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this is the first time i listen to him and i was like "hey i like this" and then i went to rym and everyone there is like "this is the worst thing ive ever heard. this is a crime against hippy hop" and i was wondering if this was just an online music snob opinion, or a widely held one

whats the ambient opinion on childish gambino

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Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

people checking both "pure" and "lewd" on their fediverse ID got me like

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Pinafore v0.2.3 Show more

i want to work on pinafore today

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so whats this fediverse id thing

there are so many words on my tl

looking for computer parts is hell. this websites trying to sell me gamer sunglasses

i mean i found one case but it's huge and takes twelve disks. i only need like four tops

anyway apparently it is impossible to find small computer cases optimised for NAS usage

uhh fuck i got sidetracked and now im looking at HPE microservers and darn... computer sexey...

actually new question would it be cheaper to buy a nas or build one from scratch. assuming i dont need hotswappability or any of this fancy nas software