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no gods no masters no certificate authorities

food crime 

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otacon: Snake! That's a fursuit. Furries wear them to represent their fursonas!
snake: hrgh........ don't those things get stuffy in the convention centre?
otacon: Not with proper ventilation!
snake: proper ventilation, huh........

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Richard Stallman

Suite à sa démission du MIT et de la Free Software Foundation, retour en détail sur ce héros des temps modernes, formulation de pistes pour se sortir de ce moment dur, mise en avant des hommages rendus à son œuvre.

the other day the option to not open the render in progress in a new window was moved, and it took me half an hour to find where it was because there wasnt a blender today to tell me where it was now

come back pablo :(

when will blender today return from the spain

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latest release was 5 years ago apparently

does xmoto still run on modern lunix

why respects knights when my potions can do anything that you can

youtubne recommended i watch potion seller today so i am watching potion seller and you should too

Fun fact the French word for chess translates literally to failures

(Cecil night vale voice) and as always (techmoan voice) thanks for watching (night Vale outro plays

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