Wordle 220 2/6 


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oh, apparently the animal were vibrating in skyrim because my monitor is too fast. gotta cap the game at 60fps

i love when my etammates and enemies have name synergy

earlier there was a Shawn on my team and a K. Shawn on the other

been trying to play closer to teammates even if they don't go in particularly good strategic positions, and it's paying off quite a bit

so is playing more defensively, and even... running from unfair fights instead of trying to be a hero

i won? with a ko? wtf? this thing can't paint lol

oh wow i'm 2098 now

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i can't resist... gonna play x rank zones with luna as a test

goes back to luna, starts winning matches again


just got a quad with baller explosion ama

though it's also probably a big part of why i'm losing

that and everything i wanna play suffers on port mackerel

terrible map imo

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i need to stop switching weapons every single match of ranked but it's the only way it's fun for me when i'm losing

i know they're a bit of a meme but like. they have decent range. and they can become a 2 hit kill. and they dualies so they dodge

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whenever i try to load a lot of websites at once on my desktop pc, over wired ethernet (wifi is permanently turned off), it makes my bluetooth headphones (connected to my phone) stutter

very weird

my rent usually costs $1160 so it's probably not gonna be a totally free month but the remainder is negligible in comparison

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