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New Sonic trailer doesn't look totally awful this time. Might even be /fun to watch/.

i was gonna make a joke about how its terrible that you cant pet fish

but apparently fish sometimes do seek out contact, with the people in big aquariums who feed them or sometimes wild fish and divers

this is why we were put on this earth with our thumbs, to pet the critters who cant pet themselves

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From birdsite 

people come to the fediverse fleeing the speech-restricted fascist Indian state.

the safety of these individuals are in our hands as fediverse developers.

and yet today, we have the same old broken thinking of building systems that have no adversarial element to their design.

what is it going to take to get people to start taking security seriously? will somebody have to be killed by the state? nobody took me seriously when I said that people use the tools they know to work around oppression, not the tools with the best design. they found it laughable!

but here we go, it is happening. we are here, those oppressed by the state are here, and soon the state will be here. what happens next?

when somebody disappears because they put their faith in the security model we have built and it fails them (which will happen, get ready for it) will we laugh at these people for using our platform or will we actually fix things?

what is it going to take to fundamentally shift the mindset towards a security-first mantra?

Okami: Shit Issun Says 

Okami: Shit Issun Says 

Print orders are coming in. Looks like the holidays 🌟 are just around the corner. 😊 #art #illustration #colorful

a security model that depends on instance operators to do the right thing in an open world network is never going to work, and it is entirely irresponsible to promote the usage of such security models in the activitypub network. we keep referring to these models as DRM: that's because they provide no actual security, but the veneer of security.
and when people depend on these fake security features, that's going to result in really bad things, like swatting.

i find it very annoying that essentially the only way to gain more money & respect in most careers is to move upward into management

Maybe I should post positive things for a change. How about tea?

Hot tea is wonderful and relaxing. In the morning it's a cup of sunrise zen. In the evening it's a cozy bedtime blanket. Making tea is an art, a science, and a ritual all at once.

Tea is life.


"With streaming services there's no reason to pira-"

Exclusive content

Content that can easily be removed by any contract changes

Region locking

Not being able to offically know which content is available before subscribing

Bad UI

DRM playback

Online only

Only on supported devices/OSs/browsers

Internet journalism 

PR to request an introduction to mastodon called a tootorial.

Man, using glaives in Okami with an actual controller is so much better.

Fuck the Wii remote.

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