@packetcat & @chosafine bring back Mint to help us make sense of Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard King.

Shades Of Brown Episode 174: glogs


HQ Upload up: patreon.com/posts/61596280

I love that I’m going to talk about windows phone again on the podcast, the andromeda OS leak is beautiful

podcast hot take 

If you properly mixed and mastered your podcast you shouldn’t actually hear much of a difference between your favorite podcast apps voice boost feature and the regular mix outside if EQ mixes

I reinstalled instapaper for the first time years and man, I don’t know why I stopped using it. This app is still great

(And they have a native Mac version now!)


KFC has vegan chicken nuggets now (beyond meat partnership) and you know what fuck it

I’m here for fast food and plant based meat teaming up

Wild that Microsoft bought blizzard just because they couldn’t get FF14 on the Xbox

E.X. The only reason Facebook is facing anti trust scrutiny is because of how much they piss off the feds

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While Microsoft should absolutely be prevented from buying activation blizzard , given that all of the gaming competitors are not US based, I doubt the us government cares much about gaming consolidation

Fuck it it’s time for a toradora rewatch

I haven’t seen this in literally a decade


Life is objectively better when you ignore dairy and stop consuming it

My goal for 2022 is to slowly turn shades of brown into a fashion and fragrance podcast

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hey gamer's i'm posting from my framework laptop with an egpu on @elementary

It’s kinda wild that Amazon makes PCR tests you can get delivered to your home lol

Finally listening to dawn fm on the big HomePods and mmmm

And if everything but your headphones are wired, you remove like 90% of possible interference 😁

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It’s kinda wild to think that I’ve been working from home for two years now but if imma be real the one thing I’ve learned, the most important thing I learned is:

Hardwire everything except your headphones. Keyboard? Hardwire. Mouse? Hardware. Network? Ethernet.

Wireless headphones give you freedom but nothing is more annoying than random Bluetooth drops or WiFi drops

I’m happy to have influenced @packetcat to get the AirPods max of gaming headphones

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