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did an extra pass on my avatar to fix some things that were bothering me so if you were like "wait did codl change slightly in the last hour" the answer is yes. I am always changing

whn they upload my brain to the cloud, if i cant be a cute animal in san junipero i *will* flip the fuck out and i *will* cause a scene

actually it is praxis to take the coiners' (real) money and turn it into good software

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where youre greeting a neverending crowd of germans thats hallo infinite

transphobia, JKR, asking for resources 

Some of my colleagues have been fawning over Harry Potter for the past few days and I'm considering sending them something sweet and instructive on how JKR spouts hate speech.
I'm assuming they don't follow her stuff at all, and I've seen them be very ignorant of all things trans but definitely not actively bad, so I really want this to be in good faith and not "attacking" them for liking something dear to them, nor assuming they know what a TERF is / how to interpret her dogwhistles.
Do you know of a good recap I could use?

stop les pubs de l'armée de terre sur youtube la

i wish you could insert things into btdigg's index manually

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