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Fediverse posting == Rubber duck debugging

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I HAVE COME HERE to drink tea, be furry, and write software.

And I'm ALL out of tea.


well suddenly this at least partially explains why so many of us are so bad at taking compliments


being shitty to devs is a good way to make them just never want to do anything anymore

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almost everything marketed as breakfast food is just like.. dessert


Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"


Mastodon apparently doesn't support BMP image uploads? Or is it an instance thing?

so apparently the US government "is monitoring the internet" because of the area 51 meme and there's pictures of the military being briefed on it

including this demo of a naruto run

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note to self: write a blog post on how cloud evangelizers are false prophets from a death cult of tech companies

You know what's better than undocumented software? Undocumented hardware. Designing something under the assumption that the physical inputs you plan to use have not already been jury-rigged into the system without telling anyone.

me, signing up for "Oh boy I sure can't wait to see all the furry porn!"

1,000 depressed trans lesbians, chanting in unison: "Communism! Communism! Communism! Communism!"

Furries on Mastodon: Twitter is just so toxic.

Me: Uh, don't you have a Twitter account where you post nothing but call outs?

FoM: Sometimes I just really need to get away from all that negativity.

Me: You post screenshots of tweets and dox people!

FoM: People there are just so vicious.

Me: You single-handedly lauched and led a Twitter mob not one hour ago!

FoM: So good to be here away from all that.

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Hello. Just want to all to know about one of my favourite birds, the superb fruit dove.

That's all!

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