one day half review of the LG-27GN650-B monitor I got: 

I’m curious as to why though you can put resolutions that are not 1080p into the monitor, like any PC users who have more insight on this please let me know

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one day half review of the LG-27GN650-B monitor I got: 

An aside: this monitor can in theory handle a 4k signal which I guess is something PC users want (arbitrary resolutions not actually supported by the monitor)

On the xbox though you have to check this box called “allow 4k” to get HDR to work but that means you cannot get HDR and 120FPS at the same time in games as when you give a 4k signal to this monitor is runs at only 60hz

But then again due to the HDR performance I’d rather 120FPS SDR

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one day half review of the LG-27GN650-B monitor I got: 

on HDR specifically, think of this like cheap but accurate headphones

some cheaper headphones have really good reproduction of all frequencies and are properly flat, however the drivers might just lack punch or power to provide a great soundstage

that's how HDR content is on this monitor, accurately displayed but as this is a single backlight there's not much contrast or impact to the image like on an oled

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one day half review of the LG-27GN650-B monitor I got:

and are useful

- motion clarity is great
- resolution doesn't matter as much as color accuracy for video games
- my unit is genuinely great looking for SDR content out of the box
- while it has no local dimming zones or anything that makes the "high" part of HDR work, it does accurately display HDR content and does not crush it which is what I was hoping for
- VRR/120hz is great

I’m finally getting around to really getting into the titanfall 2 campaign and mmm it’s nice at 120 FPS

What the fuck today I learned it’s not safe to assume that all PC monitors come with built in speakers

I figured this month is my "bite the bullet and actually meaningfully updated my home setup" month

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I can’t log into mastodon on my phone which is fun, its refusing to take my 2fa code sigh

and this is also pointed as me!!!

everytime SoB goes over an hour I consider it a time management failure

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waypoint is wayyy too long

the talk show is way too long

ATP is way too long

please make podcasts less than an hour

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(shelves/drawers aren't important tbh)

also I half feel like with a drill and a nice piece of wood I could build my own

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speaking about furniture:

hey gamers what's a good desk?

like I am looking for basically a table with a basket thingy for cable management on the underside

anyone have any recommendations?

as mastodons only : don't pay more for gaming, frames don't win games kids!!

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sadly I did not get the gamer edition of this chair, it was not worth the extra 100$ for performance

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tbh this is grossly more than I am ok with spending on a chair but my current chair is literally this:

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