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p happy with this commentary node emote considering I spent hardly 20 minutes on it

:devcom: I'm Gabe Newell, welcome to the commentary track to codl's toots. We worked really hard on these, so I hope you'll enjoy them.

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fedi admin advice 

always block the base domain

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@codl i got so annoyed at one of these that i printed out the windows 98 logo, laminated it, and taped it to the inside of the case

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@luluberlu professeur laiton? je trouve pas qu'il ressemble à un alliage métallique composé principalement de cuivre et de zinc

oh that's a new one lmao i declined cookies on a site and it took me to

damn i spelled tennessee right on the first try

my brain broken. i cant hear a simple kick snare kick snare drum machine loop without going "when the aliens come down all they really wanna see / is the pyramid by the river down in memphis tennessee"

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gosh what if people think i use the bad phone instead of the good phone... no... it would be devastating... i must compromise the integrity of this protective case

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iphone cases with a hole for the apple logo are so funny

i'm hoping they really deliver on that because god damn csgo is an auditory nightmare and that's a major reason why i don't play it anymore

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which is a big deal to be fair

but the actual mvp is the very last bullet point: "[Sounds] have also been rebalanced for a more comfortable listening experience."

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it is so funny to me that the top bulletpoint on the CS2 promo page is "our smoke grenades are normal now"

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