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no gods no masters no certificate authorities

i want to be an rpg npc because i want the ability to say things in differently coloured text when i have something to emphasize

i ask because i was looking at some 200 euros raver pants and they looked like motocross pants except 10 sizes too large

can raving be considered an extreme sport

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me @ my three sources of groundwater: well, well, well

oh god one day im going to have to explain to my grandchildren why every calculator from my youth had €/F keys

ive always wondered why calculators all display "E" when doing a bad operation. like, you have enough space to display Error

my brain, after i put away the laptop and try to sleep: ok but what's the definition of a metal though. like is it something about atomic structure or what. i'm sure wikipedia would know

my brain, immediately after i plug in the drawing tablet: YAWN time for bed tho
my brain, once i'm in bed: oh hey look a laptop. what if you spent like 3 hours looking at websites

only open the image below if it is your birthday today

you ever misunderstand a recipe and it ends up better than when you follow the recipe correctly

ideally i would only wear clothes with the names of bands that i don't listen to on them

want a hat that says vengaboys on it

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the joke being that epic used to be called Epic MegaGames

cute of epic games to run a game jam on called the Epic MegaJam

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je vous offre un "c'était mieux avant" qui date de 1640 :

"From a young age I have devoted
much time to the study of mathematics and have read many books. I have visited my teacher, far from here, and have studied hard. But, lately, children are playing tricks and writing bad poetry. It is deplorable that they are wasting so much time."

Imamura Tomoaki

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