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what it is to be nonbinary. 

privilege, like gender, is not binary nor otherwise fully discrete. we are smart enough to know that our privileges are contextual and not decided by us.

we know ourselves not innately, but through our reflections in others' faces. we know that we are not self-contained and self-deterministic, and somehow yet we defy expectation.

and that's fine. we can deal with it.

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bug is as old as game boy and grew up alongside it. is where creations go. it's being updated. is the biggest thing bug has worked on.

bug desires socialism but spends all their resources simply helping trans ppl survive

A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

Stream will be going live in about 10 minutes! I am going to be streaming a selection of Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition demos!

Asking for Money 

Just...waiting for someone (anyone) to call me for interviews or to let me know they're hiring me at this point.

Money is well beyond tight. It's out, and household is behind on a few bills.

Any help is super hot.

Hey, remember, when you use fancy emoji letters that gets around filters some people have in place.

I have one filter in place and it's literally because of a triggering event I had this weekend, I don't need to see the stuff that hit me that hard.

It's disingenuous to insist people use filters rather than curbing your behavior, then work to bypass those filters.

assistance request, paypal link 

so @pillowcat just had to leave her job which means paying for food this month is a bit up in the air, could use some help

texas ""instruments"" yeah sure. how am i meant to play anything on this

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

hello! i have a job interview for a janitor position where DD works in exactly a week! except, i don't have any interview clothes! and i also need to be able to afford my medications today! therefore, i have no choice but to do one of these posts again! i am so sorry!

and i guess i may as well throw it in with this post, rather than making yet another one on monday, that i'll also need money for groceries and such!


venmo: vantablack420


thank you all so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:

Beg post/selling, boosts super appreciated 

I've been unemployed for over a month, idk if I'm actually capable of returning to work right now. So, I'm asking for folks to help out, if you can. And in return I can send you hand drawn stickers! They're drawn on sticker paper and coated with a layer of clear plastic or vinyl.

I'm gonna pick them at random. I have a lot of horror/punk art, so if you need to avoid that let me know

Same address and money in CAD here

Laptop went, seeking help to get new laptop but nothing is mandatory 

with anything it'd be GREATLY appreciated.

i'm on the verge of just igivng up tbh.

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this remains the best possible response to being asked about your gender

asking for financial help 

Hi, mastochums!, wanna help @tinygoblin
and myself, a lovely disabled trans couple make it through to benefit payday on the 11th? Please boost and donate if you can. #transcrowdfund

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