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do people have night vale OCs? is that a thing

why is it so funny to name things that have nothing to do with food after fast food brands or items

idk did I miss something? I also couldn't tell what was the difference between the original email and the erratum'd one

I didn't open that ticket, it just berates me for still using the old name. I don't know why it says RE

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who else updating their dns in extremis because scaleway said two months ago that public dns names for instances would change on September 28 and that a later email will explain migration, but said later email was never sent?

kinda limited though. it doesn't give you a full curve just exposure/shadows/highlights/contrast, and white balance

which is weird because it does let you edit curves after developing, but by that point you're stretching data rather than revealing different parts of the raw

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recommend me a raw image developing app for android

come to contrôle technique in the next 40 minutes if you want a certitude que ma voiture est aux normes

but the topical is not compressed like fm radio. because it's a podcast

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oh god whatever podcast advertising platform that the topical is on has begun serving french ads and they're SO LOUD

Zhōnghuá Space Agency..? because they're in taiwan?

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is it supposed to evoke the ESA? because moonlander?

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ah ZSA

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i will never remember the new name of the ergodox ez / moonlander company

i don't know how good or bad tim hortons coffee is, my entire experience with tim hortons is one time when i was in canada i went to a tim hortons that was in a particularly oppressive, underground(?) part of a mall(?), and i got a bottle of water and a pastry

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(mickey voice) goofy we need to save the not very good coffee or Canada will sink into the sea

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Walt Disney and Tim Hortons present:

King Heartons

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