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Made an art summary for this year! Dont have much to show for myself re: december BUT im very happy with how I've progressed this year!

Tried a variety of styles and had a lot of fun, even if I've had less and less time to draw!

In case you are interested, here is 2016:
and 2017:

JUST about finished in time (and a lil bit of a style experiment).... Happy birthday !!!

An artfight attack for!

We've been getting each other back for the last 5 years - check out her gorgeous piece of Sam!

You must be the impostor because youre making it hard for me to do my tasks

Standing on the surface of ash twin...

Fun little painting of one of my favorite games, outer wilds!

Decided I want to work on doing more backgrounds/landscape paintings so I want to go through and do some based on screenshots from my favorite games - starting with half life 2! Took me a few days on and off, but lots of fun :>

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