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oh. it works on one of my machines but not another. isn't that exciting

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important linux desktop features such as: you cant use the power button if a dropdown menu is open

when i hear about beaning i can only think of :bean:

if the pro skater series didnt exist and tony hawk got into the video game game now, i think his game would be called tony hawk's skate entrepreneur and it would be a management sim like youtubers life but with skateboard videos

do you think tencent and 50 cent will ever collab

I donot know why my phone decided to capitalise aliens but just once

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no one has ever given me choccy milk cos im awesome :(

i know the movie is supposed to be about billy mcfarland's folly but to me it is all a fancy container for this one quote

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i rewatched fyre (2019) last night and i cant stop thinking about "we didn't want neighbours so we ruined the neighbouring tents, my friend pissed on some matresses"

important to say hon hon when i am speaking stereotype french instead of regular french

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