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I was an employee of an onion farm, working in the fields. I made almost no money, while my boss was living the life, pocketing all the money earned from selling the onions. One day, I thought: "This isn't fair. Am I not the one doing all of the work? Yet I barely make enough to afford one of these onions each day. I have grown these onions and I deserve to own them." In protest, I appended to my social media bio: 

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uhh anyone got a vpn in kosovo that they could download a youtube video from for me

this is where someone from the united states goes "what do you mean, all our toasters have the handles at the front like this so you dont know which one controls which slice" and then i go "no way josé. i have watched technology connections talk to me about toasters for maybe a full hour and his toasters were normal. nice try, faker"

Good afternoon I am still upset about YIIK

There's a toaster in alex's kitchen that has its handles on the wrong side

for context i just had a fit over some model spitting out "my cats are cats"

whenever a machine learnt language model generates a tautology, a computer angel gets its computer wings

c'est marqué que je peux retirer ma lettre à partir du 1[bonhomme en batons]/Z à [racine carée à l'envers]h heures

bjr quelqu'un.e sait-iel lire les signes cabalistiques que les facteurices mettent sur les avis de passage

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[Enter GODOT, stage right. He is alone and looks hurried.]

GODOT: Sorry it took me so long, guys. A little rain, and suddenly all the buses are twenty minutes behind... Guys?

[GODOT paces, looking around all over the stage.]

GODOT: Um. Vladimir? Estragon? Hello...?

GODOT: [after a pause] Hum. I guess they left without me. Well, I suppose I wouldn't have waited all that long either.

[GODOT exits, stage left.]

good morning, this morning im upset about yiik again

also good for my chances of becoming a comic book hero of some sort

i just think it'd be good for my social media presence if someone kept foiling my plans like a cartoonish villain

anyone wanna get into a beef with me?

PEGI 3, In-Game Purchases 

PEGI 12, Bad Language 

what if gargron mastodon turn off the cws and replace them with PEGI rating and descriptors

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and like if you're attached to the letters write what the fuck they mean in small text underneath like

TEEN - 13+

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