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I HAVE COME HERE to drink tea, be furry, and write software.

And I'm ALL out of tea.

git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Even on Saturday morning my internal alarm clock goes off at 6 am. x.x

You know what they say about marriage.

"It's dangerous to go alone - take this."

Get in trouble and granny tells you to go get a switch and then beats the shit out of you in Smash Bros

re: USPol - The Debate! 

The surveillance state is growing.

A new project by @eff and the University of Nevada allows you to explore a map of where known cell-site simulators, smart street lights, and mobile biometric technology have been deployed.

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i like that any 2 or more things mixed together can be called an artisanal blend.

ie. i just hand crafted an artisanal blend of 2 different kinds of cereal

Furry culture is telling your friends what good examples of whatever they are they are.
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