anyway guess whos merging like five mastodon versions worth of changes right now

i cant upgrade my bundle because some dependency that's only used in testing deleted the version that mastodon wants without a word as to why or a changelog for the next version up

kinda wish there was a pre-add hook honestly so i could catch it as soon as i add a bad file

@codl you can just edit the Gemfile.lock and replace 2.4.0 with 2.4.1

@er1n sudo already has an insult mode where it tells you off so all you need is to replace the insult lines

@er1n @codl one of the very first cursed hacks we did when we started with linux was discovering that we could edit command-not-found

@codl can you post this for copypasting because i need this so much

@codl I need this, just less vulgar.

Going to see if I can't make it print the file and lines.....

@efi in my scripts i am either very rude to myself or exceedingly polite

@codl I'm very passive agressive
// SOMEONE forgot to fill this switch with ACTUAL OUTCOMES

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