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anyone fancy something like this for £8? :)

lineless binarytool commission for someone over on twitter!

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hello friends i have been playing warframe

WOAH thats a lot of interractions thank you!!!

tried drawing my fave from nitw, selmers!

oops this is like, my second drawing all month

im a bit rusty, but heres a shin kuroi

commission ive been working on last few days!

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Hey hi hello!
If you happen to be asking yourself if i do commissioned work...i do!!

These are my basic prices, alongside some examples of my work!

All payment through Paypal, comms always open unless i pin a toot saying otherwise and i usually deliver in 2 days time (sometimes within couple of hours, though other times i could take a week!).

I charge after initial rough sketch is approved to ensure both of us are ready for the piece and work on one piece at a time!

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