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My 2023 resolution is to complete the challenge, hosted annually in August by @nywolforg

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Using CWs descriptively and liberally gives your followers and instancemates a choice for whether to see your posts, without having to outright mute, block, or unfollow. It helps keeps our communities a pleasant experience for everyone. :blobfoxhappy:

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Please remember to use image descriptions for pictures. This not only helps the visually impaired, but also helps people who may not immediately understand what they're looking at. :blobfoxhappy:

Doesn't have to be an essay, a sentence or two will do. Check out these examples.

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The part of the Fediverse populated by furries is called the Fuzziverse.

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"Dr. Poolvos, one of 1.2 Million emancipated Recoms, proposes to the Global Economic Forum that certain [Recom]binant DNA species are suited to be modified for life in space and to colonize the Jovian Moons. According to his vision, spaceborne resources could enable Climate Engineering efforts to stabilize Earth's damaged ecosphere."
(circa 2200 CE, colorized)

It would be another 100 years before the first autonomous colony on Callisto was finally established. Mars followed just a decade later.

If you're in the market for a laptop, I very highly recommend Framework! I have one of their first-gen 13" "DIY" models. They're good quality, very upgradable, and very repairable. The ports even swap out so you can configure expansion however you want. They just announced new AMD-based models today, and a 16" model with discrete graphics coming later this year!

I will not refer to fancy autocomplete programs as "AI". I will certainly not call them "apps".

CEO of Google says their Bard Chat AI “makes mistakes” after it called Google a monopoly that needs to be broken up by the state. The bot also opposed Google in a hypothetical anti-trust lawsuit.


It’s crazy how so much criticism of ChatGPT/Bing/whatever is still wrapped up in anthropomorphism, even in tech media.

No, Bing didn't “lie to you" or "admit it was lying,” there's no thought process. It is autocomplete. Describing it in human terms just feeds into people seeing these technologies as intelligent.

shot: Mozilla cuts 250 jobs, says Firefox development will be affected (

chaser: Mozilla is committing $30M to build A startup building a "trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI ecosystem" (

I’m good at both kinds of programming: overcomplicating simple things and underestimating complex problems

For the people who have advocated fruitlessly for years for the US to have any substantial data privacy law, it has to feel like gaslighting to see the country's national security apparatus finally focus on what TikTok collects and then conclude the answer is to ban that one app.

@chrisisgr8 javascript is the correct tool for precisely one job and that job is placing a button on a website that says "click here for a free cupholder" and when you click it ejects your cd-rom.

ChatGPT? More like RooGPT

Roos w/ Great Paws (and) Thighs

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