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Made an art summary for this year! Dont have much to show for myself re: december BUT im very happy with how I've progressed this year!

Tried a variety of styles and had a lot of fun, even if I've had less and less time to draw!

In case you are interested, here is 2016:
and 2017:

aalrighttt got a decent working queue output, ability to play tracks/playlists and all the other commands doing what they should, nicee

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oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd i spent like an hour scratching my head at this and wondered where the logs were then realized i needed to include logback and it turned out to be a JDK version thing ughhhhhhhhhh

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also potentially figuring out slash command support - should be something i can then delegate to my handlers but no need to do that straight away

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i also like to have little software projcts to work on so......

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main thinking here is that if i can make this as trivially easy to self host as I can in theory it makes it much harder to take down every instance of - I know fredboat had some self hosting capability but that seems kinda iffy these days

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Also want to give it a run through some servers, get some feedback on how well it works and docstring/command help improvements

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basically tried to organize the code so adding new command handlers is nice and easy - still to do on it:
- Make it actually play sound (please)
- Ensure it handles playlists and whatnot properly
- Have a complete set of bot related commands
- Completely figure out the configuration/persistent configuration story.
- Set up CI to build and release JAR files and docker containers to DockerHub

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Currently implemented commands (mostly) work - with the exception of play, which seems to play audio (bot shows mic activity) but no sound, so not entirley sure why

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goal is to make a clojure/Java based bot that I can constantly build and push up to dockerhub and the like so self hosting it is as simple as adding an app to your discord account then setting a bot token

basically got all the queue and leave setup stuff and can iterate fast but not getting any audio from it

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its like the titanic! you sunk the burger!

trying to write a discord music bot and i am so close to getting sound from it but not quite there yet

quests in this game kinda suck. maybe im just gonna learn how to play tarkov really agressively instead

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ok took like ten raids to finally get a quest item in tarkov that you have to drop off in another map and i died instantly on the other map. ffssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

me getting back home and immediately launching tarkov

measure success by making the bunnies in your life do a little binky

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🚨🚨 code RED 🚨🚨🚨

IKEA plans to discontinue Blåhaj by April 2022

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