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what it is to be nonbinary. 

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bug is as old as game boy and grew up alongside it. is where creations go. it's being updated. is the biggest thing bug has worked on.

bug desires socialism but spends all their resources simply helping trans ppl survive

From birdsite 

binder question ( :boost_ok:

Trans Woman Asking for help...please? 

money beg, help me move out!! 

I spent a bit of time actually adding some content to this learning orca site.

I also added most of the examples from the repo & made some snippets runnable like you suggested @neauoire

good morning. today's code thought is that doing anything with SQL, even if it's through an ORM layer, feels like tying prayers to an ancient tree... you know, just trusting that it'll do what it needs to do to make it happen

my weird confession of the day is that i've been falling asleep and spacing out to woodturning videos. for some reason most of em put on dreamy post-rock, trip-hop, downtempo, etc that makes it easy. plus second-hand satisfaction of watching pretty things get made

OK Mastodon Users

If my ~calculations~ are correct, the Mastodon Community Stimulus Redistribution fundraiser is now exactly $489 away from $26k.

Which Means,
We ~only~ need someone to donate $69, and another person or group of people to donate $420, to get to

*bass boosted*
Twenty Six Thousand Dollars

to redistribute to fellow Mastodon users facing financial hardship.

Can we do this tonight?

request for income help 

a bunch of dogs barking at once could be called a borkhestra


"I'm not afraid to get Corona" is fake punk.
"I'm gonna protect my community" is real punk.

sometimes it wilds me that at one point i single-pawedly composed, produced and sang an 80s pop song, and then made a whole music video for it

and then i never did it again

Recently saw this on a sticker, the Netherlands, feb 2020.
The image itself seems to have been going round the internet for a while now.

This is SOVEREIGN & UNCEDED Wet’suwet’en yintah. The colonial courts have acknowledged this - and yet, they show complete disregard for those acknowledgements, for the sake of industry... for the profits of few, over the protection of plenty.
Our future generations rely on our resistance, so they will have clean water.

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