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Police in video games, ~ 

Gautama H. Buddha. Cobo Hall is 'TCF Center' now?

Am I the only one who paid attention during 1980s near-future dystopias and noticed how tacky having every public work named after a brand is?

I have a magic rectangle. One side of it is metal, the other glass. Inside it are crystals of exceptional fineness, metal etched into intricate patterns, and traces of many exotic elements, all from different faraway lands. Symbols appear on the glass, and if touched in the right order, many wondrous and terrible things can happen. Just as often, they do not, and I have to spend an hour working out which part of the ritual I messed up.

Fact check: I searched for my zip code on GoFundMe and found hundreds of listings with the same template, using the exact same photos and location names as the Yelp listings. Clicking through to any of these 404's.

Yelp alledgedly creating GoFundMe's on behalf of businesses listed on their website to collect "donations" during the Coronavirus crisis. The business i question are not told that this is happening.

Collecting "donations" on someone else's behalf without their permission and without telling them is one of the most reprehensible, shady business tactics that happens *all the time*. Brave browser, BountySource, and Gitcoin are all guilty of this, too. The money just accumulates and they scrape their fee off the top, and who's going to notice if the money just slips off into their bank account after a few years of going unclaimed. Absolute scum of the earth, these folks.

Game OST 

"But if it's not illegal, we're saying it's okay!" has to be the worst justification to keep a law around ever used.



Due to some of my follower's requests, there will be another Jigsaw Puzzle Kickstarter soon. I asked a Jigsaw Puzzle group for their favorites. Currently, Disco Dingo and The Star seem to be the winners. #art #illustration #mastoart


PSA: and a few other sites related to fediverse are now shadowbanned by Twitter.

This means only sender is able to see tweet, for others it's added to counter, but nowhere to be seen when you open replies. The post is simply not visible for others.

Seems there's an increase in MLM scams. Companies like Primerica, Amway, Avon, etc.... Remember, if you have to pay money to start working, it's a scam. And scams like these come around a lot more often during difficult economic times.

System updates in 2020.

45,3 MiB electron-8.2.0-3-x86_64
38,2 MiB electron4-4.2.12-4-x86_64
38,9 MiB electron6-6.1.9-3-x86_64
45,0 MiB electron7-7.1.14-2-x86_64

What a world we live in...

Covid shitpost 

How long has Amazon offered a TOTP option for logging in? Kudos to them for not limiting MFA to frickin' SMS anymore.

Rainy and The State 

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