some of the cloak designs in house of the dragon make me very much desire a medieval cloak

you can tell i've been feeling down the past few days by the sheer amount of youtube shorts i've consumed

trying to use a friend's oculus rift and so far i have had to:

- go through windows setup even though i already had an account made on their pc
- turn on my old phone and verify my identity to set up microsoft authenticator on my new phone to log into my microsoft account on friend's computer
- create a meta account
- go through oculus setup
- log into steam
- download updates for steamvr and beat saber

i wonder if i'll actually be able to play the game tonight???

actually got out on a bike ride today. just 10km but still very nice. i need to do that more

i regularly get messages from the alberta squid swamp asking if anyone wants to team up for whatever mode, and this time my quick reply on my phone only gave me the option of replying with "Nope"

splatoon 3 gear meta 

if you're running ninja squid you need at least 2 subs of swim speed up to cancel out its debuff

having one or two subs each of ink resistance, quick respawn, and quick superjump are also very handy

last ditch effort is fantastic to run on a lot of kits with either lethal bombs or main weapons with high ink consumption (it's the same for 3)

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splatoon 3 gear meta 

stealth jump is also very good for similar reasons

very little cover means you'll not only be dying a lot more, but your teammates will also have few places to hide so you can safely jump to them

stealth jump hides your super jump spot from the enemy unless they are really close to it, which should prevent super jump punishing and get you back in faster and safer

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ninja squid is incredibly strong right now. especially for frontliners but just for any weapon in general

the maps in splatoon 3 are wide open hallways with little cover and ninja squid is harder than ever to see, so it is fantastic for safe movement

i got 3 losses in a row after this to end off the night lol

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this after constantly having less wins than losses in my series for a while now

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got a 5-0 and a 5-1 series back to back in splat zones with sloshing machine. god damn

gdi it's clam blitz in like 5 min

what chores do i need to do for the next 2 hours

i don't even know what kind of accomplishment that is because i spent less than 24hrs in S rank in 3 and entirely skipped it in 2

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how are so many people reaching S rank in splatoon 3? is that becoming easy now or are some folks legitimately better at competitive video games than they let on

er, my issue is that i want to introduce a gfci to the circuit

you can't have two hot and one neutral on a gfci, you need to have the hots and neutrals in pairs, but i feel like if i cap one of the hot wires or tie them together, i'll cause problems

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earlier i was replacing some of the outlets in the kitchen and realised that every single one of them uses 3 wires (red, black, and white) instead of the standard 2 or 4 black and white ones

nothing online will tell me how to deal with this, just to "hire an electrician" which is frustrating because i'd like to actually learn what's up and deal with it myself

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