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where i've been 

had a bad mental health day a while back where i deleted my first chitter account

eventually got through it, and decided to use the opportunity to try self-hosting my own fediverse instance using the misskey software. it was really fun!

but with an impending move, and the inability to see some of my friend's instances, i decided it was best to come back to chitter

so, hi again! i'm back


the fellnoll kinda hate me now but i've got them boxed in...

what kinds of games do y'all play to help you relax before bed?

cowboy bebop e10 

"oh, he used to be a cop? that must explain why i don't get along with him"

someone decided to poke fun at me wearing a mask outside and then not 5 feet away tried to jump over their friend and faceplanted the sidewalk

watching cars from my balcony is extremely satisfying for some reason


just be very slow and gentle with them because they are SHARP and i got a couple knicks without even realising it until a bit after. didn't even feel them, for better or for worse

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ended up getting a cheap bulk pack of safety razor blades the other day because i ran out. managed to get the exact brand of blades people recommend entirely by accident because they were the cheapest highly rated blades on amazon. derby premium, $10 for 100

extremely smooth shave. i've got coarse facial hair and i had zero tugging, when my previous blades (an assorted box) tugged a fair amount and were rather uncomfortable to use. highly recommend these if you shave with a safety razor

somehow i still have eggs left over in pogo from columbus, ohio, back when we road tripped from indiana to washington a couple years back

still haven't seen that cowboy bebop guy at his computer

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getting hooked on cowboy bebop. 5 episodes in so far and counting

her kit is underwhelming but maybe that'll change soon. rampart got a buff and wattson and crypto are apparently planned for buffs too, since those 3 are the least picked legends

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playing wattson in apex for a change 'cause she' s cute and relatable

started a multiplayer game yesterday with a friend and i'm excited to continue it

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i want to play stellaris a whole lot but i'm waiting for later when i can do it multiplayer

hmm, the speed bronze switches have slightly bigger posts than the holes on the pcb, so i need to find a way to slim down these posts

just saw a clip of acnh on youtube and it was so jarring to see after spending so much time playing acnl on actual hardware for the past month or so

i'm also two episodes into cowboy bebop now and i'm enjoying it. it's aesthetic as hell

my apartment currently smells amazing because i cooked something i haven't cooked in ages and it turned out way better than expected

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