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Security without privacy is a prison.

Don't be duped.

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"Machines aren't capable of evil. Humans make them that way."

Every time I hear about the big g ignoring or rewriting another internet standard or the rust and gtk/gnome developers refusing to interoperate with anybody else, it makes me feel more and more morally obligated to make all the software I write entirely standards compliant.

Software developers have stopped caring about reliability

This is certainly nothing new to me and probably most of the people here, but still good to re-iterate the importance of simplicity in software design.

I will also do the challenge at the end of the article and see how much annoyance I have to deal with :flan_writing:

me trying not to switch to my bat fursona but it keeps getting closer to halloween

Fedizens of the #Fediverse ..

I want to attract attention to the #weblite hashtag, as something important is happening!

@alexandra and @alcinnz have kicked of a great initiative to finally address the #BloatedWeb and bring it back to its essence.

Existing standards bodies like #WhatWG #W3C #IETF have lost their way. Long-lasting #BigTech influence has led to #web #specs that serve current #browser monopolists only.

A better alternative is now emerging on #Codeberg ..

okay #brutaldon is back and happy at for all your brutalist fediverse needs.

it's also now living in the cloud again, so the final public facing service in the lab has been relocated.

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and then god created enbies and he was like "oh shit thats tight these people are actually in my image, way moreso than male and female"
- genesis 1:27.5

"In the near future, phone numbers will be a think of the past"
"Really? Ok phew"
"Sorry it's the near future now, every website you log into wants a phone number if you want to keep using their service"

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