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bug is as old as game boy and grew up alongside it. is where creations go. it's being updated. is the biggest thing bug has worked on.

bug desires socialism but spends all their resources simply helping trans ppl survive

this is what it's supposed to look like

If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

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*hugs you all* here is the gofundme link for my car crash if anyone can help me. I am scared to ask and humbled having doing so. thank you all for any and all help yall can provide in my dark days.

Homelessness Is Not a Crime. Its official now, as per recent 9th Circuit court ruling.

Rally at Oakland city hall about to begin protesting city's abuse of unhoused and upcoming eviction of Lake Merritt encampment.

Fighting to Save Indigenous Sign Languages

“It is sad. These languages can die. Whenever a language dies, something is a problem in that place,” said Davis. “Languages are part of the environment. Part of the history and culture. We want to save different species like trees and plants. Have them saved, not destroyed. But let’s not forget the language is like that too.”

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If anyone would like to help a disabled trans lesbian and her also disabled enby girlfriend through the month, you can slip us a few "dollars" or "gold pieces" here:

Thank you. <3

hey i'm really curious about gender-neutral pronouns in different languages. english has "they", plus a bunch of different neopronouns. what do you use in your language?

(boosts would be great to cast a wider net on this, thx)

this question was part of required training at my job. i'm pretty sure they didn't write it (it seemed like a pre-packaged course sold to school HR departments) but this normalization of wage theft can fuck off

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well ive been meaning to learn rust i guess

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Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. ~ Audre Lorde

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