theoretically the master chief collection may actually run on it, which would be really cool

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there really isn't a huge overlap between fps games that i enjoy playing, have active playerbases, and will run on my laptop

if you ever want to disarm a robot vaccuum, just put a rock band drum kit somewhere in its vicinity. works every time

oh yeah, i got a letter earlier from jehovah's witnesses claiming that the world sucks right now and the answer for a better world is the bible


the funny part about this is that Ketamine disconnected while we were in the lead, and then we lost without our Ketamine :(

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go into vr chat with open mic and just occasionally say "woof" in a neutral voice

had a splatoon team with names such as Pride, Ketamine, and MILFHunter

"splatoon news you missed!" buddy i assure you i have not missed a piece of news. you could not hide splatoon news from me if you tried

i had such a hard time falling asleep that once i did i had a DREAM of being in bed having a hard time falling asleep. why is my brain like this

even phones have better ratios for multitasking these days

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ngl i kinda wish ultrawide laptops were a common thing because it seems like a fantastic way to multitask with only one screen

most apps and webpages have too much empty space in 16:9 but are too cramped when snapped to half a screen

in related news, willow finally got curious and got a bap on the head with a controller while i was playing beat saber, poor thing

gave her lots of pets and love after the song finished

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still can't get any decent amount of progress on expert+ songs but i keep beating songs and getting high scores on expert, even ones i haven't played before, so not too long until i start making progress with expert+ i think

i picked this weapon up like...a couple months ago or something? and it's beating out weapons i've mained for years

hell, i literally haven't won a game with it in turf war afaik. it has a "0 - Dry" rating for freshness.

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