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where i've been 

had a bad mental health day a while back where i deleted my first chitter account

eventually got through it, and decided to use the opportunity to try self-hosting my own fediverse instance using the misskey software. it was really fun!

but with an impending move, and the inability to see some of my friend's instances, i decided it was best to come back to chitter

so, hi again! i'm back


we made a veggie lasagna earlier that turned out seriously incredible despite the fact it was missing a lot of typical lasagna ingredients

a large portion of the filling was pureed butternut squash which was surprisingly good? i wasn't expecting it to perform so well in lasagna

maybe the new camera will convince me to go out alone. hopefully. i gotta get over this fear

i keep wanting to go out and then not doing it because i'm kinda tired and also still a little wary about leaving the general area of the apartment alone

i've forgotten what the switch cartridges taste like, so naturally i'm tempted to lick one again


misread "tempting recipes" as "temporary recipes" and now i'm imagining meals that gradually turn back into their base ingredients if you don't eat them quickly enough

abdl drama 

some littlefur i follow on FA made a journal the other day like "people who like nsfw cub stuff are bad and wrong and should never exist around me!" and then today they posted a journal like "oh no i lost friends over this. sorry. feeling bad might leave FA"

ah, kids

instead of deciding on something to do i have simply sat around doing nothing while adding several other options to the list

not sure if i wanna do some doodling or if i wanna do some more computery task like digging into python or something

someone spraypainted the letters "o h m y d o g" on the support posts underneath a nearby bridge, one letter per post, and i love it

we tell kids that "sharing is caring" before they can have opinions on politics, and "sharing is caring" is inherently communist. therefore, communism is apolitical

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i'm really tempted to get a greenroom136 metromonger messenger bag

i need a camera bag and i want a new bag to replace my backpack, and basically any other messenger bag i've looked at on google so far has been either eh or costs about as much and still lacks features

i have other new shirts to try on too but like. purple...

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it'd be a good idea to shower but i don't wanna because i'm wearing my new purple shirt which i am absolutely in love with

so many people on my steam friends list are suddenly playing beat saber now that i've played it. or maybe i'm just noticing it more because it's on my mind

apex legends 

that was a good game. pretty closely matched honestly

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