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bug is as old as game boy and grew up alongside it. is where creations go. it's being updated. is the biggest thing bug has worked on.

bug desires socialism but spends all their resources simply helping trans ppl survive

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car wouldn't start for 2nd day in a row so rode bike to work, was out of breath halfway thru and then got lost for 30 min lol

bbbbut good excuse to do it more

thank goodness the cold let up a bit here so that i could leave the window open fan running

that plus a $1 air freshener made the bedroom a lot nicer

oh right gotta see if the car is working

had to work from home bc it wouldn't start this morning

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a friend in need Show more is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

did you know that Nintendo came up with the term "vers" because they were afraid of brand dilution?

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LOL I missed the email saying work is canceled

already paid for parking 💸

there's exactly this much snow outside and I must remove it from a very tall truck to get to work. siiigh

checking in bc we're snowed in without internet except for this little corner with 4g

everything's fine I'll just be practicing bass

Apparently there's a brand-new modern-style bullet hell game for the GAME BOY

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