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Made an art summary for this year! Dont have much to show for myself re: december BUT im very happy with how I've progressed this year!

Tried a variety of styles and had a lot of fun, even if I've had less and less time to draw!

In case you are interested, here is 2016:
and 2017:

nsfw art 

is it getting hot in here or is it just me

The Zone wants to be respected. Otherwise it will punish...

since i visited the art gallery and scribbled some shit on their sketchbooks ive had a hankering to do some really sketchy shit with a pencil and no eraser. havin a lil fun..

(camera effects on pencil drawings look cool also i dig em)


Did a VRChat screenshot drawover with a couple of cuties :>

i started a little thing in a discord im in where you do a doodle then leave a suggestion for the next person in the thread to doodle. previous suggestion was blahaj, so...

Long overdue artifght revenge (yes artfight is over already dont worry about it) against my friend noodle >:3

"Throwback tuesdays" later today - about 6:15pm british time. Continuing our PS2 kick, we're starting Sly 2 later today! Come along if you want to <3

JUST about finished in time (and a lil bit of a style experiment).... Happy birthday !!!

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