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trying to imagine why all particles appear to be stuck in specific categories with particular sizes/energies and imagining a hyperdimensional sieve...

my body: plz go to sleep
my body: I can't let you sleep, I'm dying
my body: I'm dying of lack of sleep, go sleep

imaginary lewd 

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imaginary lewd 

I think the weather is going to kill me, quite materially

nonbinary boys. demi boys. trans boys. that shits cool.

share it with your friends
force feed it to your enemies
trans girls real 2020

imho understanding people is much better than misunderstanding people

i cannot clooose my eyeeeees 🎢
im not gonna faaaaaall asleep 🎢
but I need to, babe 🎢
cos I don't wanna miss my dreams 🎢

daydreaming about poisoning the president of each bank with almond extract niacin on a simple sewing needle

my body: dead tired
my mind: exhausted
my brain: "uh, we're out of melatonin... eh... party time???"

I should stop trying to talk to people, it's useless

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