only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars

"sorry, your browsing pattern doesn't look convincing, pay 5 learning data to continue"

sorry i'm salty and i should have cw'd this thread

several people have suggested this and, while i love expecting the worst from tech giants just as much as everyone else on here, i don't think that i am being asked to identify traffic lights in order for google to make killer drones

@codl No you shouldn't. I was just faced with that horrible thing myself, and I agree fully with your opinion and I believe it should be visible.

@codl More like "sorry your browsing habits aren't lucrative enough to our advertisers, please do this manual labor"

@codl it's so sad

the "re" part of recaptcha meant "reading"

now it just means "oh fuck it's google"

@codl :0 i had no idea it was used to transcribe books before! That just makes today’s recaptcha that much worse

@scarlettablack @codl I do miss using the letter ſ in a CAPTCHA.

(Long form S, fell out of use in the middle of the 19th century)

@codl preach. I've held off dozens of angry rants about how google takes up projects by latching onto good causes and rots them to their core. The concept captcha is one of the biggest ones they've corrupted.

the past: look at this homebrew captcha! don't they know about recaptcha

now: I will take "what's 7+4" over "select all pictures that contain buses" any day

@codl Not just making cars, but also making military/murderer drones, with image recognition (like project maven).

@devnull i highly doubt that it's asking me to click on traffic lights and crosswalks to teach killer drones how to respect road rules

@codl Yeah, as if recaptcha was limited to clicking on "traffic lights and crosswalks"…

I guess the reason why google pays people $1 an hour to train their "AI" to recognize images, is to make flying cars for the Pentagon…

@devnull those are two different things. i've never been asked to identify anything other than: traffic lights, bikes, crosswalks, and cars. all taken from road level, not satellite imagery like the article you linked

oh and pictures of cats but that was long ago. guess they gave up on making cat-targeting drones

@codl yeah it just kind of seems like a way of providing data for possible self-driving cars and etc

@codl they did sell the same tech to the military
there were even strikes about it

@grainloom oh i don'(t doubt that they have but i'm just saying i don't think any of my hot hot training data on bikes and crosswalks is going into that

@codl @grainloom

suicide bombers walk in most of the time IIRC

and terrorists also do things like "drive on streets" or "walk on streets"

maybe bikes are the only good part but then again there was that bike that printed out anti-Bush slogans with sidewalk chalk and I can't find that project any more at all, so I dunno 🤷

@codl eh, probably still killer drones, just sold as driverless cars

I mean would you trust a machine taught by random chucklefucks on the internet?

@troubleMoney i feel like i trust machines taught by random chucklefucks every day of my life

@codl I wouldn't even have a problem with this if they were feeding data into OpenStreetMap instead of hamhandedly trying to make literally the most token effort level bullshit yellow pages map instead.

@codl I do remember... But I guess this is just how these can kind of go. I don't know. It seems that good things like this, end up getting gobbled up by megacorporations, and then... no one is willing to admit that it's a "bad thing" that they are getting "normal people" to do work for free...

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