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where i've been 

had a bad mental health day a while back where i deleted my first chitter account

eventually got through it, and decided to use the opportunity to try self-hosting my own fediverse instance using the misskey software. it was really fun!

but with an impending move, and the inability to see some of my friend's instances, i decided it was best to come back to chitter

so, hi again! i'm back

at some point i wanna check out that aroace tingler because i have heard so many good things about chuck's work but i just cannot get into his usual type of porn

i broke my rule of "don't try to sleep before bedtime" and now i'm still tired and i just wasted like an hour

pebble battery finally died sometime while i was out. rest in pebble

health stuff 

alright, ER visit finished. prescriptions dropped off.

i feel a little silly going to the ER over it but for once i wasn't the one to suggest it, and my other options were kind limited and not urgent enough

at least i'm getting good meds i've been wanting for years to manage it finally (antibiotics + tretinoin gel)

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health stuff 

they did an ultrasound and it's apparently a sebaceous cyst. they can't really drain it because there's barely any liquid so they're giving me antibiotics

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health stuff 

i've had the lump for like a year. thought it was just more cystic acne. turns out it could just be a swollen lymph node thanks to a possible dental infection

anyway don't put benzoyl peroxide on large lumps if you don't know for sure what they are. it has been burning for nearly two days

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health stuff 

going to urgent care over a possible infection lol. lumin saw the lump on my neck and said "we need to see a doctor asap"

guitar case will have to wait a bit

10 hours in bed for like 3 hours of sleep. yeesh

if i keep at it, i'll probably end up prestiged before splatoon 3 comes out. i'm currently at level 92

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i can't really be too hard on myself when it comes to my splatoon abilities when the only people that are consistently better than me are:
- top 500 players
- prestiged players who almost definitely have much more time in the game than i do

i've got a shuffle playlist that i regularly use on spotify where for the first 9 months the only song in it was The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

i would absolutely use a phone with modern specs in the shell of something like the mytouch 3g slide or a motorola droid/milestone

of course, there's always the passcode as backup, but i just thought that was a fun think

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for reasons i was thinking about an age regression scenario and suddenly wondered "would i even be able to unlock my phone with a fingerprint if i were physically regressed?"

and it turns out i wouldn't, because fingerprints change as your skin grows and becomes more elastic, until around 12 years old or so

facebook login screens trigger my fight or flight response


willow heard me getting out the peanut butter in the kitchen, and placed her kong where i would see it when i came back in the bedroom, watching me expectantly

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