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My New Year's Resolution™ is to finish the Gemini browser that I started this year.

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Few understand my desire for desktop applications that use desktop widget toolkits.

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Modern technology is frustrating because everything COULD be better, it's just more profitable to make things as busted as you can possibly get away with

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may as well post the full picture too! it's never too early to be proud

Wooo got new pillows, got one filled with the filling of an older throw pillow i had in the closet for a long time

gotta work the filling out to fill all the corners still but wooo

When a softwarewolf gains awareness, they become an AIwolf.

Not sure what I expected, but I didn't expect people to find me intimidating... :blobfoxterrified:

Like, I know I'm a big bad wolf, but if you scratch my ears and call me a good boy I will absolutely melt in your lap.

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@nytpu Do you watch those motion pictures in a Cinema vs Theatre?

Okay, I'll do this.

I'm suddenly very interested in trying to repurpose a few of my old Android phones as remote webcams. And it seems surprisingly simple to do.

For a barebones implementation, you can run an app that exposes the camera feed as an RTSP stream, and then you can access it remotely with VLC or MPV.

Toothless from How To train your Dragon. Practicing the dragon scale in a simple way
Art by: me

#art #illustration #fanart #cute #digitalart #MastoArt

@codl Is there's a character limit for poll options? I had to shorten one of them in my last poll before the server would take it, although apparently other folks were able to post the same poll just fine. :blobfoxthink:

Okay, I'll do this.

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