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give me Untitled Moose Game where you play as an canadian eldritch megafauna terrorizing a small rural town

Top critical review of every game on the play store: "Well this was an amazing game until it crashed on me and now i'M CRYING IN THE CORNER AND MY LIFE IF OBVER I HPOE YOUR HPPY!!! FIX THIS STUIPD GAME I PAID NOTHING FOR!! FIX IT!!1! I HATE YOU MOM!!!"

“Blow it out your ass, bitch! It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than you to stop me!” - Ryuko Matoi


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stream notif , nsfw 

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not a cell phone or book in sight. just person living in the moment

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I'm curious, what status privacy do you default to? Feel free to boost!

me having a Heated Gamer Moment: "Fuck you baby rosalina! Why don't you go change your diaper, you... awful baby!"

I actually get teary eyed thinking about how good dogs are

I love dogs so much. They're so good

I'm curious, what status privacy do you default to? Feel free to boost!

I like how cat's way of communicating that they feel safe and comfy is "look at my belly. don't touch! ...just look."

I'm ok, just to clarify. I think I just need a decent night sleep for now heh

I think I need to focus on taking care of myself for a bit... I mean, obviously, but I think I've been pushing myself a lot lately and wasn't really feeling the effects so I was fine with it, but I think they're catching up with me now

Also 120hz has the advantage of also dividing nicely into 60 and 30 so... Obviously for games 144 is higher than 120 so that should be smoother, even if just a little, but that can't be the only reason can it?

I'm curious why so many monitors offer 144hz and I can't really find any good answers online? A lot of people say it's because films are 24FPS and 144 divides nicely into 24 but so does 120hz...

walking into a big discord server and hurling an @ everyone like a hand grenade

feral characters with emo hair, eyeliner, and stockings are valid

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