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movie pitch 

The dozen scientists slowly advance on the new laureate, some brandishing rulers, others wielding pencils sharpened to a deadly point.

"You shouldn't have accepted the Nobel prize... if you couldn't pay the Nobel price."

i accidentally clicked onto a web dev thing yesterday and ive spent all day today excited about the web platform and frightened at the idea of having to work with the tooling that goes with it

one day i will design a character whos like a haunted roulette wheel or something

i just want a good reason to say "spin the wheel make a deal... WITH A GHOST"

javascrip is a currency you can use to redeem goods at the oracle shop

bad idea 

train a neural network on furry art that has sfw and nsfw variants so that it learns how to turn a sfw image nsfw and vice versa

Patrick Sébastien - Et on fait tourner les serveurs

developers and ui designers this is your regular reminder that flags do not identify languages

time is an illusion 

god felix baumgartner funny space jump was *eight years ago*??

re: youtube tech question 

there's a long story behind why i noticed this but it is also a very boring story

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youtube tech question that i probably won't get an answer to 

am i right in believing that youtube is encoding h264 with max GOP size set to 5 × framerate?

god this presentation i'm watching has someone from australia talk about cache and the way they say cache is...

well it makes more intuitive sense than the way the rest of the anglosphere says it does, but i can't handle it

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