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so, you can't really set your own keybinds in discord (for most things)

you know what? bless you *lightens your souls*

picture of toilet, funny CES garbo 

black toilet paper

toilet humor, funny CES garbo 

can't go take a piss unless my toilet has an I P address

violence, minor age of calamity character spoilers 

I found you

rice PSA 

if you are stuck eating a lot of rice, you should remember to chew it throughly to avoid indigestion

The biggest lie about computer science is that there are people out there who champion one language over another. Programmers hate the language they use the most and indeed swear off computers in general.

video might be a bit loud 

This video is:
1) my new icon
2) my thesis statement for the upcoming decade
3) a threat to any would be aggressors

fav pleat type?

audiohazard, food 

when you get 404
and you are really so sore

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audiohazard, food 

When you look for a library
Like a big pizza pierary

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