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Made an art summary for this year! Dont have much to show for myself re: december BUT im very happy with how I've progressed this year!

Tried a variety of styles and had a lot of fun, even if I've had less and less time to draw!

In case you are interested, here is 2016:
and 2017:

Been enjoying doing some rping recently - think ive realised i am faaarrr more of a dialogue writer than anything else though

Cant believe i just heard bigclive making a bad dragon reference

xen reminds me of a ratchet and clank level and i dig it

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You're finally awake! That fall looked real bad. Loot boxes? Battle passes? What are you talking about? Let's go buy a game for £20.

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trust a fake princess more than a real one

heres kiri!!! a new fursona.
shes a kobold whose colors are based on sunbeam snakes

drawn by @woahpaz420 on twitter which has been very good to commission

of course, the only winning move in an online argument is not to play sdasffas

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I'd love to play a DND character archetype based off of like, general skarr from billy and mandy. I love the 'retired supervillain' thing its so good

my formulative teenage years were spent watching vine comps, random youtubers and watching chaos unfold on social media so you could say my sense of humour is pretty good

You ever just go like radio silent for months and suddenly feel like making posts and being funny again. Cos I think thats me right now. Weird mood that - leads to me being probably overly chatty but will take it as it comes!!

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