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the worst kind of abuse absolutely anyone can do is shaming others for how they are (likely, how they are perceived), since there's nothing they can actually do about it
this is even more relevant when you account for mental health

geez, lesbians are so fucking hard to find in this website

hello, Godwin called, I'm not saying nazis were the ones applying labels to the people they disliked, he did =3

can people not have their own red flags inside? do they feel like they need to alert everyone all the time?
oh, wait... WWII made it acceptable to shun others in public, I forgot

I find kin confusing when it's compared to trans, and sometimes it feels like it may diminish trans issues in the face of society, but also, most kin people are not like that and don't try to brainwash you 🀷

I do not understand kin and I would not actively support it, because I don't get it, but I'd never go out of my place to say it's unreasonable
I find it far, far more reasonable than being a liberal, for example, and it hurts less people :thinkhappy:

why is reinforcing ideas that hurt others so popular with humans?

- unfollow me if you're anti kin
- unfollow me if you're pro kin
- unfollow me if you know what kin means
- unfollow me if you don't
just unfollow me tbqh

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