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people should stop outing luigi before she's ready to come out herself

Y The Last Man except it's the last sapiosexual in a world of bimbos

Super PLAYERUNKNOWN'S UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] X: Combat Racing Turbo HD Remix

I think I would like to get, a pokemon card

maybe go wild and get two who knows

1 like = 1 kink

I'm not going to tell you my kinks, I'll just gain a new kink for every like

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I wish I knew why my mouse's middle click stops working after I unplug it and then suddenly start working again a month later...

I switched back to gmail from inbox awhile ago but wow I wish they'd add inbox's grouping feature to gmail. It's so much better

"Chat is disabled for this live stream."

well at least google is showing they understand gaming culture

Wallpaper thread:

*same piece of artwork from Firewatch with various different filters applied*

I need... people to hang out with irl

why is that one youtube poop effect now a meme

shout out to berries. thank you for being "berry" delicious ;)

youtube lifehack channels doing shirt folding speed runs

always so much on my mind and so much I have to do. I'm always overwhelmed but really mostly I just feel lonely. I'm bad at making friends online and even worse at making them irl

and I did a search and she doesn't have antlers in ANY of her depictions. Anyway, all female non-reindeer deers with antlers in any media are canonically trans I don't make the rules etc

I was thinking about how female deer are often given antlers in cartoons and stuff and then realized Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer's mom doesn't have any in the famous stop-motion animation, despite reindeer being the only deer where females have antlers

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