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24/7 low quality posts - terrible puns to study/relax to

tired: mermay
wired: nagavember

i wish itch would remember my address once and for all and not ask me to retype all of it every time i try to buy a game

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hi

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i wonder if having a browser tab called "Stabbing - CrawlWiki" might be falsely incriminating

gonna get a record label for my pod cast

spiders got big butts haha

why do skeletons in video games always throw their own bones at you like get yourself a sword or a gun or something. You're gonna run out of bones eventually. And getting conked with a bone hurts a lot but it's not exactly deadly

"I just typed 'mummy' into the internet and it showed me a picture of Tom Cruise"

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i mean "a town where music and dancing is illegal but this guy starts a dancing revolution" is a pretty cyberpunk plot imho

anyway since blade runner is a no, i'm watching footloose instead

what does "HDRip" even mean anymore. this is smaller than a dvd

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touhou Show more

touhou Show more

anyway every time i think of ocean's eleven i think of the magnificient seven theme and it takes me a good fifteen minutes to realise that those are different movies

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imagine the omelet you could make

gonna eat an entire fabergé egg