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My New Year's Resolution™ is to finish the Gemini browser that I started this year.

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Few understand my desire for desktop applications that use desktop widget toolkits.

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I know I shout about this a lot, but I keep feeling angry at the basic inability of people involved in grifty cryptocoin asset nonsense to understand the basic economics of what they were doing.

Yes, making it a speculative asset by making it deflationary made it unsuitable for a currency.

But it also made it unsuitable for the whole reason they wanted it to be deflationary in the first place: Being Shiny Digital Cybergold.

Bitcoin hasn't ACTED like gold.

Gold spikes in price when people are economically uncertain.

You know what gold doesn't do? Gold doesn't drop like a rock in tandem with the stock market.

Griftcoins have. And we should EXPECT them to. They've been bundled into investment vehicles as high-growth, high-volatility assets. Almost nobody was buying them as a hedge against risk, because why would you when the price bounces around like a ferret made of superballs?

Sure the environmental impact is a more pressing issue.

But the sheer economic wrongheadedness that you get from people buying into Austrian claptrap trying to replace the money supply is just infuriating in a "GEEZE, WILL YOU AT LEAST BE SHORTSIGHTED AND VENAL COMPETENTLY?" sort of way.


"Do you think inflation is a political liability going into the midterms?" Fox News White House correspondent Doocy could be heard shouting as journalists filed out of the room.

"No, it's a great asset," Mr. Biden muttered sarcastically. "More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch."


I'm not a big Biden fan, but occasionally he has his moments.

>Hackers Exploit OpenSea Bug to Steal $1 Million in NFTs


I wonder when privacy will no longer be considered as a fundamental human right.

Software, Silliness 

Every time I hear some bit of software described as "XYZ for humans"

Of course…

I imagine the programmer sitting there. Staring at their screen. Chasing clues, sifting details.

They'd heard the rumors. The ancient cabal of beastfolk that supposedly preserve the internet and make it possible. Strange whispers of aliens tapped into the 'net by some obscure relay communing with human society.

Someone logs onto IRC claiming to be an alien from a distant star conversing with folks to learn about our world. People might think it's a cute joke and play along. They might think it's obnoxious and insult the person.

But nobody would think it was an actual alien.

The programmer knew.

And they didn't like it one bit.

They could never find the outsiders.

Never name them.

The programmer could put them on notice.

This software by By Humans.

And by god it was FOR HUMANS.

I get conflicting views on where the sweet spot is for transmitting information for instant messaging. Depending on who you ask:

IRC uses space-delimited strings, but they're either too simplistic or just fine
XMPP uses XML, but it's either too verbose or very human readable
Matrix uses HTTP and JSON, but it's is either too large and complex, or very easy to implement
To say nothing of techniques like using binary or compression.

So many options, yet none seem "just right". :blobfoxgoogly:

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