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f(x,y) = -((~(x + y)) % (-(1 ^ x)))

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Gradient" colouring scheme.

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Remember: if you get Wikipedia "pls give us money" begging, give to the Internet Archive instead.

The internet archive is perpetually underfunded, whereas Wikipedia has enough cash on hand to continue operating at twice its capacity for about 3 decades.

Editors strongly opposed the wording of the recent beg banner:

TIL that the group of distant minor planets that Pluto is a part of is called the "plutinos" and the more-distant objects in 1:2 orbital resonance with Neptune are called "twotinos" this makes me happy

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so @Tam is trying to translate a Korean pizza box and google decided it was Japanese and did this

i just spitballed some math for a fictional base-6 time system on a fictional world and for the second-y unit i somehow managed to accidentally end up with exactly 1.234567890123... earth-seconds

being on mastodon is stressful for me in two different ways:
1) social anxiety,
2) everyone is so cute and i have a crush on everyone but i cant possibly date all of them and this is upsetting

finally got around to making a discord server for Singularity-related discussion:
i have no idea what im doing please help

the size of emojis is too small to be expressive enough for me and stickers are so big that they waste space. the ideal size is somewhere in between but zero platforms offer that

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Fun Fact: If you ever see a .gay domain on the fediverse which allows harassment or bigotry, you can report it here to get their domain ownership revoked:

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Less than 20% of autistic adults are in full-time employment. Many of us drop out of the workforce after just a few years. Why is that?

Let's talk about Autistic Burnout!

#ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergence #MastoArt #Comic #Comics

fake injury, amazon review, shitpost 

shitpost reviews are an underrated art form

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If you're like me, then you were really happy to learn about Mastodon's enthusiastic support for image descriptions, and you were eager to join in.

Then you went to actually write something and realized you have no idea how to present visual info in a way that is helpful/enjoyable to those who are #VisuallyImpaired or #Blind.

I found this guide really informative:

Post-viral Edit: Don't forget to give the author some love on medium. They did the work!


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Come for the gorgeous kelp illustrations, stay for the notes on how to sprout legumes.

"I’d rather have a well stocked sailboat and the ability to sail it anywhere in the world than money in a bank that might fail, a job from which I might be laid off, a government pension that might dry up, insurance policies, etc.."


published a draft of the rationale behind Singularity, a soon-to-be-developed decentralized social networking system. looking for advice or interested collaborators re: distributed systems, cryptography, unique challenges for marginalized people, and whatever else we might need help with.

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going to an SPI restaurant and ordering MISO soup. it never arrives because their service SCKs

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A gentle reminder that Johnathon Selstad has compiled one of the best libraries of mathematical tools for Unity. 📊

Inverse kinematics, Bézier functions, Kalman filters, soft bodies, and much more.

If you are a game developer, this is a game-changer!


#gamedev #unity #unity3d #unity2d #maths #math #gamedevtip #games

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