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I'm doing The Champions' Ballad thing in Breath of the Wild finally and it's STRESSFUL

I still have no idea what this whole bowser-peach thing is but also I love it

Large Egg is my new favorite animal crossing furniture

Holy shit, NCIX sold off all their servers after going bankrupt and apparently never encrypted or wiped anything

Hmm hmm I'm having trouble getting my SNES to work with my TV and, I can probably figure it out but also I'm tempted to just use this as an excuse to buy a Super NT lmao

it's still my birthday for an hour and i'm wearing cute socks

You know that way some people stare with their moustache? like, an angry glare, with hands on hips looking down and their moustache just seems to jut out at you?

I call that the cop stare

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IF they fuck, Bert is very obviously the bottom

I have no desire to comment on Bert and Ernie except to say that people who think Bert is the top and Ernie the bottom have no idea what they're talking about

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Hello everyone, for my birthday today I would like to share an important reminder: Dogs are good. Yes they are, they're such good dogs. Yes.

Thank you

what's up everyone i'm gonna be 30 in 3 and a half hours and i'm not even an adult yet

It's my birthday tomorrow what the heck

why does No Man's Sky censor the word "got"???

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