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If you see forget ( offline, it is likely to be only temporary. Please try again in 15-30 minutes before notifying me (also, I have monitoring, I already know)

I'm currently migrating an old bad drive out of the server and it is causing things to lock up periodically. This is likely to take a few weeks at least.

Sorry about the trouble.

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it's not ideal but i don't mind having to restart the stream now and then if it means i can have consistent audio

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i am somewhat certain that the compressor in frankerfacez breaks playbackRate somehow because streams don't catch up to live for me anymore ever since i have the compressor enabled by default

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but that's because twitch does use playbackRate to catch up

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i don't actually know if the youtube embedded player lets you fuck around with playbackRate. i know twitch *constantly* resets it

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wish cytube would speed up / slow down video to reach sync instead of just jumping ahead and hoping for the best as soon as it's more than 2 seconds off

violet with the post that attracts all the frenchies

remembering that I used to run a website with its own duckduckgo bang

caveat: i used taskwarrior for the whole of two days last year

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it's certainly a novel way to find your users if you don't really have a community

the wording vaguely suggests that they found me "artisanally" and didn't just search for ".taskrc" across all of github, but in no way confirms it

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ok, am i the only one who just got an email from the taskwarrior folks because there's a .taskrc in my dotfiles?

missing person, please share 

my friend's cousin has been missing for a week. he called his mother and told her he was in crisis but he disappeared before she arrived at his location. please share on and off masto especially if you are in the DC area

Name: Ian Solheim
Age: 32
Missing From: Washington, DC area;
1000 Block of Lamont Street. Northwest I
Date Missing:July 28, 2021
Physical Description
White Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

conspiracy theories 

have this picture that has been lying in my images folder for years and that i stumbled upon today

if you are addicted to cat and dog you have a nano chip on your body

"this isn't dedication, it's the final form of a memetic disease"

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