hot chosa tip: recording your podcast at 192 hz for a sample rate does fucky stuff to some of your plugins

so this weeks podcast is on hold until I get this sorted out, sorry

just in case you wanted to know how seriously annoyed I am about this

I'm mostly just pissy and grumbling now 

don't you love when you spent 200$ on a piece of software just to have it stop working two years later

literally the installer is 32 bit but the program is 64 and now I'm can't use it because I can't install it what the fuck

I am what the kids call, genuinely pissed right now

ahahahaha one of my key tools for podcasting now longer works in Catalina


there's a new windows 10 version so it gives me the perfect change to soapbox about graphics cards to @staticsafe

I think tomorrow it's finally time for me to go off about egpu's in windows in full on the pod

me talking about clannad again 

me talking about clannad again 

like i don’t even want to stan apple here i just want my music app to work like rythymbox back when i used gnome

the one thing apple music (and lets be real zune—groove music did better) was open to a usable library view by default

i mean i’m a verifiable ✅ old person who wants my music app to open to a library view so maybe kids just listen to music differently than i

i’m checking it out again since microsoft is giving out six month free trials with games pass and god their mobile app is bad

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