420 is a funny number because it's the hitchhiker guide number times ten

non ça marche pas super en fait. je retire ma blague

its halloween babey!! im going to bed

merde j'ai manqué l'occasion de sortir un "ah oui je connais"

ah oui en effet c'est comme ça qu'on traduit nightlife

mostly just posting this so I can find it again

just spent half an hour hunting a song cos i couldnt remember what it was called or the artist's name

i should sleep probably? but i want to watch on line videos

i need @FishingMinigame but wizmud flavoured. i want to fish chalices and potions and gems

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If anyone wants to try breaking your own crypto, complete Cryptopals! cryptopals.com/ (Formerly known as the Matasano challenges)
Can be done in any programming language.

TIP: Do not read ahead. Complete the challenges in order. Yes, this means you.
TIP: All of these are possible, especially Sets 1-3. You can do this.

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the best part of botw is how annoyed the npcs look when you get out a weapon or bomb #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch

just tried to go to the wayback machine at weh.archive.org

neither of those are spooky things

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