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馃搶 a number of services that i run including forget are down because my server is in shambles for reasons that escape me at the moment, and i am very busy with other things in my life and don't have internet access at home so it's going to take a while. sorry and leave me alone

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voil脿 c'est nul merci de votre attention

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netdata >:( 

that bar is fixed btw. i can't make it go away by scrolling. it is always taking up 60 px of vertical space

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netdata >:( 

oh! good! now i have to adblock a fucking nag bar on every netdata dashboard i regularly look at! great!! :tone_sarcastic:

et encore une petite averse, merci la nature

I heard thunder and I got so fucking excited yall

what? you're telling me this wave oven is microscopic?

I have great news: I have finally accessed bumblebeetok

i hate watching other people play tetris because either
- they're better than me and that makes me feel bad about my skills
- they're not better than me and i get annoyed because they don't play the moves i would play

there's a wiki page that hasn't been edited since 2018 that goes "all the libraries we use support them now. hooray! now here's what i'm thinking for UI. ~~~~"

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when will inkscape have ui for variable fonts

c'est quoi ce bordel, vigicrues jaune alors qu'il n'a pas plu depuis des lustres

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oops hermes asked me to repost this hours ago and i fell asleep and forgot

okay i'm just gonna copy and paste what he wrote lol

"the spanish scp wiki branch has a policy that erases queer identities and authorial intent in their translations of english articles

here is a forum going into more detail, if you have a wiki account please sign!

if you have a hellbird please sign here

share your support for the scp writing community! we wont have our queerness erased or our authorial intent purged!"


"'WC', which presumably stands for 'water closet', that is, the lavatory (bathroom)"


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