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Made an art summary for this year! Dont have much to show for myself re: december BUT im very happy with how I've progressed this year!

Tried a variety of styles and had a lot of fun, even if I've had less and less time to draw!

In case you are interested, here is 2016:
and 2017:

hopefully noone joined to hear me dying after like 15 minutes

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just realized i was sat on a discord voice call on my own while i was doing ring fit in the background ashasdkjhad

they added this like, charged shotgun and its soooooo good im shit at build battles but i can just bait people and 1hit them

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new season looks pretty cool - and i actually still have like 1500 vbucks on this account from last battlepass soooo

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switching them for red kidney beans but still. disappointing!

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ive been to 3 different shops and couldnt find black beans in any of them. even marks and sparks! cant believe it

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thinking about my olddddd twitter @s. mageofspace was such a good one cant believe i had it

ratchet and clank opinion: blarg station is the single most memorable video game level of my childhood

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