Update: apparently when installing new windows in apartment, the work people found wasps.

Which...brings up a number of new questions.

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They recently replaced windows in apartment this last week and now I have Concerns.

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There is more wasps in my room than there ought to be (3).

3DS, First World Problem 

I went with the New 2DS XL replacement and they sent it out this week...

But according to UPS tracking, got stolen off my doorstep on Thursday. :<

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MH Advice 

Hmm. Not sure if I should put this here, but have someone who has extreme social anxiety considering any social interaction.

I'm trying to prompt them to seek help or research coping mechanisms, but they will not. Seems even hard to get them to socialize at all with anyone.

I'm at a loss of how to help. 🤔

Thank You For Smoking thoughts. 

I thought he'd deal with a reckoning for his actions. That he'd shift his viewpoint. Maybe just his powers for good.

And at one point he does face a reckoning...then finds a way to double down with his original thesis.

This all just left me a little confused overall.

Like, I see the qualities that made this a well loved film, but in the end left me a bit befuddled.

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Thank You For Smoking thoughts. 

Finally got around to watching "Thank You For Smoking" this weekend and my thoughts are mixed.

The film is amusing and clever and really digs into some still relevant aspects of US government (and lobbyists)

But I'm not sure what the film's message is and wondering if I'm overthinking it. The MC is very steadfast in his morally dubious journey. There's all these flickers where I thought he'd shift his morals/viewpoint.

Then, he held the course.

3DS, First World Problem 

Somehow in trying to redownload games onto New 3DS XL before eShop went down, the firmware got completely borked. Froze whenever attempted to open any app.

So, sent it forth to Nintendo support (which, oddly, still covered that brand of 3DS for a fee).

Turns out they can't repair,. However, they're offering a New 2DS XL as replacement for no extra cost. Which, is more generous than expected, but I'm gonna miss that red 3DS and cheesy 3D effects. :<

Made a (silly) mistake this morning. I have the habit of getting Taco Bell breakfast on Friday (all the for the sausage crunchwrap).

Have ordered the regular coffee: fair.

Have ordered the Cinnabon Delight iced coffee: sweet but also fair.

Baja blast: honestly the best choice

Today accidentally ordered Cinnabon Delight hot: what a damn kick of gas station sweetness abomination caffeine in the worst way.

Wow is really good. A fun take on the how-catch-em.

I really love the bits and pieces that it pulls from the Columbo cloth. In every episode, there's some little lie/detail that bugs the hell out of Charlie and she just can't let go until she figures it out.

But she goes about it in her own chaotic-yet-effective way, using her affability and warmth on a variety of side characters to stack the deck in her favor in the end (and setup a Rube Goldberg of karma to hit the guilty party).

(Plus, I suspect one of the libraries has a big budget, because every time I put in request for a book, a week later, all the ebooks and audiobooks of entire related series are added. Like magic~)

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Gods, libraries are neat. So much stuff available to read and listen to for free~ And helps that I'm within the radius of three different libraries, so if one doesn't have it, good chance one of the others does.

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For those who have patiently waited for me to release my FC set of 80s remixes... it's ready for downloading, and it's twice as long (2 hrs), cause I've added a bunch more tracks to it.

Thanks for listening and boosting!


Woo! Turns out it works! Not bad for a total $10 (DVD and charger) purchase. I'm amused by such silly novel things.

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Current go-to not-quite-explitive: eff-muffins.

Okay, we've hit the Big Traditional Ending part of the book and there's...still three hours left to listen to so color me even more confused where this is headed.

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In this book the entire main conflict has been concluded and I'm only halfway through.

Since the book has been dragging a bit so far I have concerns.

I picked up this little portable DVD player at a thrift shop for $6. Ordered a power supply in hope it will actually work. Would be pretty darn neat if it does. (There's a Luca DVD left in it so was maybe working recently?)

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