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This profile is protected against the evils of video games

🚫 No "Super Mushrooms"
🚫 No "Fragging"
🚫 No "Gee gee"

If you are a g*mer, turn back now!

good morning. check out this wbsite http:/

i will never enable adblock on tumblr because i love getting pranked by dead serious ads

im jortin i just got a salesforce ad on tumblr and it took me a full minute to realise that it wasnt a shitpost

ill probably end up slapping on some hacked together garbage with a million race conditions in it

none of them do exactly what i need and i could probably write one that does but i dont want to maintain it afterwards and this is for a one-page website so i feel like writing some custom shit would be overkill

annoyed by the state of rate limiting libraries in python

@codl okay this is the idea

you set up a standard, jeopardy style CTF website where all the challenges are based on magic, but everyone who signs up gets all the flags emailed to them

the real challenge isn't solving the problems, it's submitting writeups afterwards. you do them in the same style as normal CTF writeups and explain "how you got the flag".

then people vote on the funniest/most plausible/etc

the spec for this part of the pipfile is not super clear so i dont know if it's pipenv's fault or if the spec is just bad

ok looks like pipenv doesnt support version comparisons in env markers so i guess ill just not require any version at all :/

mastodon meta, content creators, personal "brands" and capitalism Show more

mastodon meta, content creators, personal "brands" and capitalism Show more

wtf there was a mystery skulls release in 2017 and it kicks butt and i had no idea

all my followers are welcome to come to my home and watch me play luigis mansion

music hot take Show more

in french we dont say clémon we say ccitron and i think thats beautiful