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intro 1 

hey i'm curly. i also go by fidget! (fidget_exclamation_mark) on twitch and always_dizzy on vrchat.
I like to do computer things and just got my CS degree. I liked playing games that do unique things and I hope to one day make some myself.
I am vibrating constantly with 50% anxiety and 50% excitement but please feel free to DM or talk to me whenever. unless I am asleep. then talk softly, i would still like to listen.
also i love to help! i love doing stuff with people! a

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intro 2 

i also really like writing characters, trying to learn modelling to bring them to life and love to see people interact with them. chill casual RP with them is OK.
main one is my sona Kusari(she/demi/shy), and her tail Zhuchka(he/must be stopped). They are the loudest voices in my life and they are both me. :blobcatreach: check them out <:3
i also have a big pizza dog, a weird spider crow and a whole lot others. please read about them on my FA.

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intro 3 + links 

Kusari and Zhuchka find it more natural to use "she" and "he" as a sort of 1st person pronoun whenever one wants to say something unique to them, as a sort of exospectrive narration each gives the other, but I rarely use it so please bare with my usage of it when i do :ghost_owo:

discord: curly#0507
steam: feel free to ask
vr_chat: AlwaysDizzy
FF14: Coeurly Grace@Behemoth
possibly more in the future

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🌟Emergency Commissions🌟

My landlord just informed my partner and I that we can't renew our lease and we have 3 weeks to find a place to move to

we are Very underprepared for this situation, so we need to raise as much money as possible

Please consider commissioning me if you can!! Prices here:

You can also help out by sending money to:


or Muttmusk on Venmo

Slightly more "Official" post about this

my landlord decided to let us know yesterday that we can't renew our lease because he needs our apartment, we have 3 weeks to figure out where to live

we're Very underprepared for this, since he told us when we signed the lease that we could renew it in 2021

My partner @CuttlefishCryptid and I both have emergency commissions open: (my post)

Anything helps


Venmo: MuttMusk


#introduction Hello, I'm curly! I'm a programmer but I use git more than I write actual code.
Most of my work is lots of personal ruby scripts and weird desktop apps.
I haven't been in academia in a hot minute so please be patient with me. I'm... computer

(this is my tech programming alt, thank you all for suggestions! :blobcatpats:)

This meme was made of me in chat tonight and honestly it's exactly how it feels to just solve a Picross puzzle in a single mad rush

what's a reasonable time to wait on an automated email?

i hate that when i log into twitter to retweet it immediately shows me [1] notification! but it's just to tell me that someone logged into my twitter account. no shit

OKAY! I finished it!!!

it's her.

(Yes I went silly and did scanlines and funny hacker textscreen I HAD to)

asking for money, boost = thank 

this is where I'm at right now

disability claim was denied, so now I get to fill out the appeal form. the agent I spoke with estimates another 4-6 months before I receive a decision

I'm pretty much at the end of my rope. since I'm not an RN and can't drive there's no jobs I'm fit to work in town. my rent is covered until the end of the month (I think) but after that I guess I'm out on the street

if you can assist, I'd be grateful.

AAAAA my husband just got this surprise commission in for us!!

🎨 : birdf00d on :birdsite:

what uhhh a good instance for posting code stuff
I want to post heavy code stuff and I don't feel it fits here lmao

$ help 🐀 

It’s been hard recently. I’m doing my best to find another job, just no leads yet. I didn’t even have enough for lunch before work yesterday, card declined. I have upcoming bills to pay for, and I could still really use the help. I’m sorry I ask so much. I don’t want to, but I need to. Thanks for helping out as much as you have, Fedi and Friends.💚🐀


kofi in bio

legosi heard hardboiled eggs and then saw eggs, what was he supposed to do

hey if you have one of these small Bob dishwashers someone found a way to reset the use counters on the DRM detergent cartridges so you can re-fill them yourself and use them again instead of buying new, expensive ones every time you run out, check it out

Stream, self promo, Tales of Vesperia 

Tales of Vesperia stream starting on at 5:30pm ET! We are getting closer and closer to the end of this journey...

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