It’s funny to me that while android app design gets worse, modern Linux program design has gotten significantly better and more coherent in the past decade

I’m four drinks in reading RSS at the club

something something don’t let social media cook your brain and warp your view of humanity. humans are far more complex than just formatted XML on a feed

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Y’all assume malice far more than things just being ignorance.

I spent 2022 actively trying to not be chronically online and it became super apparent that most people aren’t evil, they just don’t know any better. A lot of of questionable stuff is smart people making bad choices, not evil people making evil choices.

had to fix the image description ya know

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lil yachty voice: wAaAAAAaaaaaAaaaAAAAAAA I’m so damn pretty

Yep, even a day later this new yachty is fantastic

What’s a good hardware KVM? (Honestly if it just does USB devices with a switch for each computer alone I’d be happy)

quote toot discourse 

To be clear: my position on this has always been that if it’s a native feature and exposed via the API, better tools to block posts from being quotes for users who don’t want it can be built versus these hacks right now

But at the end of the day, I can always screenshot you

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lil yachty voice: wAaAAAAaaaaaAaaaAAAAAAA I’m so damn pretty

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At this point, gargon is probably going to end up doing it because everyone is doing it anyway. I think the battle has been lost. All of the major iOS apps will likely add a hacked version for it and it’ll become a major user behavior.

YubiKey key pretty sweet, probably won't put every account on it

Today in tech things: I’m going to play around with yubikeys

paywall discourse 

I know rich coming from me: but may I suggest kindness when calling out someone who posted a paywall link?

Paywalls are not universal and publishers use some gross scheme of IP address / device info to figure out if they are going to serve you a paywall or not. Most people posting paywalled links likely did not have the article ve paywalled for them.

I think most reasonable people would not post a paywalled link.

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