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no gods no masters no certificate authorities

why does the hackers movie soundtrack have like six times as much music as the movie does

subtooty, salty Show more

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i wonder if there is a pattern harder for x264 to encode than random noise

now i just need a dan ryckert to make bad levels for me

i should do morning streams more often, it's a great way to wake myself up

fly, fly through a troubled sky 🎶
into a new world, shining bright 🎶

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A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men Show more

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Still not sure what the touch pad is for

It's wild that the playstation controller has basically looked the same ever since they added sticks to it

Tuning into ESA and instead of speedruns it's just marbles on stream 🤔❓

im gonna watch the quick look for it

i know nothing about slay the spire, should i get slay the spire?

hacking into gmail to change the subject of every email to "stinky cheese"

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