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@packetcat the old EQ I was using sounded weird when I was playing back the pod in my friends car the other day so ive been wanting to change it for a couple of days anyway

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If this weeks episode gets delayed, its absolutely because chosa is playing with the plugins again

Holy shit is fabfilter FAR nicer than the EQ you get built into logic

Shades of brown drinking game take a shot of water every time I say “at a certain point”

On this weeks shades of brown, me and sadiq do not agree about windows 10 x at all lol

Also my thing about clipping is that *I* do not mind the sound of clipping and I think a little bit of that kind of crunchy sound is preferable versus having voices be super dynamic.

Like the cronch is ok as vocals are clearer to listen too with less dynamics (IMO, I am not an actual trained audio engineer)

Like loudness is fine, I usually get a ~16 LUFS but I might be running the limiter too hard I think

I think there’s been too much clipping in the latest pod eps, im gonna take some time this week to go through how im doing normalization on audio tracks


Im very happy at how much people have been liking star

Thank y’all

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@chosafine explores @packetcat's past to figure out why he hates WiFi so much.

STAR 4: An Ethernet Cord For My iPad feat Sadiq

hi im chosa I make podcasts and other things online


are my current projects

I usually work in the spaces of open tech and queer & poc in tech and other creative outlets


@chosafine explores @packetcat's past to figure out why he hates WiFi so much.

STAR 4: An Ethernet Cord For My iPad feat Sadiq

marc Jacobs by marc Jacobs for marc Jacobs in partnership with marc Jacobs exclusive license of marc Jacobs

The people asked me to get sadiq to talk about wifi for an hour

And oh god — he sure did

Finished the edit on tomorrows STAR ep and mmmmmm

Im ok making the ice cream truck song the official theme song now lol

Sludge voice 

Just some chosa things you know, like not trusting discord to do a good job of making voices sound good so you do your own processing

Also google chrome rarely works with this app which boo google

(When I’m recording podcasts with @packetcat you best believe I totally am EQ-ing the matrix call and running some other plugins in the background)

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