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I had to explain to my mum what the word meme means today

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Tony hawk should be a hawk who has won a Tony award

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tiger woods should be a tiger who lives in the woods

(extremely rage comic voice) le bub le bob

somewhere someone is now resetting a "days since codl said 'I'm codl'" counter

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honestly it gives me life that they put the mario paint baby sound in mario maker 1 and 2

codl reacted with: Mario Paint baby
codl reacted with: Sad horn
codl reacted with: Inception sound
codl reacted with: Raffi - Bananaphone (Full)

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replace emoji reactions with sound effect reactions

pour ta santé mange 5 litres de fruits et légumes par jour

hello how do i turn off the sun? tia

why do I always get hooked on a game the day before I have to be away from my gameing machine

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I'm no longer getting live updates from people arguing about the size of an exabyte and stacking misunderstanding over misunderstanding so I think Ed YouTube has heard my plea

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i only found out last night that there are sequels to the sims 4 monster factory and i was like fuck!! yes!!! but it turns out theyre themed around sitcoms and at least 1/3rd of the funny comes from knowing the cast of the shows. and i don't know any of these shows

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