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if any of y'all need a format converter for anything ever, I can make a custom one, I am ready, I will fuck the bytes, I will parse json, I will turn strings into code, I can do that
I will even give you an exe file that just does it

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interaction rules: 

do not interact with me in a way you don't want me to interact with you
specially if virtual interaction is sensitive to you
if you do, do so at your own risk, I will kiss you if you dare talk to me


like, knowing all the solutions to the puzzles doesn't detract from the fun

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btw, I played trough all of Portal again just because and it's still as fun as the first time

here's a comparison of a part of Portal RTX that's NOT featured on the store page
can you tell which is the original and which is RTX? (yes you can)

Portal RTX conclusion: they fucked up a good game with a shitty update that doesn't even work right.

this shit is in the RTX verswion of Portal that nvidia made
if you decode it gives you the most disappointing message you could find in such a QR code

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