tbh though I think it's a time to take a break from destiny, I feel like because I play so much destiny in the limited gaming time I have nowadays I don't have time to every try anything else

drinking game idea: take a shot every time @packetcat says "Jesus fuck chosa just build a gaming pc"

yussssssssssssssssssssss, renaissance has a dolby atmos mix out now

shades of brown should come back as a Microsoft teams focused podcast

Real talk though outside of GeForce now, stadia had the best streaming stack

Xbox console streaming is nowhere near as good latency wise yet

Mastodon: what’s a good quality for home use UPS?

Just got the cap in overwatch? Please all I wanna hear is “MISTER THANKSGIVING” go off in the background

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Honestly, some indie dev needs to reach out to DJ Drama and make a gangsta grillz mixtape that’s also a game

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Honestly I’m sad that video game leakers don’t do what hip hop mixtape bootleggers used to do and out tags on everything, all I want to hear is “F-O-X-Y LEAKED THIS” repeatedly in super low quality while watching some sonic frontier leak

This is not a new take but I hate how you have to buy the biggest phones to get a good camera.

(Or you spend like two thousand dollars on a Sony phone that won’t have guarantees for full 5g support on your network)

General rule of thumb is: don’t talk to me in the Uber ever please

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Idk why this Uber driver felt the need to tell me I don’t need to wear a mask anymore


you don’t deserve to see a full view of this glowing face

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