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Hey y'all, if you ever wanna message me somewhere feel free to boop me at:

Telegram: datastains
Discord: datastains#6019

I tend to be chronically distracted but will respond as able <3

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emoji spam / instructional guide 

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As a shark, you get bonus points for throwing me into the nearest body of water whenever we hang out

Reminder that I occasionally moonlight as a boss fight for hire

(Art by catboots)

I will never not love Pidge because she's the facet of Me In a Good Place

Getting tagged in demonology posts because people know I'm an idiot demon puppy at heart

sharks and snakes are both too fucking good for this world ajsdgjdas

y'all should show me some rad nonvenomous snakes

for reasons

Gay as in "whether or not we're of the 'same gender', this relationship falls well outside the scope of what's expected by cishetero-patriarchy".

gettin' more shark art going and oh my gosh it's turning out good so far

sometimes i still think about the fact i was able to reply to a prompt of "How much does your sona shed?" with "Lots, but it's all teeth" because shark

A black cat crossed my path heading into work and there was static on the train radio again so I know the world likes me today

The great thing about dating someone whose main OC is a bird is that you can call them a jerk chicken whenever they bully you


The trans experience can be summarized as either discovering how much pockets your new clothes have or wondering where they all went


I just realized a ghost snake OC would do the wispy ghost tail thing almost too easy

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