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I took my meds early in case I wake up past midnight or some shit

I did, though, throw a chessboard at a cheater's head and punch a bully's tooth out

when I was a kid and went to class on the subway, I used to cope by imagining how I'd slice each individual around me with some kind of blade
I've never hurt anyone with any sharp object at all

I'm sad about trans shit, sad about my sister, sad about my lovers past and present, sad about myself being sad and thinking the goriest shit and it's, so, warm...

could just slice my arms open before going down, so my blood gets fresher from the breeze

gonna trample my own memories and act like I've been a good person all my life for a few minutes while ai get meds

I know it's hella disrespectful to some people, but I kinda wanna see a story where the ghost that haunts you is literally you, and not some psychological gimmick, but your actual dead self

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when you're deep in the forest and hear the ravens scream cawcaw!! beware for they may be actually saying C.A.W. which is their sign for Call A Witch

I wish we didn't need to explain what trans means
I wish trans didn't need a word

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