Okay, we've hit the Big Traditional Ending part of the book and there's...still three hours left to listen to so color me even more confused where this is headed.

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In this book the entire main conflict has been concluded and I'm only halfway through.

Since the book has been dragging a bit so far I have concerns.

I picked up this little portable DVD player at a thrift shop for $6. Ordered a power supply in hope it will actually work. Would be pretty darn neat if it does. (There's a Luca DVD left in it so was maybe working recently?)

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You can tell how new an employee is at Taco Bell based on amount of sauce they include.

I'm reading a Native American inspired portal fantasy and keep hoping there'll be TF.

But then I think that about any portal fantasy.

Or any book in general. TF would make everything better. So many times I'm like "you know what would make this plot better? TF/swap hijinx*."

(*E.g. wish someone swapped with the dog in Strange World)

You ever be like "You know, I have too many kids..." and you think lawn darts isn't lethal enough? Well do I have the yard game for you.

I'm amused listening to this History of Tetris because it's 5% about the creation, 5% how addictive it is, and 90% about distribution rights hijinx. youtu.be/_fQtxKmgJC8

Almost finished with the podcast Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra, a really impressive (and scary) telling of the ultra far right movement in America during late 30s/40s, and the attempts to bring them down.

With a bunch of echos of the current far right movements.

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Oops, I guess I shouldn't have chewed on @truckthepolarbear wires... *pokes my tum* wow Truck is fat...

Big thank you to @MouseNoises for this awesome artwork!

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Skipper is on water slide testing duty today, a task fitting of a pooltoy otter fellow.

(Arts by the non-emergency inflatable @jac_fox@twitter.com)

I know everyone is raving about it but I'm not sure about this movie guys.

I need write out a oddball short list of games to properly dig into this year. So far it's stuff like:

Uncharted Trilogy
Persona 5 Royal
Sly Cooper Collection
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Pile of Furry Visual Novels

I've had multiple cases of showing peeps starting with "what's the deal with the wolf?" and by the end being "oh, I get it now".

As I've said multiple times, the wolf has a Presence that's not properly captured in gifs and screenshots.

He is Very Cool.

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Getting caught up on some shows, and boy howdy, 2022 sure was the year of, “Directors wanting to make diverse works, doing a bit of character research, and accidentally discovering something about themselves.”

(Seriously, don’t sleep on Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix.)

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