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update: it still crashes on deploy so danger zone is canceled

it's 4:40 (again) and i just opened the python-xlib docs, just in case you were wondering how my night was going

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Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape. #illustration #art #original

a first: just read the sentence "You get the idea." in a piece of technical documentation

i did not, in fact, get the idea

im so used to REST apis that whenever i come across an other kind of web api i just dont know how to even read the docs

also the other day i found out that if a video has had subtitles uploaded (as opposed to edited in the youtube thing) then youtube-dl can get those exact subtitles back, formatting and all, even though youtube doesn't show the formatting in its player

today i found out that if a youtube video has timestamps in its description, like:

01:23 - gamer chat
12:34 - the truth about the moon landing

and if you have --add-metadata enabled, then youtube-dl will put chapter markers in the final file

bing is doing a past bing future bing again and once again i get the impulse to start vlogging

which i will not do

dont quote me on this because i don't know shit about computer graphic's

on water and windows i mean. not on actual realass mirrors. i dont think screenspace reflections would work very well on realass mirrors unless you have tight control over the viewing angle

it's fucking me up that the situations where they don't work are also the situations where you wouldn't see them anyway because of fresnel

screenspace reflections are dark magic, as far as i can tell

got dang 3kliksphilip video making me want to play csgo danger zone again

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