Super strange that xcloud feels snappier with the stadia controller versus the actual Xbox controller, probably some driver polling thing

holy shit, xcloud is finally usable latency wise

hell yeah i can finally start using the actual xbox less and start streaming more

The crysis trilogy, do they hold up today? Thinking about picking up the remastered trilogy

Ty to everyone who gave me speaker recommendations

hot video games take 

Microsoft should bring gacha mobile games to games pass

Can I just say that from a $work and manage a network perspective all of those consumer VPN services are terrible and useless and cause nothing but random network issues for clients

Hey friends: what’s a good set of desktop speakers for like a pc

I’mma just start a podcast discussing the love live timeline and no one can stop me

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This weeks love live got me convinced that this is a some alt world shit man

Should I buy it? Probably

Should I turn off steam notification emails? Absolutely

Will I? Hell nah

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Ive had the same game on my steam wishlist for over a decade now and I think I’ve gotten a few hundred “item is on sale” emails in my inbox over time lol


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One blunt I promise you the MCs of this show would be 100x happier than they are right now comparing everything to a video game

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Please im begging you just do drugs like the rest of us lmaooooooo

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The two MCs are discussing existing on earth as “god tier game” Thant you need to “stealth as a normie to grind” and holy shit bro

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Oh my god this anime is so bad, im only 14 minutes in to this episode but I’ve been watching it for an hour LMAO


@packetcat & @chosafine talk about the new Switch OLED model the only way we know how: browsing YouTube videos for low resolution teardowns and trying to look up part data sheets to try and figure out why Ethernet is so bad on the Switch.

Shades Of Brown Episode 169 (NICE): Cloud Save Discourse

HQ Patreon upload:

I still remember this one show where the entire comedy bit for the series was uh like threating to beat on this woman character but it was done in a “comedic” slapstick fashion which uhhhh

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Real talk tho I feel like there’s an entire genre of anime that is “feeding into making young cis men go deep into the radicalization train with extremely problematic “us versus them” views and other gross views about women”

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