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all I wanna do is (microwave beep ×4) and a (microwave ting) (plate hitting table) and bone apple tea

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wild that they got toby fox on the new run the jewels release

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I wrote "loyalty chart" in the image description when I meant "alignment chart"

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when your street gets dirty, something something openstreetmop

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Exegg Tutor {2}{U}
You may choose a card named Exeggcute or Exeggutor from outside the game, reveal that card, then put in your hand.
Exile Exegg Tutor.

very very deep thought 

yall ever know a place very well and then look at a map of the place for the first time and it doesnt match up at all with your mental model of it

police force more like police farce ha

i dont like gus johnson calling me out like this

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