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I wonder if birds refer to their phone as a squawk box.

There's a Schmoo on top of the coffee machine and when you approach she flops upside down #mastocats


To be honest, I'm still not sure what "queer" is supposed to mean. Something like a catch-all for "other" gender/orientation identity, I think?

As a kid, I first learned the term to mean "gay" with a negative connotation. It's been really hard to get that negative connotation out of my head because - despite my best efforts and the fact that people now use it as a positive term - it's still a nebulous definition that hasn't been easy for me to grasp.

Replies welcome I guess.

the use of "not now" as a general text field for buttons that used to say "cancel" or "dismiss" is some serious psychological warfare

Gripe, chat platform rambling 

Not the biggest fan of Telegram (which I affectionately call Telegerms) but at least they tried to do encrypted chats, and they have a track record of flipping Russia the middle finger.

Sure they have a neo-Nazi problem but so does the rest of the world.

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IRC is crap compared to modern shiny money-backed alternatives, but at least it's ours. We are users and owmers, not products or data points or cash cows or slaves.

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I just wish my life and conversations with my closest, dearest friends weren't owned, mined, and exploited by like a handful of giant US-based companies that don't give a shit about privacy or freedom or you.

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This dragon breathes keysmash for some reason?

(about twenty minutes doodling)

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