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if any of y'all need a format converter for anything ever, I can make a custom one, I am ready, I will fuck the bytes, I will parse json, I will turn strings into code, I can do that
I will even give you an exe file that just does it

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interaction rules: 

do not interact with me in a way you don't want me to interact with you
specially if virtual interaction is sensitive to you
if you do, do so at your own risk, I will kiss you if you dare talk to me

spent all day trying to get another win in Noita and it's not happening, barely even reach the vault
finding a combination of spells with the power to erase your enemies feels like a miracle, not to mention the perks to make it work...

for spookiest month I decree you're all required to grow some tentacles

its halloween, just like yesterday, and the week before, and last year, and next month

you have downloaded efi
would you like to activate sad mode?
[yes] [later]

steganography of cuddles
every girl I cuddle gets more secret cuddles hidden in the less significant parts of each cuddle

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