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nobody has ever used a file hosting service to talk to people

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Reminder that plants never sit still. All plants everywhere are always jostling about like this.

ROAR! happy juliom! #JuLion2020


One special hell of the 21st Century involves having to put a book down because its operating system is forcing an update.

The pioneers of computer science and science fiction would never have predicted this.

Yesterday I learned the person who creates Paranoid Android's classy wallpapers is also the same person OnePlus hires to make their wallpapers.

He also publishes every wallpaper he makes for OnePlus on his blog for anyone to grab and use:


When Twitter is misused as a blog so often (why??) that there's a dedicated website to make it bearable

Happy Hump Day of the Year! We on the 183rd day out of 366, which is exactly halfway.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be downhill from here, but no promises or anything.

Sci-Fi Tech:

Robots who are effectively immortal because machines are forever, unlike frail flesh

Real Tech:

My phone is two years old and nothing works anymore

Police, Kettling 

Apparently corporate security training now involves watching a series of TV-network-quality episodes. :blobfoxthinking:

> YouTube is increasing the price of its live streaming YouTube TV service yet again, raising the price from $50 per month to $65 per month for new subscribers as of today.

We've revolutionized the cable bill. Now it's an app!
Sleeping is important, your body is running fsck and cleaning your brain's filesystem while you're asleep :blobfoxuwu:
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