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also now i'm locked out of the shop because the fervor cube is out

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did super mario 3D land make a joke about having a "coin stache"? if not:
1. why the fuck not
2. hire me nintedo

im playing wreckboy for old times sake and ive managed to heal my boy at the same time as he died so now he's alive but lying down and not doing anything

attendez je viens de voir "basé sur la confiance" hé dis si tu me fais payer 170€ de caution sur une location à 30€ c'est que tu ne me fais pas confiance

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"je vous la vend moins cher que le prix d'origine mais seulement si vous me la renvoyez après" ah c'est pas bête ça! si seulement il existait un terme pour ce genre de transaction

i just put 25 american euros into the CDN, dont spend them all in one request

i was distracted from closing tabs by Available on the Computer

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this game *is* available on linux, though the FAQ says it is not

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