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interaction rules: 

do not interact with me in a way you don't want me to interact with you
specially if virtual interaction is sensitive to you
if you do, do so at your own risk, I will kiss you if you dare talk to me

hormones, fertility 

@furkachi don't be tricked, even if your sperm count is lower, it only takes ONE smart dude in there to finish the whole deal

realization I can't get out of my head:
since toadstools and goombas are mushrooms, they inherently do not have a gender
toadette must have chosen to be a girl by picking traits from peach

to me it's fukken hilarious that minecraft dungeons is not available on linux, it's the most microsoft shit ever

you've heard of gay marriage get ready for gay carriage

yes, you can even make the UVs a function of the camera angle, woop-dee-doo, fancy effect wow

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