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légende de photo qui m'a fait rire 

La Première ministre Élisabeth Borne accompagnée de sa doudoune, de Bruno Le Maire, et de Roland Lescure.

je le dis parce qu'il faut bien que quelqu'un le dise 

ah oui le machin de openai, chat j'ai pété

comprends pas les gens qui mettent le masque sous le nez quand il fait <5°C. gros c'est une mini écharpe :itsfree:

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les masques c'est super en hiver ça réchauffe le nez

on one hand as someone who rarely makes things that are popular, i like the idea of paying fractions of a cent per request and not worrying about keeping a server running

on the other hand i am acutely aware that this is vendor lock in by design, and i would be exposing myself to a million hidden costs the minute someone breathes too hard on my project, and amazon is a force of evil etc

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And here we go! The second edition of the Crunchless Challenge is up, it will take place next week. Everyone's invited to join! Let's make games without crunching! #itchio #CrunchlessChallenge

help i have an illness i want to learn about aws lambda

bring back the ancient practice of emailing a list of grievances to the maintainer

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maybe public bug trackers where users self-report issues are not the best way to track UX issues

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i think open source projects should explicitly state whether it's ok to report papercuts

ive gotten ignored or told to suck it up so often when reporting them that i just dont do it anymore

i *should* switch from networkmanager to systemd-networkd on my desktop given i am not using wifi and i'm doing some weird shit with tunnels and bridges and nm is bad at that, but

it works now and i can't be bothered

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with the way i set up my switch at my desk, i can tell when it wakes up to check for updates because my computer goes "You are connected to bridge0 port 2" lol

conseil beauté: au lieu d'utiliser un exfoliant sur vos mains, essayez de tourner à la main un bouton de radiateur bien grippé avec des crenélations bien coupantes

Là c'est sur j'ai plus de peaux mortes

maybe, if and when they fix masto so that you can edit image descriptions after the fact without reuploading the image, i'll figure out something

but i am not doing 20 minutes of research first thing every morning so i can tell a bot how to describe a funny space cloud accurately. at that point it may as well not be a bot

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go bother the authors of bots that have a limited pool of images and yet don't describe them instead

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the tone of people in @APoD's mentions asking for image descriptions has gotten worse over the last month or so. not full on rude but i feel like that's the inevitable next step

sometimes i feel like these people would be happier if i actually reproduced dogshit alt texts like "Click to get the high resolution version. See explanation for more." instead of jumping through hoops to only reproduce useful alt texts

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