also each ep gonna have custom show art because its 2020 and we different

I am in fact this petty and im ok admitting it

I got a hot take which is you should stop editing podcasts in stereo unless you're specifically playing already premixed music

Just realized chapters are broken on this weeks episode of shades of brown, sorry about that

Should be fixed for next weeks ep

Wait holy shit I have a blog, I can do this!!!

“This is an indie game, made by a man who has been banned three times on twitter for doxxing queer folks”

“This is the latest call of duty game, made by a company who has a 68% chance to lay off the studio if sales targets are not met”

Game reviews should actually include overviews of the developers and what kind of people they are, like honestly yes judge games by the people who make them too

last night I met a cool dude who had a light phone and told him about RSS and decentralized services

( this is a light phone btw: )

This would totally be a “let’s get lit but mostly I’m trying to find a job” trip tho

Debating between spending all of March either in Portland or Boston, maybe leaning Boston more but Portland also

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