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interaction rules: 

do not interact with me in a way you don't want me to interact with you
specially if virtual interaction is sensitive to you
if you do, do so at your own risk, I will kiss you if you dare talk to me

pokemon: we are scientists researching pokemon
also pokemon: porygon is made out of literal data

does anyone warframe at these hours or is it too soon/late?

everybody is gonna get hugged today if I can have a say

very tired and sleepy efi logging off pc and into phone... =w=

imagine someone making like, idk, a +10 magic ladle or something as useless, just to give it to an unsuspecting player and ruining their run because they've now obtained a max-level weapon and thus can be invaded by anyone

why are misinterpreted wishes my favorite trope? because it's both lame af and at the same time reflects reality in a way
a very uncomfortable way that sucks

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