with the user agent

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ugh I keep opening the wrong app whenever I go to open one of my google apps lately. I have no idea why

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I still really need work - UX Design work in the Seattle area or remote work, specifically. Please let me know if you have any leads, I'm getting desperate!

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I read one article on systemd on my phone yesterday and now google is recommending me a shit ton of articles on init systems from the past 5 years wtf

"I don't have much experience with this Linux distro, so I think I'll search for some info on it"

*searches fedora tips*

*gets a page full of memes of dudes tipping their fedoras*

"...I deserved that"

add bump mapping support to animal crossing patterns imo

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